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  1. I've had Neurocardiogenic Syncope my whole life. My blood pressure just drops to nothing for no apparent reason. I've had recurrent fainting spells and two seizures because of it. When I was sixteen I went to the family doctor - old guy - with this, explaining that I've been fainting for as long as I can remember, he said,"Young girls faint. It's normal." I didn't have the heart to explain to him that young girls no longer wore corsets. :rolleyes:

    I've found no help in doctors and I've stopped trying. I stay hydrated and I eat lots of salty foods. (My BP is low.) If I feel an episode coming on I plant myself on the ground and stay there till it passes.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful. :( I'm old and bitter and eating salty gluten-free pretzels. :P:lol:

    Here's some sites but I bet you've found them already!


    American Autonomic Society

    Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center

  2. Hi Dale and welcome! :)

    I found this on the Traditional Medicinals website. . .

    Do any of your products contain gluten?

    Celiac patients are advised to avoid food ingredients containing gluten and/or its derivatives (e.g. gliadin). Certain grains such as barley, oat, rye and wheat contain proteins that are composed of prolamins and/or glutelins. None of Traditional Medicinals products contain any wheat or rye, or their derivatives. The following two Traditional Medicinals products contain barley grain or oatstraw and therefore the tea infusion prepared from them may contain a small amount of naturally occurring gliadin or gluten:

    • PMS Tea®

    • St. John's Good Mood®

  3. From the ultra scary "Forbidden List" . . . :o

    "1) If this ingredient is made in North America it is likely to be gluten-free.

    3) The problem with caramel color is it may or may not contain gluten depending on how it is manufactured. In the USA caramel color must conform with the FDA standard of identity from 21CFR CH.1. This statute says: "the color additive caramel is the dark-brown liquid or solid material resulting from the carefully controlled heat treatment of the following food-grade carbohydrates: Dextrose (corn sugar), invert sugar, lactose (milk sugar), malt syrup (usually from barley malt), molasses (from cane), starch hydrolysates and fractions thereof (can include wheat), sucrose (cane or beet)." Also, acids, alkalis and salts are listed as additives which may be employed to assist the caramelization process."

    Notice it says caramel color made in North America - not sold in North America - is likely to be gluten-free. Seemingly home grown products may get some of their ingredients from overseas.

  4. Well, just as an example, here's the Publix brand soda gluten-free list from Publix grocery stores -

    Regular sodas:

    Black Cherry


    Citrus Hit

    Club Soda



    Ginger Ale


    Lemon Lime


    Raspberry Seltzer

    Root Beer

    Diet Sodas

    Diet/Caffeine free Cola

    Diet Cola

    Reg/Diet Tonic water

    Now you know I'd pick the diet lemon lime soda and drink it right down before double checking the list! I thought for sure it'd be gluten-free. :o Nope.

  5. Yes, many good vibes go with you! :D

    I was on 9mg of decadron for rheumatoid arthritis and gained 60lbs in six months. I'm also bipolar so the mood swings were unbelievable. Felt hot all the time, head sweats in the middle of the night - leaving my pillow drenched, obsessive compulsive behavior, fits of anger/irritability, "moon face", "buffalo hump", horrible stretch marks and best of all was my doctor threatening me with "life in a wheelchair" when I wanted to stop. :angry:

    I try to remember that it's not the medicine's fault, corticosteroids can and do save lives, it's the doctors who administer the drugs incorrectly or carelessly that are at fault.

  6. I wonder if this problem also fits in with celiac disease?

    All the autoimmune disorders tend to cluster. I guess it's like a bad wheel on a wagon, once one spoke breaks the whole wagon starts to wobble! :lol:

    I have sjogren's, celiac and I've had active juvenile rheumatoid arthritis since infancy. My mother has celiac and vitiligo. Other autoimmune disorders in my family: ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, and crohn's. All on my mother's side and affecting the women only. Seriously, we should be studied. :blink:

  7. My mother, also celiac, has this Salivary Gland Infections. I never knew you could get stones in your salivary gland. She tries to stay away from the antibiotics if she can, I think mostly to avoid going to the doctor! :lol: She uses lemon drops, makes sure she drinks enough fluid, etc.

    I've been diagnosed with sjogren's (show-grins) syndrome, it causes dry eyes/mouth and is yet another autoimmune disorder to add to my already impressive list. :wacko:

    Sjogrens Syndrome

  8. Yes, Lipton's is gluten-free. You can always call the 1800 number on the box if you're unsure.

    Here's the tea listing from the Wheaton (Chicago area) Celiac Support Group.


    Arizona (800 227-3775): all (2/04)

    ASHBYS of London Teas (800-334-6485) (08/04)

    Big Train Chai (800 682-5047) (www.chaitea.com): Spiced, Vanilla, Raspberry,

    Chocolate, Green Tea, Decaf and No sugar added Chai. (1/03)

    Bigelow Teas (888-244-3569): all (except Blueberry Harvest, chamomile mango,

    cinnamon spice) (9/04)

    Crystal Light (Kraft Foods): Ready-to-Drink (7/00)

    Celestial Seasoning's Teas (800 351-8175) gluten ingredients indicated on label

    Choice Organic Teas: all (1/04)

    Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (800 832-5323): all teas (9/04)

    Eden Foods www.edenfoods.com (888 441-3336): Teas--genmaicha, hojicha, bancha

    green, kukicha, lotus root tea powder, matcha powdered green (11/04)

    Good Earth Teas (goodearth.com): all (01/04)

    Hansen's (800 426-7367) (www.hansens.com): Iced Teas; Gold Standard Teas (5/04)

    Lipton (800.697.7897): Regular Tea, Decaf (3/03); Herbal Teas - all varieties; instant

    iced tea mix—reg and decaf (11/04)

    Luzianne www.luzianne.com: all (5/04)

    Nestea (800 225-2270) www.nestleusa.com: gluten ingredients indicated on label

    Newman's Own (800 444-8705): lemon aided ice tea (3/04)

    Red Rose Tea : All (11/02)

    Republic of Tea (800-298-4832) www.republicoftea.com: all (2/05)

    SAFEWAY (877 723-3929): Iced Tea Mix (3/04)

    Salada Teas (Redco Foods) (www.greentea.com): all varieties (7/03)

    Snapple: iced-teas (5/04)

    Stash Teas (www.stashtea.com/teafaq): All Varieties (5/03)

    Tazo (800-299-9445) www.tazo.com: Filterbags –Refresh, Awake, organic tazo chai,

    Organic Darjeeling, China Green Tips, Organic Envy; Organic Iced Tea Ready-to-Drink

    (2/04); zen, calm, wild sweet orange (9/04)

    Tetley: all (5/03)

    Thai Kitchen (www.thaikitchen.com): Thai Iced Tea (loose Leaves) (5/03)

    Trader Joe’s Oregon Chai Caffeine Free, Iced Tea, Original; Lemon ginger Echinacea,

    bagged teas (11/03)

    Twinings (www.twinings.com): Teas, infusions and fruits (2/02)

    Wissotsky Tea www.wtea.com: all (1/04)

  9. NAET is quackery. . .

    . . .this is nothing more than modern day snake oil.

    I agree. >ducks< ;)

    But everyone has their own bag - prayer, herbs, oils, wildflowers, collecting Hummel figurines - if it works for you then there's your proof. Just be careful that's all - keep an open mind, just not so open your brain falls out. :lol:

    Here's an interesting article on the origins of the term "snake oil".

    Snake Oil

  10. Thanks for sharing that link, it was interesting.  It says he succumbed to celiac disease.  I really don't understand how he died from it, unless he didn't stop eating gluten.  Can we die from this?


    Jumping back a few pages here - Joe C probably had refractory sprue, a form of celiac disease that does NOT respond to a gluten free diet. The immune system continues to attack the small intestine despite the absence of gluten.

    It's treated with corticosteroids and immunosuppressive medications.

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