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  1. holy cow, this explains my extreme hunger too.. Since my stomach has stopped hurting like yours I am always feeling like I am hungry..something I rarely felt before because it was overshadowed with pain and bloating.
  2. oh my god..I just solved my makeup allergies! my eyes can not tolerate anything...and I never understood..until this thread. thank you so much!
  3. how is it possible that I immediately started feeling better. I went from 15+ bowel movements a day, to one every two days. Yes in four days I have had 2 movements. I am in no pain, my bloating is gone. I feel lighter, happier, and healthier. in FOUR DAYS? I know long term healing wise I probably have a LONG way to go. Could I be doing this in my head? I am still cross contaminating by giving my kids kisses without fully rinsing their mouths..and I can tell each time I do because I break out in a fiery itch that lasts about an I am trying to cut out their much as is financially possible ( bread is hard since they love sandwiches/french toast/toast and bread is ridiculously expensive) anyways..and I dreaming?
  4. I can't even begin to thank you for the suggestions/support/resources. I was in a really bad place yesterday and reading these replies have really helped to motivate me. I am still scared..but I feel a little more confident. We went shopping today and bought some bread yogurts, noodles, and tortilla wraps. The prices are astounding. But my husband is supportive thankfully. we all have to go gluten free? We are investing in a new toaster and sterilizing what we do have. But how easily do we cross contaminate. How do we even sterilize? I clean everything with vinegar which I've been told had gluten..and baking soda too? Should I do orange peel cleaners? Or go get chemical cleaners? I was totally gluten free today and it was so nice not having constant pain. Though I still was a little crampy it was nice to have less intensity. How do I properly clean out my 14 and 29 month olds mouths if they do have gluten. How badly will it hurt me if I forget or miss a spot
  5. right there with you. 9 Weeks pregnant, diagnosed two weeks ago. Two toddlers in the house. Totally overwhelmed and an emotional mess.
  6. On January 5th I had the upper GI biopsy performed and in February 7th was diagnosed. I won't lie, the Dr was rushed and didn't explain anything. The biopsy was somewhat inconclusive? I have no idea in what way. But with my symptoms and family history he was more then confident in the diagnosis ( not to mention I unintentionally started eliminating gluten high products by just eating more fresh). I have been left on my own to make sense of this. I am discouraged, frustrated and starting to feel very depressed. I went to a bakery that advertises themselves as gluten free..and the only gluten free products were frozen pre packaged items my bread selection was brown rice bread..and brown rice bread. I have been substituting some glistens that i Was eating easily. But I am still eating it. The switch is slow..and it feels like it will never fully happen. Not only do I need to stop eating it..but I have to eliminate cross contamination threats at home. My sister has been a great help..but I still feel totally consumed and overwhelmed. It doesn't help that my kids are suddenly 150 times more needy and I'm pregnant and my husband is out of commission from a surgery I wish my dr had been some help. I'm so hungry. But I don't know what to eat. And when I do eat anything with gluten I am in pain almost immediately. So I am confident in the diagnosis. Unfortunately annoying family members keep saying things like, " I was surprised you were diagnosed. You weren't nearly as bad as your sister". And I just want to cry. My sister was so much worse off then me yes..she was totally malnourished, and her body was shutting down. She was 80 pounds overweight, tired, sick, rashy. Since switching he is a different person. I had more IBS symptoms that I hve been making excuses for all my life. 15 plus bowel movements a day..that are emergencies everytime. Extreme stomach pain and cramping. And terribly sensitive skin. I just didn't tell anyone. So now they all seem to think (minus my sister) that I must not have it as bad. And until they have to run into a store carrying two fifty pound kid to use a dirty public washroom they just don't have the right to judge. I hope I am one of the few who can tolerate it in small amounts. But even now one piece of toast sends me into an attack. Sorry this is so long winded. I finally bought myself my own peanut butter and margarine. And my husband asked what I was going to put it on and I started bawling because I have no idea I don't know how to make bread ..or how to buy crackers. I am totally lost and drowning. And I feel really dumb for bein this emotional about food. I am very fortunate it isn't serious