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  1. Thank you all for your encouragement and suggestions. What kinds of rices do you all cook with? I am only familiar with white, brown and wild.
  2. Mushroom, yes! Thank you. My son's skin does clear up dramatically when I manage to keep all dairy, gluten, and nut-derived products out of his diet. Unfortunately, he gets fed things by his older siblings quite often and even a small amount of one of his allergic foods will cause him to explode...
  3. So glad to have found this thread also!! I feel like I want to hug you all right now. I can add my voice to all of yours that this is a real phenomenon!! I have suffered with depression, anxiety, pendulum like mood swings, suicide idealization, social anxiety, irrational fears, negative voices,...
  4. I have many adverse symptoms to gluten and am ready to give the gluten-free diet a good long-term run. The thing is, before making this discovery I was mostly vegetarian... I say mostly because my family only eats chicken in a meal maybe two or three times a month. I just try to stay away from...
  5. Thanks, no he's never been tested to specify which one, I just know any dairy products and he breaks out in a rash from head to toe!! Yeah, I actually fed him a smoothie with kefir before asking the question, and his skin was crystal clear that morning but 24 hours later was inflamed the worst I...
  6. My 18 month old reacts to all dairy with a skin rash (eczema). Someone told me he could most likely tolerate milk fermented with kefir grains, that it changes the composition of the milk or something and most with lactose or milk protein allergies can tolerate kefir? Does anyone know anything...