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  1. YES! When I eat gluten and/or cheese, within minutes I am completely effed up in the head. My main symptoms are on mood and behaviour, digestion-wise it's not that bad. Here are some of the wonderful symptoms I get: irritation, aggression, paranoia, scizofrenia (talking to myself like a crazy...
  2. Psychiatry is a FRAUD

  3. It could be a histamine problem, tuna converts histidine to histamine if it's not fresh from the ocean, if you're sensitive as me that might be it
  4. Of course I forgot to mention ripe fruits and ripe fruit juices which are also highly digestable
  5. I would recommend not to do the scd diet. Nut butters are not really the holy grail of nutrition. Especially raw nuts contain lots of antinutrients like phytic acid and omega 6-oils which will ruin nutrient absorption and probably make gut dysbiosis worse. I would instead focus on simple digestable...
  6. Welsh: In this world a man, himself, is nothing. And there ain’t no world but this one. Witt: You’re wrong there Top. I’ve seen another world. Sometimes I think it was just my imagination. Welsh: Well, then you seen things I never will.