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About Me

I've struggled with "difficult-to-pin-down" type symptoms for awhile: most notably GI "issues", mild vitamin/mineral deficiencies, anxiety/depression, and generally feeling unwell.

I first suspected gluten was the (or a) culprit for my symptoms last summer (2011). I was finally tested (serum) for celiac in October and the results were negative. 

I went off gluten and milk approx. 2/1/12 and for the most part, have felt much better. UPDATED: Oat Sensitive (9/12). Successfully re-introduced milk (2/13). 

Symptom Resolution: (2/13)
- I began growing 6 or so months after going gluten-free at age 18. I began at 5'4 1/2" and now am 5'6" UPDATED (2/14)
- I have been able to stop all allergy medications and steroids.
- GI symptoms: diarrhea, bloating, gas, pain, etc. improved. (Aside from occasional glutenings.)

- The presumed DH/"hive-like" rash (began 3/12) is relatively under control. UPDATED: the rash is well controlled by gluten-free diet. (2/14)
- No weird flu-like "illnesses". 

- Double HLA-DQB1 *0602


UPDATED: (5/14)

- Lupus DX (5/14). Starting Plaquenil 300mg. On a hybrid anti-inflammatory diet + gluten-free.  

- Equivocal wheat allergy blood test result (2/12). Planning to retest.

- GI symptoms and GERD still mostly gone, though still trying to work out some kinks.

- No random rash flares.

- "Environmental" allergy symptoms drastically improved.

- Everything else still mostly the same as above.


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