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  1. dani nero

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    Your dog looks like a sweet fella.  Did you start taking the probiotics yet?
  2. dani nero

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    I would have thought that you were already on probiotics :-O If you're not, then I really strongly think that taking probiotics would make a huge difference for you! Celiacs tend to lack a lot of the helpful intestinal bacteria due to the damage their intestines has endured. You should definitely...
  3. dani nero

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    Yeah, why not :-) Sailing looks like a peaceful fun thing to me too, although people say that it's not for everyone.  Hiking is also nice and offers a great workout for the entire body. What type of dog do you have by the way? He probably really loves you for taking him on hiking trips :-)...
  4. dani nero

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    Aww, thanks so much for the kind words Nate! 90% of my drawings / paintings are digital :-)    I agree with all you're saying about life as a celiac.  I stopped bothering with people a while ago as it's not so easy to find and meet new people but I guess that it's something we have...
  5. dani nero

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    Starting a blog on this website seemed like a pretty good idea moments ago, but now that I'm posting my first entry, I'm not really sure what to say :-) An intro perhaps? Hi, I'm Dani. I am an illustrator, and I seem to like the idea of calling myself an artist as well! I am a self diagnosed...
  6. Myfitnesspal counts very few nutrients and isn't enough for an overall picture. There is another one called My Diet, Easy Diet Management which counts everything. 
  7. I would advise you to get one of these apps that track how many vitamins and minerals you are consuming daily to make sure your diet is complete and not lacking any important nutrients.  The last thing a recovering celiac needs is malnutrition. Lacking vits and minerals will make you feel like...
  8. The thing with nuts and chocolate is that they are often produced in a factories which also processes gluten. Meaning that trace amounts of cc can be present in the chocolate. Some manufacturers don't bother mentioning these facts in the label.
  9. Can't get it to work right...I hit enter and it sent me back to MY profile page! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving....do you have THANKSGIVING in Sweden? All the comments are mixed up! Things people said to OTHER people show up by there name in my profile page having nothing to do with me....your page makes MY comments look like YOU said them...Like I said...RETARDED! Anyway, hope your Well and happy! COUGIE


  11. The funny thing is...the worse my eyesight gets...the better my art gets...guess its just a matter of perspective!



  12. I must have "Zombie" fingers...thats SENSITIVE!man my spelling sucks...and thats without the gluton...of course it would probably help if I got proper glasses!

    I'm far sighted...having real issues with reading and the computer monitor!

    When I clip my fingernails...I might as well have my eyes closed!...so blurry!

  13. opps...thats "HEAR you" lol!

    Coffee...natures prozac! LOL!

    I LOVE coffee!

    got to watch for an upset tummy though!

    My stomache is SO sesetive! :(

    Good to HEAR from you!