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  1. I understand your dilemma,It's bad enough when doctors don't know but worse when they pretend to be all knowing and look at you as if you are a drug seeking hypochondriac. I too felt like you. it took 15yrs to get diagnosed properly. through this process I have learned a lot about myself and my body. I learned that I don't fit the cookie cutter criteria that makes diagnosis more complicated. I learned that even though my labs are normal to the medical field they are abnormal for me. I can now tell when my hemoglobin is low, by how much ice i eat. I know when I have graves disease symptoms because I throw PVC's. I know when I am in Hashimotos, because I get so depressed it is as if I fell off a cliff into a deep hole. Thank God that only happened once!. I had to fight for an iron transfusion, so that I could function and work! I had to fight for more exams that would dig deeper to enable them to find the Graves and Hashimotos Disease btw it is rare that people have both. I had to fight to have my nutritional levels checked and had to tell doctors that I don't have to be a stick to be malnutrioned! bottom line, I had to fight and I am still fighting most importantly though, I am worth it! So are you keep fighting for yourself, autoimmune messes with alot of symptoms so no you aren't crazy they are just ignorant to the unknown specialty of autoimmune related disorders hugs feel better don't give up!

  2. I have been diagnosed with Celiac disease about 5 years ago. Following the gluten free diet has really made a difference in my health. I continue to have insomnia at times. This has been on going for about 30 years. Do you have any suggestions?

    yes, a bedtime routine is of utmost importance. I used to take 150mg benadryl to fall asleep, now I only take it on the nights before i work the next day. the other nights i gave myself a regular bedtime and a routine that starts two hours before bed. I downloaded sleep stream with the binural beats which helps tremendously, I listen to the soft piano music with my headphones and I am out. I listen to the sleep meditation one which is 20 min long and now I am asleep prior to the 20 min period. It rocks!! oh I got rid of caffeine this year and that has helped alot

  3. I have had bad vision all of my life, my right eye is correctable to 20/20 my left eye has been bad but correctable to 20/40 i think. I have been gluten free since 2009 Last year sometime , I noticed a significant detorioation in my night vision, so much that I no longer drive at night. I am 45 and I know that visual changes occur at this time, but I went from ok to walking into my tv niche at night, stumbling into the bathtub, walking into my husband who was standing right infront of me. This is only at night. During the day, I have had problems with blurry vision, but it comes and goes. I switched contacts and now I have issues with farsightedness which I never had before. so now i can add that to astigmatism, near sightedness, presbyopia (far sightedness). I can deal with having to be driven around, but I can't deal with total vision loss. has anyone else had this problem and does it get worse.

    I keep telling the two opthamologist, optometrist and retinal specialist about this problem but they are irritated and state there is no reason for me to be unable to see. my vitamin A levels were low but now low enough to cause night vision problems. I feel like I did 20 yrs ago when I kept complaining of abdominal issues and getting every diagnosis in the book before they finally did an endoscopy and found celiac disease. When they finally diagnosed it, I had already acquired Graves disease and hashimotos. I don't want to end up with anything else, any one having these symptoms?