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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Are you the gluten intolerant one? I am and am currently nursing and got glutened and my little one reacted too...... currently on a gluten, dairy, soy, egg, peanut free diet to figure out what else is bothering her.
  2. If they are already doing the blood work anyways, I would do the panel. BUT I wouldn't trust a negative. Children 2 and under are almost impossible to test. Some test positive though so I would go ahead with the blood work if you were already doing it. I would NOT recommend an endo though regardless what the blood work says.
  3. Funny that you say that, because we have actually tried to get her to eat gluten before and she refused. I make pancakes and biscuits (gluten free) once a week or so and she LOVES them and begs for them. Well my mom (after I told her too) tried to give her some pancakes with gluten (not at our house) and she opened her mouth but spit it out IMMEDIATELY Then mom tried some biscuit and she refused to open her mouth. But kept eating her green beans and carrots that were on her plate....So it wasn't that she wasn't hungry, she was begging for more, but refused the gluten food. She is actually like normal except for that. No fever and ate good later that day. Actually ate more than usual which worried me even more, as I have a tendency to be STARVING after my gluten reaction. I don't usually throw up though. Usually I have horrible cramps and upset stomach that follows. (as far as GI reactions)
  4. Okay I have a gluten intolerant (never went through with the testing) and my daughter (3.5) has pretty much textbook celiac signs- but never officially diagnosed, as she was only 2 at the time and was gluten free during the test. But her little sister, who is two, Has been gluten free since we went gluten free because I planned to "test" her by giving her some after a while of none but have been to scared too. So she has been gluten free since April of this year. Today at lunch my older two daughters (who CAN have gluten) had bread at the meal which is rare, as we NEVER have gluten in our house.....But the little one kept reaching for it and crying so I gave her three or four bites. She refused anymore after that. Since she has thrown up.....and has only thrown up maybe twice in the past year, she does NOT have a weak stomach. Should i say it was the gluten or what?
  5. Gluten Free Food In The Hospital?

    I called and talked to them and she said she had no doubt they could handle getting food for me that I could have as they are a 24hour room service type thing...I still doubted...So I tried to explain more...lol...she said If i will get her a list of foods I like (gluten free) that she will go herself and buy them to have on hand for me. But that still doesn't rule out cross contamination....Apparently when I eat gluten, I know while it is still in my mouth, as my mouth and throat starts burning right away. And I get a headache right away and gassy belly......So I might try it but if that happens, skip the meals and have my husband bring me food. But oh I don't want to learn the hard way
  6. Alright, I think it is decided. Going on a more grain-free diet like a low carb diet except we will keep potatoes and stuff. I just can't keep letting my kids have the rice products!
  7. Agree, What is safe??? To me, it is like saying, well we are only giving our gluten intolerant child a little gluten....what's bad is BAD...period....No matter how "low" the number.....BUT what do we do from here??? Can't very well go back to wheat flour pancakes can we?
  8. By the way we use "rice selects" Organic Texmati Brown rice. I can't find anything on it.
  9. My husband and I have actually been discussing the healthy benefits of organics a lot lately. I know that even with "certified organic" there are still "gray areas". We know the only way to truly know what we are putting in our mouth, is to grown it our self. So we are trying to find a nice middle ground on all of this. Then all the rice stuff comes out and we just know as much rice as we consume, it is significant if it has arsenic. The question is, does the rice we use have it? How can we know? We are trying to use as much almond flour/ qunioa flour for now until we can figure this out.
  10. Gluten Free Food In The Hospital?

    That's awesome to hear. I plan to contact the hospital and maybe even run by and talk to the people in the cafeteria to see what options I have. Maybe if I do my homework now, my sister in law can push them to order some stuff if they don't have a lot. Hey, it is worth a shot. I plan to bring stuff too, I just would love the option of them being able to bring me food too. It is SO MUCH EASIER
  11. Gluten Free Food In The Hospital?

    Well for me, It will be more than that. I have to have another c-section so it will be three full days. With two of my children I have stayed more like 4 or 5 because they had to go to the NICU. After all the surgery and stuff, I CAN'T risk getting glutened. My sister in law works for the hospital so I thought about asking her if she could talk to all the nurses and see if they would keep me food in there refrigerator and bring me stuff as I need it. I am also scared to even eat something "gluten free" from chic fila or somewhere. I never tolerate eating out good period!
  12. I have a gluten intolerance (self diagnosed after we found out my 3 year old has it) And it is so severe that I get major sick from a little cross contamination. But also, Pineapple, raw spinach, Beans, jalopenos and spicy stuff, all bother me bad bad....I am sure there are more things, but those are the main things. What can I do? Will it go away? I use to do those things WEeKLY before going gluten free. But suddenly three months into gluten free I stopped being able to tolerate them. Now 7 months into it, I still can't.
  13. I think america likes to turn to the side about GMO foods...All the other countries are screaming beware though. GMO is seriously bad for everyone. With people who already have issues, we can't afford to risk more damage!!!
  14. I didn't actually read the article either because what else can I feed them? my husband read it and said He has no idea what to do. We are very healthy normally and eat all organic and so now that we KNOW we are giving the kids something with this, how can I let them eat it? I have a 7, 5, 3, 1 all on a gluten free diet. The three year old as well as myself are the only ones with *known* gluten issues. Haven't tested the one year old at all. older two girls are just gluten free because our house is gluten free. I don't know what to do.....
  15. Can they do that? I never eat anything that ANYBODY has cooked. I am so scared about having the baby! It is number 5 for us though so Dh can't take care of the others plus bring me food three times per day (hospital is 1 hour away) So what should I do? Any advise? I know my doctor said he would "order" me a gluten free diet but what about cross contamination?