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  1. Celiac ELISA assay was negative as was test for dermatitis herpetiformis. I get a rash that is most likely dermatitis herpetiformis that breaks out on elbows, left shoulder area, back of knees, or right thigh. Always in one of the spots however usually not all together. The rash seems to have the same onset and duration as dermatitis herpetiformis and I've noticed when I have it my symptoms flair majorly especially neurological and psychiatric type symptoms. I am pretty sure it's this as the testing can be unreliable. Never had an endoscopy though. I definitely improved significantly when going gluten free however it is my enough. I have cut out all major stomach irritants and follow something that resembles a paleo diet. I smoked American spirits and wonder if those may have stopped my Progress though have since quit. I wonder if there's other diets aimed toward autoimmune diseases I may try. Also, colitis runs in my family so perhaps I have that concurrently, as I've been having mucus in my stool, though I seem to have one bowel movement around the same time every day with no real intense pain. Most troublesome is the persistent fatigue, anxiety, depression, and sexual problems I face. I also am having ui issues though infection has been ruled out and kidneys are working normally according to blood test. My rbc count, hematocrit, and hemoglobin were slightly low. Also my tsh was at 5.5 but my t3 and t4 were normal. About a year ago I took tyrosint lowest dose possible for 3 months and it made me sickly and hyperthyroid so I think my throws is ok. Also no sign of antibodies to the thyroid. I wonder if there's is a diet geared towards bowel function I can try. I think it's possible I may also have colitis but can't ever seem to get seen by a specialist. I have no insurance and go through a county program that's garbage. I need help!
  2. Ok, first question. Been gluten free for three years with symptoms still lingering. I am very strict with my adherence. I did smoke though but recently quit. Could this be the reason for my lingering symptoms? Secondly, I recently started taking kratom for my symptoms and it seemed to help for a month or two but now am not sure if it is. Has anyone used kratom before and if so did it help cope or make you far worse? Thirdly, has anyone had amazing success with the scd diet or gaps diet or would you recommend following a low fodmap diet instead? Thank you
  3. Couldn't agree more with you man. It seems that there are heavily biased opinions often spread on this forum that may or may not hold any basis in actual fact.
  4. First point. There has never been any proven link that vaccines cause autism. That is a myth. In fact if it wasn't for the extensive vaccination campaigns our life expenctancies would be drastically different. In all honesty I would be more trustworthy of xenobiotics coming out of pharma then I would of herbal supplements coming out of your local health food store as at least the big pharma drugs have to go through extensive testing of which 99 percent of all drugs fail. Second point. The enzyme based therapies would be cheap, and not unlike the digestive enzyme supplements. They would protect against cross contamination and would make it safer for us to eat out. Third point. The vaccine is interesting because it is the first such vaccine being developed for an autoimmune condition and may hold promise in preventing the development of other autoimmune disorders in addition to potentially calming the cycle of inflammation and repair that continues to go on in our gut long after we adopt a gluten free diet. I'm not saying lets get these drugs and eat unhealthy stuff again. I'm saying that this can become another tool in our fight against the disease in terms of protecting us against cross contamination or accidental glutenings. Will the vaccine have major side effects? I can't answer that now, but it doesnt mean that we shouldn't be conducting research on it. Can you really argue though with having a safety drug on you to protect when you eat out or from unseen accidental glutenings? And yes there are many people who take years to heal from this disease. I am a year and a half strictly gluten free and I am still not back to normal. Also, the zonulin modulating drug larazotide acetate shows promise for a multitude of autoimmune disorders and not only celiac disease and could be an amazing breakthrough. For those of you who aren't aware zonulin seems to play a major role in the triggering of celiac disease and regulates the intercellular tight junctions between epithelial cells. It has been shown to be spiked not only in celiacs but is also seen to spike prior to the development of other autoimmune disorders. It may also be the cause of leaky gut which we all know can cause us to be intolerant to all other sorts of foods other than gluten. It is possible that drug could be used to help speed up the repair of leaky gut.
  5. A vaccine wouldn't be something you take day to day. Oh yea pharmaceutical companies are horrible, why don't you tell that to all the cancer patients who are only alive today thanks to the development of modern drugs. Yup you're right. We secretly actually gather around in our labs and come up with ways to make you sick first. Then we purposely come up with drugs that don't cure you only keep you alive enough to keep you buying our product. Yup that's exactly how it works. This reminds me of a great saying, "never argue with an idiot, they'll drag you to their level and beat you with experience."
  6. You clearly have no understanding of how Pharma works, and this is coming from someone who as a Biochemist knows the field in and out. I'm assuming you are also one of those people that believe MSG is the devil and that all vaccinations are bad. You can make your broad generalizations without any backing what so ever because of you're own pessimistic view of the world but however don't ruin it for the rest of us that would like to have a cure or at least some sort of protection from cross contamination.
  7. So we shouldn't invest in alternative therapies?
  8. Wow what a gross generalization about many doctors and scientists working together for the ultimate benefit of society. That's not how it works at all.
  9. For those of you interested this is a real good breakdown of why being gluten free simply is not enough. http://scdlifestyle.com/2012/03/the-gluten-free-lie-why-most-celiacs-are-slowly-dying/
  10. Once again you guys miss the complete point of my argument. The development of celiac drugs/vaccines is a great thing, I'm not sure why you chose to argue with me over something that multiple studies show is pretty true. You have the study and its findings right in front of you, its a lot more reliable then any random opinions from non-scientists on this board. You also completely avoided the whole argument about zonulin and the implications of it being spiked even years after adopting the gluten free diet. There clearly is a need for alternative therapies, there's nothing bad and only a lot to gain. I mean the whole anti-vaccine backlash I saw on this board kind of reminded me of the paranoia surrounding the whole don't vaccinate your kids because it causes autism thing. It's a bunch of unfounded paranoia. Science is
  11. The science points in that direction. You can say whatever you want but the science speaks for itself and you can't argue with that. I've already shown you that over 90 percent of celiacs dont recover on a gluten free diet alone and by recover I mean return fully back to normal. My point is that clearly we need more weapons at our disposal in addition to a gluten free diet and so I support full-heartedly big Pharma and their efforts at addressing the needs of celiac.
  12. Also, even years after being completely gluten free, as shown in this study by Dr. Fasano (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16635908) zonulin levels remain remarkably more elevated when compared to normal healthy intestines. This may explain all of our secondary intolerances as macromolecules are more easily allowed to seep through the epithelial paracellular space. The drug being developed by Alba which is targeting the zonulin pathway could be beneficial for us in this way as well.
  13. There is a difference between saying the word healed and completely back to normal. There is clear evidence for the need for alternative therapies and that is the bottom line. We should be embracing the development of alternative therapies to be used in conjunction with a gluten free diet.
  14. Got it from this study. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19302264 Dapsone is a gnarly drug for sure. The drugs in development now are showing some promise. The approach by Alvine Pharmaceuticals was to actually design proteases which specifically target and break down the inflammatory sequence markers that elicit the whole immune attack when exposed to the wheat, barley or rye gluten. These should have no more of a side effect than digestive enzymes do. What is interesting to note is another study (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22298027) which shows that for a good portion of us, prolamines in corn are causing an immune response as well.
  15. "After a median 16 months GFD, 38 (8%) patients had histological 'normalization'". That means even with a complete gluten free diet the other 92% never fully recovered to normal.
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