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  1. TeknoLen I think you are probably right. Funny thing is I knew all that. I guess my focus has been on not eating gluten, not so much what I am replacing the gluten with. A lot of the processed gluten free alternatives appear to be a...
  2. My 12 Year-Old son was diagnosed with Celiac disease In February of this year. After having the rest of the family tested and receiving negative results we (wife, daughter and myself) decided to have the entire family go gluten free in support...
  3. Thank you for the advice. Those are some very positive sounding results. Hoping my son has a similar experience.
  4. Thank you. That actually answers a few other questions we have. My wife and I were tested, as well as our 9 year old daughter. We all tested negative. Is the gene testing recommended in this situation. I suspect that it may only tell us...
  5. Janet Thank you for the quick response. I guess we are in a "wait and see" mode. He has been very good about the whole thing, which has made life a lot easier on all of us. I do have one question off topic. From your signature. What...
  6. My son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on 02/07/2012. The diagnosis was based on blood work and a biopsy. He has never suffered any of the normal outward signs of Celiac and was only tested because he has always been small and had a 6...