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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. So... no one with any direct experience? Thanks for your response, Rosetapper23. In his podcasts, O'Bryan does mention studies off-handedly, but how does one verify this info without details like the name of the study, its authors, etc. At one point he claims that a particular idea is supported by "18 thousand studies". Consider the logistics of making that claim.
  2. I've watched some youtube videos recently, and listened to some podcasts (undergroundwellness), by Tom O'Bryan. He's very well spoken - of course, he's working from a script - and seemingly very knowledgeable about gluten and its issues (vis-a-vis human health). However, I've gone to his website (thedr.com!), which is pretty sketchy, and there is very little info about his qualifications (he's associated with an unaccredited "university"). All other web references to him quote his own website's claim that he is "an internationally recognized speaker specializing in Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac Disease". His treatment protocol for gluten issues requires many proprietary supplements (that he sells, of course). A web search revealed no books that he's written, and thus there are no footnotes which might support his claims. He's associated with Cyrex Labs, which is offering a novel testing protocol for gluten sensitivity, along with antigen cross reactions, etc. Unfortunately, there is very little additional info at the Cyrex site. Everything about this screams "scam" yet I'm still intrigued. Has anyone here tried the Cyrex testing protocols? Or know anything more about this guy (other than his own claims)?