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  1. That is what happened to me. In my case, I traced it to corn intolerance also. I found going gluten-free was easy, this is the best day/time in the world to do that, as more companies are careful to label things gluten-free. Its not the same with corn, there are many derivitves of it, hiding under other names, and it is used in/on nearly everything. Going on a clean unprocessed diet is not much help, because, for instance, fresh produce is sprayed with corn, meat processors use corn based cleaners.

    Good luck finding your answer. You might want to look at corn next. Celiac and corn intolerance seem to go hand in hand.

  2. I feel your pain. I went gluten-free, thought, hey, this is no big deal! Then the realization of the corn, dairy, then soy.....

    In my case, just avoiding the actual corn, corn meal, corn starch, etc is not enough. Even the itsy bitsiest bit of citric acid in something makes me gain 10 lbs overnight and takes three weeks to go away. :( So discouraging! I was healthy two months out of 10, and that was when I only ate from my garden. No garden now.... ugh.

    To address constipation, for those who have it.... make sure you get enough magnesium. That helped me. Then I got a fiber called Heathers Tummy Powder. Nothing like psyllium (which my body began to reject), it actually feels soothing to the guts, instead of violent. Also, I began ground flax meal daily trying to get Omega 3s, and that is helping also.

    I also had to cut out all dairy for 6 months. I got brave enough to try butter again, and have not reacted to it or whipping cream. (the fat of the dairy)

    For insomnia.... this was a duh moment for me. I always slept 10-12 hours a night, before I stopped grains. I now realize I only need 5 hours of sleep at night. I set my alarm to wake me up at 5 am, so I don't oversleep and cause trouble the next night... and I go to bed at midnight. My tossing and turning has stopped, I now sleep when I am in bed. Ahhhh......

    Hang in there, everyone! It has GOT to get better. At least I am hoping it all will.

  3. Raz, I feel your pain! Although I didn't think gluten was hard. I thought it was a piece of cake. I kept good spirits about it! But that was easy, then, because I suddenly felt so well.

    I shouldn't have gotten used to feeling well I guess.

    Just when I think I have done 'everything right', I get corned again. When people ask me what I eat, I joke... the lawn. I am beginning to feel that is all I will be able to eat.

    Things look even bleaker when you are battling the pain.

    Somedays I don't even bother to eat.... it actually makes me feel better......

    I hope you find your answers!

  4. If I may update? I posted in June. I have been gluten-free since early February 2012, grain free since March. I have not been accidently glutened onceI But by corn, yes, many times. I also gain about 10 lbs (of fluid and inflammation) within a few days of corn exposure (and it can be as teeny of an amount as in a vitamin pill).

    I hadn't lost weight in June, but since then, I have lost 34 lbs.

    Grain free, dairy free.

    I eat lots of coconut oil and eggs. I sometimes don't feel hungry, and I know I am way below the calories I should eat in a day, so I will add extra coconut oil to make up my calories.

    It has seemed to work!

    I just wanted to feel better, even though I needed to lose weight, I'd given up trying. Yet it just melted away. I am normal range body fat for the first time since I was 26! (I'm 51)

    I won't ever even try to add them back to my diet. I see no need ....

  5. Persei, I feel your pain, literally! I am so sorry you are going though this! We just don't deserve the suffering we are going through!

    I am very much in the same boat as you. My choice of foods is quite limited, mostly due to SEVERE sensitivity to corn, which is in and on nearly every food product in the U.S.

    I will never eat out again or accept an invite to dinner. Shopping takes me minutes since there are so few foods I can trust to consume. I accepted all of that, quite well, I thought.

    I was doing great, for two months. I liked that feeling! Now, its back.....

    I have changed nothing .... not been accidently contaminated.... but now that pain in my midriff is back, the having no desire to eat, because I already ache there. If I eat, I bloat.

    I never cry, but this week I am ready to. How can you do everything 'right' and still be wrong?

    I am not sure.

    Gentle hugs to you. Praying that your health will turn around soon, and last a long time!

  6. Hi Cindy, I know your post is a month old, but I was wondering the same thing. I came here and did a search before posting. I swear I have not been glutened, or contamainated by other things I am sensitive to, but I am under severe stress and suffering as if I have eaten the wrong thing. I am on day 3, and not feeling a lot better.

    Did you go on to feel better? Did your stress go away first?

  7. I am in search of OTC medicines that others can take without reacting. I live in a farming area, and harvest is in full swing. Though I have not consumed anything to react to, I am having issues with fluid in my ears and a mild congestion, that I am certain comes from airborne sources.

    I am Celiac with corn/soy/dairy/peanut intolerances. Even the teeniest bit of any of these can cause a week long reaction.

    Specifically, I wonder if anyone with similar intolerances has reacted to name brand Sudafed. It used to be my 'go to' medicine for fluid in my ears. I haven't had the fluid since stopping gluten/corn/soy/dairy/peanut, so I hadn't tried it. I have not had a reaction to a hidden allergen in over two months, and would like to keep that going! I don't want a setback!

    I called the compounding pharmacy, and the minimum order they will make me 90 pills of Sudafed for $100 but insist on using a "filler" that they do not know the source of. (could be rice, corn or tree bark, no guarantees). I do not want to risk that much money and a reaction!

    Please give suggestions to me... what you have found you can take that you don't react to.... by way of cold medications, or allergy meds.

  8. You might also 'test' yourself for other foods your body cannot tolerate. I learned that here, at this site, and found many that I reacted to. When I keep those things out of my diet, I can drop 2 lbs a week, easy. I found I am extremely sensitive to corn in any form. A "contaminated" pill or a bit of citric acid (which is usually corn based in the USA, and seldom even listed on a label!) will shoot the scales right back up 5-10 lbs. And I am back to where I started in weight loss.

    It can't hurt to test yourself, then you will know for certain.

  9. nomoregluten, actually, the low carb way of eating has cleared my mind! Stopping gluten began my mind getting clear. But living low carb has really given me back my faculties! I can 'mentally spar' and have a quick wit again!!! It amazes me every day!

    T.H. You hit the nail on the head for me. This has been a process, a journey. Going gluten-free was easy for me. Finding out I was corn/soy/dairy intolerant didn't seem that hard either. Until I get to thinking I need to add something to my diet.

    I fear fresh foods now. It seems nearly everything has been sprayed with something I react to, I am assuming citric acid. But you can't know for certain what it is SINCE THEY DON'T LABEL IT!

    I give up new foods now. I finally surrender. Waving the white flag!!!!! It seems my scales jump, just as you said, about 10lbs over a week's time with getting a reaction to something. This last week it was raspberries. Midriff pain and hardening, bowel trouble, and the headache that lasts.

    If I don't grow it myself, pick it myself, I am not trying another new food! I will just have to supplement my nutrition with pills I guess, and pray it makes up for whats lacking in my diet. Thankfully I have found some I can take that don't make me react.

    My hubsy says its cuz I am higher evolved than those around me. He thinks I am an alien. LOL My body is too evolved to handle the lowly diet of the human race. ROFL

    Guess thats why I come here, to hang out with others who are equal to me.... unique and highly evolved! :)

  10. I will share my favorite mantra, learned here....

    keep a food diary. You do not have to log how much you ate. Just note everything you put in your mouth. Then log how you feel. Even the slightest 'off' symptom. I made notes all day long on how I felt.

    You may be surprised to learn you have had another food intolerance develope that has nothing to do with gluten.

    I kept my diary, as per suggested here. After reactions, I found it wasn't gluten at all. I developed other intolerances/sensitivities.

    Then cut that food out for 2 or 3 weeks and go back and try it again. You will have your answer quickly on whether or not that food can be tolerated.

    We cannot begin to understand how complex our bodies are. It seems very common that after stopping gluten, and our body adjusts to NOT being poisoned by it, and having to live in PROTECTION FROM GLUTEN mode, that our body decides there are other foods we are putting in there that it just doesn't want.

    When I quit gluten, I munched popcorn and corn chips, thinking this would be simple to live without gluten. Then in less than a month, BAM! I began reacting to it.

    Corn and soy make me 'feel' just like gluten, except I don't get the "D". Soy will make rumbles in the depths of my body, as well as make me feel tired and lethargic. Corn (any form of it) gives me heartburn in 1/2 hour, and then makes me feel exhausted, foggy, despondent for days.

    For your health, please look deeper into what you might be reacting to, and don't just assume its gluten.

  11. Everyone, thank you for the posts! I don't feel so weird now. Won't rush off to get my head examined just yet. LOL

    PaulieWog, I have no aversion to it chocolate either, but my body does. I was making my own little cocoa/cane sugar thick chocolate syrup to eat with a spoon for a choco fix. But I got raging heartburn so bad.... I gave it up. Ohhhhhh how nice it would be to have chocolate on my tongue! Have a piece for me... please?

    Other than the chocolate, I refuse to pity myself. I am luckier (so far) that I can still have things many here cannot. Eggs being one!

    Shauna, thank you so much~! I had already decided what you suggested. It feels good to have validation! I figured if my body said NO, then NO is the answer! :) At this point, it knows more than I do. I listen closely, and give it what it asks for, and keep from it what it doesn't want.

    This can be a wild ride sometimes, figuring what we have to live without, while trying to eat SOMETHING! Yes, I have reacted to fresh, already cut up watermelon from the store. It had no packet in it, and no ingredient on the label other than watermelon, but it did a number on me. I later realized, of COURSE they sprayed it with citric acid to keep it 'pretty'. So, though I don't 'know' I reacted to citric acid, my body knows I ate something very wrong.

    I gave up regular table salt too. I guess the iodine is a corn derivative. Either way, it felt like it was killing me.

    Thank you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. GottaSki, you are not losing weight because you are starving. No one should be under 1200 calories a day. You are only taking in 800, and of that, who knows how little your damaged body is taking in? I know its scary, you are afraid you will gain weight if you eat more, but you HAVE to UP your caloric intake or you will not lose weight!

    I was there myself, so I know. After going gluten-free I was not hungry. I wasn't about to eat so much at a meal as to cause stomach distress and bloating, I lived that ALL MY LIFE on gluten! For the first time in my life my stomach didn't hurt and I sure wasn't going to make it feel bad by over-stuffing myself.

    Family said I eat like a bird. So out of curiosity, I joined an online 'diet' site, that allowed me to log every bite of food. After keeping track for two weeks, I averaged 800 calories a day. Some days as low as 500. I thought 'eating until I was satisfied' was an indicator of enough food. But I realized my healing body had no clue what was 'normal', what was 'satisfied'. All it knew was it was sick, and it wanted to repair itself.

    If you are not getting nutrition, how can your body heal? How can your hormones balance? It can't happen. You body needs all the nutrition it can get. With mal-absorption, chances are a great deal of the food you eat isn't even going into your system. You may actually be getting 400 calories a day into your blood stream. Your body would barely exist on that. It would have no energy to heal.... just exist.

    For your health, and for your weight loss goals, you really need to UP your calories. I don't know how tall you are, you can find online calculators to help you. But let me share with you what I did. I added 1000 calories a day, for a month. SCARED TO DEATH I would gain!!!!! I did NOT gain an ounce, I began to lose. I believe it was mostly fluids, but that was good. In starvation mode, your body will bloat. (you may also carry some inflammation in your body it cannot get rid of due to starving) A starving body hangs onto everything it can just to keep going. When it knows it will be given what it needs, that it can count on that nutrition coming it, it quits clinging to fluids, and lets them go. I was not obese, as the charts said! I was filled with fluids.

    After a month, I dropped my calories down to 1200, even tho the calculators said 1500 for me. I stopped losing. UGH! I upped it to 1500 and began losing again.

    I have no idea how much of my intake my body actually absorbs. Part of eating is just having faith that even though you cannot see the changes, you have to believe giving your body what it needs is making it start to work like it should, and that things are healing and adjusting in there. Even though you have no way to see or measure it.

    One thing others here have preached, and I listened, was healthy fats. It was a way to increase my calories without stuffing my stomach to overfull. Coconut oil and avocado every day. Its working !!!! Healthy fats do so much to heal our bodies in so many ways.

    I know you will be scared, but try what I suggested for a month. What have you got to lose? You may in fact gain your health and begin to lose the weight. Clearly, what you are doing now isn't working for you.

    Good luck!!!!

  13. Wow. I have to tell you that you are not alone. Your story is so close to mine in details and time line.... It refreshed my memory of all I felt and have been through, and made my heart ache!

    I couldn't hold a coherent conversation, didn't have a logical thought. The BM looking like urine, coming more often than peeing. The lymph nodes... mine came with boils, the poison trying to get out of my body. Hair and lashes falling out in clumps. Could only stand or be awake long enough to make another trip to the bathroom and then I was asleep again. Bloating and heartburn. Feeling like you are losing your mind!!!!!!

    I, too, am amazed each day I am alive. I feel glorious about it! Even if I have a bad day, I find euphoria in the fact I am still here.

    I am a person who doesn't cry. I take what life gives me and meets it head on. I cried when the medical tests done all came back good! I never was one to go to the doctor, so here I was, so sick and weak, in the hands of medical professionals with trust they would help me, I'm feeling as if I was dying, and they tell me ALL IS WELL!

    My husband freaked out to see the tears because he never saw me so weak and defenseless. I needed to know my enemy so I could fight it. The tests showed no enemy.

    Dr suggested a trip to MN Mayo. It would take 3 months to get in, he said. Go home, wait, and Don't change anything in your life so that symptoms remain the same. I went home thinking I would be dead in 3 months. I had the change something, change everything! I wanted to live!

    That is what I did. I found I could eat boiled chicken, green beans and eggs with no reaction. That is all I ate, until I began to get stronger and my mind cleared so I could actually think logically. No it wasn't nutritionally balanced, but who knew how much food was actually being absorbed anyhow? My body was starving, but in my case I was 'overweight'. I knew I needed to calm and heal my digestive system (thanks to this site), I had to stop the reactions and calm the inflammation before I could heal.

    I studied here, finding others who had already suffered and were full of compassion and good advice. One by one I added a food to my diet, and recorded the reaction and my weight in a diary. Any changes in my body over a couple days and I knew whether my body was going to allow that food.

    I didn't have testing for food insensitivities. I did it myself. My body told me with a vengeance what it could not tolerate.

    In about 3 months, I quit trying new foods. It was a personal choice. I do not eat a well balanced diet yet, but I also quit having setbacks in my healing. Each new food was a risk of setback to my healing. Each new supplement was a risk my body would not accept it. My reactions are not just neurological, but physical, and mental... and also will shoot the scales up by 5 lbs overnight with an inflammatory reaction.

    Its been 6 months and I am so much better over what I have been in years. The lymph nodes still swell, but they do not stay swelled for months on end. I have boils still, but I embrace them now, knowing its a way my body uses trying to get the remaining poisons out of me to get me better. I have lost 20 lbs of fluid off my body, so I know my body is less inflamed than it was. My lashes are growing back. Most days I can think so clearly I almost scare myself with the logical, coherent thoughts!!!

    I am not at my full health yet, I know it! But I also know the human body will repair most damage given enough time and chance to do so. As much as it bugged me to read here over and over PATIENCE is the key, it is true.

    I suddenly live in fear. I have never feared much in my life. But I live in fear of gluten/soy/corn/dairy. I live as though it will kill me. Maybe that is drastic, but its how I live. I prepare my own 'fresh only' food, I will NOT eat what someone else has prepared! I cannot chance it. I don't think its someone else's responsibility to have to be so careful in food prep. It is hassle enough for me to have to do it. But I have never once been accidentally glutened.

    I never looked at my diet sadly thinking about what I can't have. I look at it that I am thankful I have found a few items I CAN safely eat and never have reactions to. I know I get more food choices than some people here.

    I truly do believe I dodged a bullet and have a second chance at life. I look at it as a blessing, not a curse. I honestly think had I gone through the medical procedures and testings and let a dr dictate my care, i would be dead or nearly there right now. I WAS offered treatment, a bunch of medicines. I declined that as sick as I was. I am thankful I did!!! Because I know I would still be poisoning my body AND be taking a bunch of meds to try to alleviate the symptoms. It scares me to think where I would be if I had done that.

    I no longer smooch the faces of my grand babies, for fear of a gluten crumb getting on my lips. I kiss the tops of their heads. I don't let them run around with a cookie in their hand, for fear they will gluten the arm of a chair that I might later touch.

    I act paranoid wiping their hands and faces. The exact opposite of the free spirit grandma used to be, of letting the kids run amok and not worrying about finger prints or crumbs in the house.

    I want to warn you, to make sure you go to just sea salt. I and others have found that processed salt can cause a reaction. Who would have thought?

    Continue to do everything with your health in mind. Eat the few things you know you don't react to, rest when you need it, take as good of care of yourself as you can. Trust that as your body heals, you will get better and stronger. But the body was VERY damaged. It will first need to adjust to not being poisoned, then it will begin to heal. It IS a slow process, and wanting to feel better NOW can be frustrating and depressing! I know my diary was a saving grace many times. I can look back and see the progress and when it began. Sometimes it hadn't been as long as I thought it had. Having it in the diary helps me immensely.

    Trust that when you continue to do what your body needs, it will respond and reward you!

    Some days I look in the mirror and see how much I aged in an 8 month period before my crash, and I don't know who she is. In 6 months healing time I don't resemble the woman who I was. I am looking younger every day, and acting it. My health is improving and my mind is amazingly clear. I keep dreaming about a year from now.... who will I be, what will I look like. Its exciting for me!

    I know I hated to read it, but its the best advice out there.... consistency and patience. You didn't get here overnight, and it won't go away overnight.... but it will continue to get better.

    Hugs to you !!!

  14. I don't think we are normal. LOL I had the same issue. Honestly, I think sometimes I ate just trying to make the upset stomach calm down. Or maybe it was the addiction factor of our intolerance.... tho it was killing us, we craved more.

    Either way, I went through the same thing. Found I wasn't eating enough and carefully tweaked my diet until I was getting enough calories for me. Hopefully, they are all being absorbed also! It was hard, because I can't eat a huge amount at a sitting, or I feel ill. I don't want to feel ill ANYMORE!

    Its been 6 months, and i finally began to feel hunger again. Time is our friend!

  15. Its never too early or late to begin eating healthy. Make the right choices, even if the weight does not begin to come off.

    I tried from the beginning of gluten/corn/soy free life to lose weight. After logging on a diet site I realized I was not eating enough. Factor into that leaky gut or/and malabsorption trouble, and I was starving while being obese. I was finally able to raise my caloric intake without feeling sick from stuffing myself.

    My weight began to drop. But.... at the same time I got a rebounder.

    I have to say again, I read about rebounding (mini trampoline). Even just gentle bouncing on one stimulates our lymph nodes to drain. (its been proven by NASA, you can find the test results online) I dropped 10 lbs in a few weeks. It was 10 lbs of fluid from inflammation, I am sure of it. I continue to use my rebounder. I swear it has given me energy, and its just plain fun to do. I am down by nearly 20 lbs now, and very flabby. I have no doubt that my body was just carrying fluid from the inflammation, and that is what I have lost. I hope to lose some of the fat I carry. But if I don't, at least I am not bloated with inflammation, and I am healthier than ever!!!! BTW I am 6 months gluten-free.

    Good luck on your journey!

  16. I did not get a medical diagnosis on my gluten, corn or soy intolerances. After being on my deathbed for 6 weeks and the dr ruling out other issues, like cancers, and my not having had ANY food for a week, I had enough of a clear mind to search the net with my symptoms. I found this place. I was crying with joy to know I had found my problem. It seemed every illness I suffered from, in my entire life, could be related to gluten.

    I did the 2 week trial, and ate a slice of bread at the end of it. It nearly killed me. I swore not another bite of gluten and immediately began to feel better.

    I thought, this is easy! As I munched on corn chips. Then about a month later, I began to feel bad again. No "D", but the brain fog, headaches, lethargy. I cut out corn for 2 weeks and began to improve in 2 days. Ate some at the end of the trial and reacted violently.

    Same with soy. I do NOT need a doctor to tell me what I already know. Actually, finding one who believes me I think would be a challenge!!!!

    I know I am a celiac. After my mind returned, there are so many illnesses and issues in my life, clear back to before I can remember, the stories family told of me when I was little. I was born with this!

    As to corn.... well if addiction to it is an indicator of an intolerance, I had that! Loved my corn! Raising it, eating it! I actually miss corn more than anything made with wheat.

    But I don't think I will ever get brave enough to try to add it back to my diet. I would just like to get through living my life without it stumbling into me. But that would take truth in labeling laws that likely will never be passed or enforced.

    I am sorry you do not have a good support system! I know it is HARD when no one believes you. I was lucky that my husband saw me go through this, or I know he would think I made it up. Who would have thought our food could be poison to us? Not me!!!!

    I don't try to convince anyone of the possible evilness of gluten, corn or soy. I just eat before i attend any function, and decline their pushing offers for me to eat.

    I grew a huge backbone when it came to my health! Their feelings are not as important as my well being!

  17. Due to beef, pork, corn, soy, dairy and gluten (all grain) out of my diet, I already seem to have a limited amount of things to choose from. I am somewhat fearful to try new things. I just want to keep healing, not slow it with a reaction to something. (not that it hasn't happened!)

    I thought maybe fish would be good. I love fish! I can't have tuna, I reacted to it, assuming it was the 'water' (broth) they add to it.

    So I sat down two months ago to eat tilapia. I used to eat it once or twice a week before the 'gluten crash' and changing my diet. I was only able to eat a few bites and I suddenly felt I couldn't eat it or I would be sick.

    So I threw it away.

    I kept thinking that my mental reaction to that was SILLY. I LOVE FISH! So I tried again, determined that I would get past my mind, playing tricks on me before. I didn't get through three bites before I knew I had better stop, or I would throw up my entire supper and not eat.

    Any one else have this happen? A sudden aversion to a food you used to love? That for all you know, is ok for you to eat?

    Have I developed a sudden neurosis? My logical mind says I love fish. (or it used to, now it says stay away from it) But when put in my mouth, I want to be sick. I suppose it could be my body warning me it doesn't want fish.

    I have NEVER in my life had a reaction to a food like that before. I am a person who would try anything edible. I might not like it, but I would go ahead and swallow it. It wouldn't gag me.

    Someone please tell me this happened to you, so I don't feel so odd!

  18. Just two weeks ago I posted here while having a very 'blue' day. It was also two weeks after my rebounder arrived.

    I have desperately searched for 'my key' to weight loss. I know one issue I still have after 6 months of gluten-free is inflammation. Not only am I mildly obese, but my scales fluctuated 10 lbs, depending on the inflammation still in my intestines and abdomen. I looked pregnant! And it was no longer bloat, that is long gone.... this is inflammation.

    I have religiously done Elimination diets to find what I might be having a reaction to. Added healthy fats. Eaten such a clean diet that body builders have nothing on me.

    I have not had my thyroid checked yet. I still intend to do that. I know I have an issue with my lymph glands. I have suffered unexplained by the doctors swelling of them for over 10 years. I know that thyroid and the lymphatic system issues go hand in hand.

    I have been up and down the scales all my life. Up to and as recent as 3 years ago, used to lift weights and work out. Since my 'crash' and self dx 6 months ago, I just couldn't get myself to go back to it. I felt exhausted when I tried. (a sign of thyroid issues). Looking at my muscle atrophied from the malnutrition of the last few years, and lack of working out made me want to cry.

    Parts of me seem better, while others are wasting away.

    I was so weak, barely able to lift my grandchilden to hug them. Any physical activity made me ache, and I had no stamina. A quick grocery Shopping trip, wore me out.

    Then I read about rebounding. It perked my interest. NASA studied this at length (you can search their test findings on google).

    It seems a gentle bounce can stimulate our lymph nodes to 'empty' of toxins. Well, after laying around for a year, mine had to be full of something. Even more full than the last 10 years. Lord knows I haven't been 'bouncy'!

    The first two weeks on the rebounder, just gently bouncing, so gently that my feet did not leave the mat, I felt like a kid being silly. I haven't felt that silly in a long time! But that feeling of silly is kind of fun. Being on the rebounder is a bit addictive too! So I acted like a kid and kept getting on. Maybe only 5 minutes, but I had to bounce.

    My scales began to move, but until I passed the 10# mark I felt I couldn't count it. Since my weight has gone up and down with the inflammation.

    Well, I am at 15 lbs lost! I think I can count it now!

    I don't know that I have lost fat, I can only hope. But I do know my tummy now looks like I had my baby, not that I am still carrying it! I am sure the weight lost was inflammation. But YAY! Its going away!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am just now feeling comfortable enough to bounce a bit higher, leaving the mat. I have had a lot of vertigo over the years, and I was scared to be more aggressive, even though I was beginning to feel I could be. So I want to make clear, I have not tried to be an acrobat on the rebounder, and yet I have lost 15 lbs of something I certainly didn't need to be carrying!

    My stamina is coming back! A long walk with my grandchildren doesn't make me want to collapse. I have even been to the park and played with them, while laughing instead of just trying to hang in there for their sake!

    On the net you can see many advertising websites that make claims of all that rebounding can do for your health, and many amazing testimonials. I didn't buy into all that hype, preferring to go with medical studies instead. I don't know what all rebounding CAN do a body, but I must say, in my experience, its doing something!

    I don't share this to brag of my loss! I want to give back to this forum! You have all helped me immensely, and I swear I would NOT be alive today, were it not for all of you!

    If I can help one person here by sharing my experience, I would feel even better!!!! Just knowing I have given back some of what I was given.

  19. Welcome Nick!!!! Sorry to hear that life has thrown some bumps in your road! You came to the right place to find support and information.

    Quick and easy foods are simple. You spend an afternoon every week or so cooking for yourself. Put the food in your fridge or freezer, so you can grab something out. Your health is worth the inconvenience of one afternoon.

    And your home made 'fast food' is better than anything you grab in a store.

    Mental and emotional problems are not unrelated. They are a very real side effect of eating gluten.

    In my life, I have suffered from depression nearly to suicide twice, but mostly it was apathy. I couldn't care less whether I lived or died. I didn't care about anything.

    I've also had bouts of what I would describe as bi-polar, paranoia, and extreme anxiety.

    Some days I was a screaming shrew, even while inside me, I knew I didn't feel that way. I would carry guilt at how I acted, yet somehow couldn't control it.

    I have made my loved ones lives a living he// from time to time. I think I can directly blame gluten for a divorce! Truly! He was a good man, and I was a nutty woman.

    If no other side effects of gluten cleared up, I would still be thankful to just have the real me back. I have only had hours long bouts of apathy since going gluten-free for 6 months, instead of it lasting for months. Those are tied directly to foods I ate, according to my food diary.

    Mental clarity just keeps getting better. My family come around so much now, I am so fun to be with, and they can't get enough of me. This is the real me!

    My 30 yo son told me the other day, I act now like I have had a couple drinks.... giggly, cheerful, joking, warm and loving....

    I AM intoxicated! My health has made me that way!

    Don't be hard on yourself for what your mind is doing. But DO take this seriously! You were blessed to be diagnosed at such a young age, compared to a lot of us that have suffered. This means you have a chance at a better life than we have led. Take full advantage of that, please!!!!

    Take care of what you can control, and you CAN control your intake of gluten. Don't feel sorry what you can't have... a burger bun.... be thankful that you now know the key to what you can have... a better healthier life!!!!

    When you are fully gluten-free for a long period of time, You will be able to handle what life throws at you, better and better, the longer your diet is clean of the poison.

    Control of your life is right in your own hands. Take control of your diet, and I am betting you will find that your clear mind will come right along with it!!!!

  20. Likely you have heard the saying weight loss mantra "nothing tastes as good as thin feels". I have altered that to be "NOTHING tastes as good as Healthy Feels".


    I all my life, I have had stomach/colon issues, as did my dad. I would say I had a delicate system. At least once a month for as long as I can remember I 'ate something wrong' and ran to the bathroom. I didn't know how right I was.

    Through the years I had to cut out good foods. Cucumbers, peppers, melon, bananas, and anything with spices. All of these set me off with horrid heartburn.

    But then, I could get heartburn on a drink of water also.

    My diet was extremely limited. Trying to avoid heartburn mostly. Funny, but now that I am gluten free, I have no heartburn, and while my diet is limited, in another way, I have been able to add back these foods with no issues.

    My father is gone now, but I wonder what life he might have had, had he been diagnosed. He was one to seek knowledge and be proactive on his health too, but he never had internet, and didn't have access to information like we do. His food was organic, because he was a farmer. He was very careful to eat wholesome healthy foods.

    But bread is the staple of life, right? His mother thought so. She came over through Ellis Island as a young woman over 130 years ago. She had bread at every meal, and feeding a large family on little, she always filled the boys up with bread.

    Dad lived a life of stomach distress, and always ate bread to 'buffer' other foods from bothering him. Queasy stomach ? Crackers. I did the same. I always thought my problem was stomach acid (it was), and the bread would help absorb it and calm the problems. Little did we know, the bread and crackers were killing us.

    All dad's life, bouts would come where He would spend hours in the bathroom passing mucus. From the time he was 50 he suffered severe depression. He got weak and wasted in his last 20 years. What I now believe, and he could have never guessed, was that the staple of life, the thing we counted on to help our issues, was the thing causing our issues.

    Reading the list of side effects of gluten intolerance/Celiac, it is mind blowing! I can see why the doctors miss Celiac. They are treating symptoms, unaware that there is one simple underlying cause.

    Stick with your gluten-free life. Its not easy, in that you will screw up unintentionally. Things can sneak your way when you are being so careful!

    Your body could be like so many of us and begin to reject other foods like corn, and soy and you might begin to wonder if there is anything you can eat that won't set you back. Hang in there! It will get better!

    Your body also will go through many changes, and you will wonder if it will ever quit. This forum assures us it will. Healing is a process, and doesn't happen overnight.

    I made a list of all the health issues, big and small, that have gone away with being gluten-free. On the days I am 'blue' or not feeling well in some way, I read that list of 25 things, to remind myself just how far I have come. Today may be a bad day, but it sure could be worse, it could be like it was before I was informed about gluten.

    I personally never eat out, and take my own food to family dinners. I don't expect others to make concessions for my problem. But also, I am scared, to be glutened. I want to LIVE the rest of my life, and not exist like my dad did.

    You may start craving gluten products. Funny, I was not a huge eater of carbs (gluten) before stopping gluten. But my first week, I felt like I lost my mind. I don't think a drug addict coming off crack could have had more cravings than I did! Just remember, its your body getting better, its your mind learning to live without poison! It will pass!!!!!! Mine lasted three days of horrid cravings. About two weeks of mild ones.

    Good luck to you! and blessings for a healthier future!

  21. I went gluten-free and was doing well on other grains. Within one month, I began having symptoms of glutening, only they came from gluten free grains. I do not believe it was CC.

    My 'dear diary' and elimination/reintroduction diet showed me that my body HATED corn and soy. Rice was iffy.

    So I quit all grains, and all forms of them. Even sweet corn! Also checking any supplements for them (which really cuts out a lot of them!)

    I have not lost an ounce by not having grains.

    I have lost a few inches of inflammation in my stomach (swelling). Yet scales have not moved.

    However, I don't have gastric disturbances any more either.

    I was fairly low carb and very little processed foods before going gluten-free, so my body didn't have the 'shake up' of suddenly not having carbs and then dropping weight.

    I won't even try to reincorporate grains into my diet. I don't miss them enough to bother.