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  1. Mentioning chips being fried in the same oil. I had the most amazing exp at a little Mexican restaraunt down the street from my house. My wife and freinds went there, and I just told the waitress I could not have anything. I explained why, and she said something that almost made me fall over... ...
  2. I got a reply fro B&G a*Aug 31, 2005", they are the parent company of Ortega. They issue the following about Ortega( it says ORTEGA All Products, as it was in a big list of all the brands they sell) ORTEGA All Products Ortega has been following a strict labeling policy with regard to any...
  3. Yes, I thank the Hormel food company every day. I have a drawer at work with like 10 cans of Hormel chili and 10 cans of Dinty Moore beef stew. They are both great quick food items that don't cost much either really. Careful though, Hormel Chili HOT and another one are not gluten-free. I think...