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  1. Biospy Results

    IF the dr said that initial findings were abnormal, most likely that means celiac disease. Anemia is also VERY common with celiac disease, because the body isn't absorbing the vitamins and minerals from food. Have you continued with the gluten-free diet?
  2. Hi guys, It's been a while since I've been on here. But i thought about the board tonight and wondered if you more knowledgeable ones out there could shed some light here's the scoop. My daughter, Kailyn, has always shown signs of lactose intolerance. Extremely colicky baby, refused to sleep, reflux, lactose intolerant. Around 18 months, began waking during night screaming saying tummy hurt. A month or so later, it was legs and tummy. After a few months, I took her to her GI dr, who had seen her as an infant for her reflux. He suspected celiac. Blood tests (genetic was positive for a celiac disease gene, TTg was normal, but anti body (oops, forgot name of it) was high. Dr said when antibody is high it can skew tests, also she was young enough that he suspected tests might be wrong. July of 2005, biopsy showed no evidence of celiac disease, but dr still seemed confident that was the problem. THe day we left the hospital Kailyn went on a gluten-free diet. Between July 2005 and December of 2005, Kailyn jumped from 15% in weight to 60%!!! Anemia went away, began gaining weight, stopped complaining of tummy aches within a week or so. She even eventually stopped saying her legs hurt (dr said it was vitamin deficiency.) We went back to dr last month and he had repeated blood tests, (though not antibody one this time). The tests were still normal. AHHH!! By this time, he says he doesn't care what the tests say, she's doing great on gluten-free diet. I don't so much care about her with diagnosed as celiac disease, but need to know if anyone else has been there. He told me to do whatever i thought was best for her. I told him i needed him to issue dr orders, because her father's side of family (we're divorced) is extremely hostile, and the celiac disease is on their side of the family. He told me to resume a regular diet. In the last 6 weeks, Kailyn seems ok. She doesn't complain of tummy aches, doesn't appear to be losing weight, though i haven't had her weighed at gi dr's office since. She is however, waking up a night screaming a lot again. Kailyn has always been, uh,...."high need" (READ: high maintenance.) I'm having a hard time convincing myself that the dr might be right to still think it's celiac disease and not just a personality thing. We go back in 5 months for a reevaluation. I just am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems. I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions. THANKS!!!
  3. My daughter is now three and has been Gluten free for almost 8 months....our biggest- and most painful- glutening....PLAYDOH! Contains wheat. She still plays with it, but scrubs her hands after wards and does fine...but it took me months to figure out what was making her sick
  4. My daughter, now 3, has always been known to us as lactose intolerant. When she went gluten-free in July 2005, her dr told me that after about 6 months, enough healing should be done that if her L.I. was due to celiac it should go away. Sure enough, she's been on cow's milk for over a month now and she's doing great. We didn't know she had celiac disease until July 2005, but her lactose intolerance was a big diagnosing factor for her doctor.
  5. YES! YES! YES! Thank you God, Popsicle brand are gluten free! I called back in January, because my little one was sick! Happy eating and hope you feel better
  6. anyone know of any good celiac disease dr's in Savannah GA that accept Medicaid?
  7. Anyone been to Maddy's Rib and Blues Joint in atlanta? ANy gluten-free menu items? What about gluten-free bbq items?
  8. We second the Pacific tomato soup- all of theirs are good actually. We also like Progresso Chicken and Rice!
  9. I don't know if all carmel coloring in the us is gluten-free, but I do know that I have yet to find any companies so far that DO use gluten in their caramel coloring. I always take my cell with me to the store so I can make quick calls on products i think my girls might like to check gluten status.
  10. Celiac.com has list called the "safe list" and the "forbidden list" that tell you everything you need to check labels for. when my daughter went gluten-free 6 months ago, they helped tremendously.
  11. Nuvaring

    I have been on the patch for almost 6 months and like it. Unlike the pill, I ahven't gained weight, actualy I've lost a few lbs, it's lessened my pms symptoms like irritability. However, I do get awful diahhrea before each period , which i never did on pill or without any bc. My only gripe is that I can't find a spot on me that clothes don't rub against the side of patch and cause it to pull away from skin. ANyone else had this problem?
  12. My OB told me that diahhrea is normal with your period! Thank GOD! Otherwise I have a mild flu every month- haha! Could it just be a combo of womanitis + celiac disease?
  13. WHile we're on the topic of junk foods, anybody know if chips like CHeetos are gluten-free?
  14. THis is probably a stupid question, but what are the eight allergens they're required to list? Does it mean that they can't hide gluten in msf or artifical flavors, etc?
  15. At first glance of their allergy statement- it seems that they would be gluten free. "No other known allergens." If you can't reach the company, then I'd wait. A few more days isn't going to make a huge difference right? While you're waiting, I'd see if you can find their website and look for any statements on allergy information and packaging. See if they mention gluten anywhere. If so then the statement on the bottle is probably meant to reflect gluten-free too. I'll look right now and see what I can find for you..
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