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  1. Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions. What kinds of rices do you all cook with? I am only familiar with white, brown and wild.
  2. Mushroom, yes! Thank you. My son's skin does clear up dramatically when I manage to keep all dairy, gluten, and nut-derived products out of his diet. Unfortunately, he gets fed...
  3. So glad to have found this thread also!! I feel like I want to hug you all right now. I can add my voice to all of yours that this is a real phenomenon!! I have suffered with depression...
  4. I have many adverse symptoms to gluten and am ready to give the gluten-free diet a good long-term run. The thing is, before making this discovery I was mostly vegetarian... I...
  5. Thanks, no he's never been tested to specify which one, I just know any dairy products and he breaks out in a rash from head to toe!! Yeah, I actually fed him a smoothie with kefir...
  6. My 18 month old reacts to all dairy with a skin rash (eczema). Someone told me he could most likely tolerate milk fermented with kefir grains, that it changes the composition of...
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