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  1. JaneWhoLovesRain

    HELP -Biopsy Results

    Hi - when I first saw the dermatologist for my rash he quickly looked at and said I had LSC. I never heard of this...
  2. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Canyon Bakehouse bread and xanthan gum

    Hi Ennis and thank you for your reply. When I make my own muffins I usually use psyllium husk as you recommend. I hope...
  3. I finally found a good bread and have been enjoying toast at breakfast for the last 3 days. Xanthan gum has given me...
  4. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Thyroid problems - maybe?

    Thank you for your very helpful comments. If I go by the two non-standard alternative doctor iodine deficiency/hypothyroid...
  5. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Thyroid problems - maybe?

    Kitty kitty, thank you for the link. I most likely do have several of these deficiencies but before I start self-supplementing...
  6. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Thyroid problems - maybe?

    My GI doctor tested my anitibodies (really not sure which ones though, other than whatever is tested for celiac) last...
  7. JaneWhoLovesRain

    High cholesterol/statins

    I asked about measuring the particle density but he didn't feel that was important. He was so narrow and so focused...
  8. I'm struggling with various vague heath issues - lots of hair loss/thinning, dry hair, extreme insomnia, fatigue, depression...
  9. JaneWhoLovesRain

    High cholesterol/statins

    Having an LDL of 158 and total cholesterol of 241 my doctor insisted I had a coronary calcium ct scan to look for build...
  10. I was at a used book sale yesterday and happened to see an old dermatological textbook. Of course the first thing I...
  11. I'm wondering if anyone has found they have a problem with this granola. I was happy to find this as it is a good dollar...
  12. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Dia. . . . For 5 Days

    As i figured they would tell me at emergent care, it's a "virus." grrrrrr It seems that is the standard medical answer...
  13. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Dia. . . . For 5 Days

    Now day 6 I thought I was better, I felt better and did lot of gardening this morning, then came in to eat lunch and...
  14. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Dia. . . . For 5 Days

    UGH!! I am now on day 5 of diarrhea and am getting worried. Having dermatitris herpetiformis my GI symptoms with celiac...
  15. JaneWhoLovesRain

    Angular Cheilitis

    It doesn't sound weird at all, but unfortunately I don't think I've had any new foods or prescriptions though it is hard...