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  1. How Careful? -- Very, very careful. Always. With people new to gluten free eating it often is a cross contamination issue. Did you get a new toaster? New baking pans? Do you prepare gluten filled food in the kitchen? Share cutting boards etc. I realize that it is not always possible to buy new appliances and cookware but can you scour some of the ones you have and then use them for nothing but gluten free items. Any cuts in a nonstick skillet can harbor gluten. After a while the chance of getting cross contamination will go away if you use the pans only for gluten free items. Continuously going between the two types of cooking increases the chance of cross-contamination. Also despite what many say the cosmetics and even cleaning products can "gluten" you. Check to make sure that everything from your toothpaste to your hand lotion is gluten free. I have been doing this for 5 years but still slipped up in using Sensodyne toothpaste on my dentists recommendation. (The Sensodyne company recommends that you use AquaFresh Sensitive) Also what do you do for hobbies? Fun activities? Crafts? I will never forget how sick I got when I grouted the tile in my kitchen. Never crossed my mind that the grout had wheat in it. If you have to do this either buy the premixed stuff or have someone else mix the powder well away from your breathing space. Many adhesives including good old library paste have wheat in them. The reason people call this a lifestyle change rather than a diet is because so much more than eating is involved in staying healthy.
  2. The answer I got the last time I called Starbucks was that we should not trust anything that has the "chips" in it. If you have them make the drinks with the liquid flavorings they should be fine but avoid the powdered or chip flavorings.
  3. Ted R. I am just occasionally around. We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Dive Resort and having purchased an all inclusive package we ate all but one meal at the resort. It was great because we had the same waiters who knew what I needed and didn't need to explain everything each meal. If you have a car you might want to drive out and try them they take walk-ins as well I believe. I imagine that the other resort hotels would be similar. There is a Margaritaville in Cozumel so you may want to check out their gluten free menu before you leave home and double check it when you get there. The best thing is that it was really very slow during that time last year. I thought Cozumel would be packed between Christmas and New Years but it wasn't. I imagine this year will be the same with the economy the way it is. We did eat one meal at the Museum cafe in downtown Cozumel. Sorry I can't remember the name but it is the main museum facing the waterfront. They did a good job as well. It is a history /natural history museum with the cafe upstairs overlooking the water. Sorry I can't be much help. I never did get any responses for Cozumel specifically. Have a wonderful trip. The diving and snorkeling were awesome. Wish I could go back this year. Nanny B.
  4. Hi Sorry I have been away from the board for a while and did not catch your post. Check out the Spokane and North Idaho Celiac group website at http://celiacdisease.meetup.com/78/ . I think most of the answers to your questions should be there. There are a number of restaurants in both Spokane and Coeur d'Alene that serve gluten free. As another poster said Huckleberries is a good place to shop as is Yoke's. The variety of what you can buy has improved so much in just a few years. I doubt you will go hungry but we may not stock the same brands you are used to. Pre-baked items are still an issue as there are not many local options. Cricket's Cookies and pizza crusts are the exception. Sold at both Huckleberries and many Yoke's but you might have to hit a delivery day to catch them. Good Luck. And have a great trip. Sandpoint is a beautiful area.
  5. Laura I eat at Taco Del Mar all the time. Have in at least five other cities as well. You need to watch them for the cross contamination issue but it is helpful that you can watch as they make the orders. I usually have them change their gloves and at least at the one near me they are happy to do so. If you have them heat a corn tortilla have them put it between two sheets of foil. They do make their flour quesadillas in the same warmer. But my son eats them all the time with no issues. I usually just get the baja bowl which is a burrito without the tortilla. It is one of the few places where the list of what you can't have is actually shorter than what you can. If I am eating at a Taco Del Mar in another city I do have them verify that they are using ingredients from corporate and not substitutions. We don't have a Chipoltle near here but I will have to give it a try sometime. Enjoy, I don't know why Taco Del Mar doesn't get more ink since it is good food reasonably prices and have a good selection of options. Although I imagine there are some individual restaurants that would not be advisable to eat at most seem fairly decent.
  6. I say you have your diagnosis. If going back on gluten makes him ill he is at least gluten intolerant. Personally I have no faith in the blood tests since I know so many people with false negative results. Doctors who must have an official diagnosis are idiots. I know, my GI told me to continue eating gluten and when my endoscopy showed damage then I should go off gluten for good. Hello. Even if your son's test results are negative what will you do. If the answer is stay off the gluten then don't go through the pain. You know, he knows whether your doctor accepts it or not is their problem. A gluten free diet is not like taking pills if someone doesn't need it it won't hurt them. We all know our bodies better than any doctor (and our children's as well) I have two teenagers (oops one turned twenty) who had negative blood tests but maintain gluten free because they know they need it. There choice not mine. Maybe you should let your son decide.
  7. I would definitely second the recommendation for both Corbett's Fish House and Hawthorne's. They are owed by the same people. The best part is that they are not even intentionally making their fish gluten free but found that the recipes they liked best ended up being gluten free. They just found that people like me will not travel to Portland without making a stop. Fish and chips is really hard to come by at restaurants on this diet. The fish and chips, tarter sauce and even the clam chowder is gluten free. It is a great place for kids. They usually even have gluten free desserts from a local bakery cheesecake, carrot cake etc. That is always changing but one time we had a wonderful four layer chocolate cake for dessert. Heaven. I am going to Portland in a few days and I guarantee that I will stop by one of the restaurants. Maybe more than once.
  8. There were several threads about Cancun in November - January. Try the archive or scan back a few pages.
  9. Hello I was last in San Antonio in January of 2006 but found that there were several wonderful places to eat. There are restaurant lists and reviews on http://www.alamoceliac.org/ which is the local celiac group in San Antonio and Austin. The restaurant I really liked was Boudros on the Riverwalk http://www.boudros.com/boudros/ I was there with a large group on a Friday night when a large convention was in town. I had called ahead and my waiter was expecting me. It was so nice to not have to explain in detail about the diet in front of a table full of business associates. They asked anyway but it was polite conversation and not a lengthly explanation with the waiter while everyone else waits to order. I am sure most reading this can relate. At that time Boudros was in several lists of Gluten free friendly restaurants but don't know the current status. Usually the higher end restaurants do the best.
  10. Susie Since you asked the neurological issues were mostly related to what most people consider carpel tunnel type of symptoms. For fifteen years I slept with wrist braces to ease the pain in my wrists hands, arms and shoulders. Some of those years I wore braces 24/7. It was painful to type and using a mouse was difficult and painful as well. I was also getting arthritis in my joints in my hands, shooting pains up my arms and weakness in my elbows particularly. The brain fog is the other big area which included the inability to concentrate enough to put things into long term memory. I would have long conversations with people and not remember much about them later, like when I walked into the next room. Bad news. Not remembering what someone asked on the phone long enough to type it into the computer was another problem. As I was in my early 40's at the time, that was downright scary. I went on the diet to control some IBS issues and all the rest disappeared as well. I was not expecting it and had not realized that it could even be related. I know it is related since those are the very symptoms that return when I have accidentally ingested gluten, there is no way I would do it intentionally. So I threw the wrist braces away, haven't needed them since being gluten free. Even the gluttening which can be painful is not to the point of needing them.
  11. Susie The tests are faulty at best. False negatives are very common. With the biopsy they could have tested the one healthy area or the lab tech didn't know what they were looking for. If your sister improves on the gluten free diet then that is answer enough. Someday they will have better testing. I would never recommend someone continue consuming gluten until the damage is evident. Oh yeah, that is exactly what my doctor suggested. If people with DH (Dermatitis Hep...) spelling?? can be diagnosed without intestinal damage then the disease of gluten intolerance does not need it to exist. Since my main problems are neurological in nature I don't see how that has to relate to the villi in my intestine. Blood tests also have a high false negative. Both my children came back negative. We didn't do the biopsy on them and both made the decision to remain gluten free since they feel so much better. They are now 17 and 20 so I left that decision to them. Ultimately our responsibility for our health falls to us. If gluten free living gives a better quality of life than it is worth it. Being healthy is great after so many years of being sick regardless of what my doctor's contend. I know me. I know that I feel better gluten free and there is no test in the world that will convince me otherwise. About one-third the people in my Celiac support group diagnosed themselves or have had experiences with false negative testing. Nanny B.
  12. Deb C. There are some posts regarding Cancun on another thread but nothing for Cozumel on this or any other forum I have found. I emailed the executive chef at the hotel where we are staying but have heard nothing back. I don't know if that means he didn't get the email or just didn't respond. I plan on taking plenty of snacks etc with me but don't know how customs feels about bringing in food. I assume it is best in original packaging. Also I have heard that many restaurants in Mexico add breadcrumbs to their beans to thicken them. Another area to ask about. Have a great trip I am really looking forward to some sunshine and away from the cold and snow. Nanny B
  13. Hello We are traveling to Cozumel between Christmas and New Years then spending a few days in Cancun. I was hoping someone has some recent experience with either of these areas and staying gluten free. I have been gluten-free for 3 years so know the basics (in English) anyway. Have the Triumph dining card in Spanish as well but... We are staying at the Fiesta Americana Dive Resort and have the all-inclusive so hopefully the kitchen can deal with the diet. Any suggestions for any other dining spots in either town? Nanny B.
  14. Hi - Don't really know the answer to your question about the snack size vs mini. But Milky Way (at least the regular) are not gluten free in any size unless they changed something recently. The Midnight Milky Way are gluten-free. I do eat the smaller sizes of 3 musketeers and snickers without any problem but don't know the official stand. I do know that the poppers are not considered gluten-free even if the candy bars are.
  15. Hi. I buy the Kinnikinnick Yeast free breads. The store nearby which finally carries some Kinnikinnick products doesn't have the yeast free. I think it is pretty good particularly when fresh. They have two types and both are better than most yeast free breads I have had (wheat or no wheat) I have been yeast free since the mid-1980's and only gluten-free for two years. When you get an order from Kinnikinnick the bread is freshly baked and not yet frozen. I repackage the loaf into two slice servings wrap in plastic wrap or sandwich bags and freeze. I don't go though a great deal of bread but it is great to have on hand when I want some. I also will make french toast with the yeast free bread and freeze. My kids (who eat the yeast bread usually) like the yeast free french toast better. The cost is about the same. http://www.goglutenfree.com will get you the Kinnikinnick website. The problem with some gluten free breads is they add more yeast to make up for the loss of gluten so the yeast issue is compounded. Good Luck
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