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  1. i am keeping a food diary, so hopefully it will get better and this will help pinpoint things. Thanks to all of you. You've been very, very helpful!!
  2. Thank you!! Kraft seems to be very trusted by everyone, so that is good to know. Are there any issues with cottage cheese that i should be aware of?
  3. thank you all for your help and suggestions. i just assumed it was what i recently ate because it was almost immediately after lunch. I had been fine up to that point and gluten free for awhile. then i ate and got headache, blurred vision, nauseous, then came the stomach problems. i hope i'm not...
  4. I didn't have any eggs in the tuna and the mayo was a new squeeze bottle, just opened. I am certain there wasn't any cross contamination going on. It was something I ate in either the mayo or those pickles. Possibly something that fell under the "natural flavor" ingredient. who knows? I got new...
  5. I'm confused on what got me yesterday. I'm slightly new to going gluten free. I had some tuna with mayo and a Claussen pickle yesterday. Something in that meal got me. I had a bad reaction, as I usually do when I ingest gluten. But through my own research, i've read where people are saying that...