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  1. Its a bit spendy, more of a date place than a family placce. But the Stinking Rose has always been my stop when I visit SF. (I used to live there before I "knew" I had to be gluten-free) And if you like Garlic, this place is great.
  2. I do eat a Chipotle maybe 2-3 times a month. I haven't had a problem. I usually don't even even ask them to change gloves, so I'm asking for it I guess. I just normally get a steak bowl, no rice, black beans, cheese, and the hot sauce. I skip the rice/lettuce for no reason then I have always hated having rice and lettuce on a burrito. I don't think those would really have a better chance of getting cross contaminated then anything else. Especially the cheese, since they do use their gloved hands in that. Its always a risk. I don't think I am a sensitive anymore as I once was so it could be hitting me as I don't notice it. I used to get sick everytime I went anywhere. But I really think that was regardless of CC. I had lots more problems going on in those days than just celiac.
  3. Herb-ox(made by Hormel) boullion cubes are gluten free. I have the vegetable, chicken, and beef cubes in my pantry. Also, for liquid broth, I know Swanson's chicken broth is gluten free. I've always made gravy with this(when I didn't have a whole chicken/turkey) and was pleased to not even have to change my recipe for gravy I had always used, Mom gave it to me long ago. If you were to make gravy here's a simple recipe. Been making this since I was around 10. (good way to keep a 10 year old boy out of trouble on thanksgiving by making him sit on a stool at the stove and make gravy) 1 can Swanson chicken broth "random" amount of Corn Starch I usually drop in a few spices and maybe a vegetable boullion cube or two. It is surprising that some have used flour to make gravy. It makes an grainy texture. One tip for making the gravy. Add your corn starch to cold water and mix in well. You don't want to add it to the broth when it is cooking. Ok, I sometimes add a little bit here and there. But if you dump in corn starch to the broth while its hot, it can curdle. I usually go a little bit overboard with how much water I think I will need. Then add the water/broth, and the let the gravy reduce at low heat.(excess water steams off)
  4. I got sick yesterday at Red Robin, they did have dedicated fryers. I just found out what it was, apparently their seasoning salt they put on the fries is not gluten free. I read the label on the container of them, and didn't see anything that looked suspicious, but I was just reading in two other threads that it does have gluten. Edit... Oops I got two threads mixed up. It was Outback that has gluten in their french fry seasoning.
  5. Dang! That was it. Work just treated my group out to lunch and I got a burger and some chips. I asked about the dedicated fryer. But I had the seasoning. I did a quick read of the ingrediants, but didn't see any thing obvious. Now I know! Still feeling awful since lunch 1.5 days ago. Edit... oops, I just read this again. I had went to a Red Robin... not Outback doh! -grant Complete Edit
  6. Some are. I just finished a mead from Redstone Meadery. "Nectar of the Hops" Got some as a gift from a friend who is a judge a the Great American Beer Festival. What is really cool, is this year they even had a category for gluten free beer. Here's some info on Redstone <a href="http://www.redstonemeadery.com/" target="external nofollow">http://www.redstonemeadery.com/</a> It was pretty good. I'm still a fan of New Grist and Bards Tale. Both I can grab from the shop across the street. Though Redstone is only a few miles from my house(live near Boulder, CO)
  7. The Hormel Chili is also gluten-free, there is one version that isn't, I think its the Turkey Chili. Hormel really has a nice set of things that are gluten free.
  8. I really like companies that will say what their natural flavorings are, and not "That is a secret, we can't tell you"
  9. Cool. Never thought of looking at Big Lots for gluten-free food... I've have to stop by the one near my house and see what they have. They are always interesting to wander through and look at the things they have on hand.
  10. I head back to Maple Grove each christmas, One place my family eats is Timber Lodge Steakhouse(they have a gluten free menu), which is in the same area as the PF Changes. http://www.timberlodgesteakhouse.com/ My dad and I are both celiac, he eats there and never has gotten sick. I looked the gluten-free menu and doubt'ed a number of the things. But other things seemed fine. I didn't get sick. Not very far from Maple Grove, boarder subburb, has a "Fresh and Natural Foods" Location: Four Seasons Mall 4243 Lancaster Lane Plymouth, MN 55441 763/559-07541 I've picked up some good stuff there.
  11. That sounds good. Love oven chicken recipes too, I'll try that later this year, I try to avoid using my oven as much as possible in the summer.
  12. I think using the google search is way way simpler and easier to use. Note there are tricks that you can use with most all good search engines. Examples: Searching for : "cookie dough" note the quotes, will find only pages that have those two words in a row. Searching for : +windows -microsoft Means the page MUST include windows, but exclude any page that has microsoft in its name. (note the + and -) You can combine them all like: +"gluten free" +chocolate -white That would give you all pages that had the two words gluten free in a row, the word chocolate, but not pages that talked about white(presumably chocolate) Just knowing the quote trick and the + and - trick really help in searching. They've really been around since the first big search engines, AltaVista and WebCrawler, of course the two that everybody uses... oh wait.. where are they. Who is this google and yahoo? :> I'm showing my age(not old, not young, but I do remember seeing one of the first times I saw a graphic image on a webpage! It was one of the first pages, unfortunatly, my www browser did not support displaying graphic images, but you could download them. Just think, that was in 1995... 12 years ago... I was on the bleeding edge so to say. What I thank this site for, is I never new the : trick, to restrict to a specific site. You can do the same "example" search this site shows to restrict to any site you like.
  13. I make a lot of chicken. Cut breasts generally, but have done whole. I cook it in a nice big heavy 12 inch skillet. I've never used much of a recipe to make things, I just make it on the fly, but here's what I'd try. 1. First. chicken prep. I like to cut as much skin/fat off the chicken as I can. I leave some parts on to at least keep the chicken peices "stable" 2. Brine. Put some salt and sugar in enough water to fit all the chicken in. Let it soak for about 2 hours. 3. Right after you start the brine, chop up a few cloves of garlic. (for a full chicken I'd use 4 or 5 cloves from a garlic, depending on how much you like garlic.(I use a single clove from a garlic for two large breasts). 4. Now add to garlic enough olive oil that will put a 1-2mm layer in your frying pan, but don't put it in the pan, put it in a small glass bowl. If your not sure, a bit of extra olive oil can't do much harm. Leave them sit until need(note, don't prep this days before, garlic and olive oil blends can get toxic over time if not prepped correctly, its fine for a few days, but there is some reaction when they sit for weeks, I don't know what, I just remember reading this once) 5. After the brine is done, I drain the chicken, pat it dry with paper towels(making sure to not leave paper to stick to it). 6. I then use some random season'ing I make up. Let say this time I would try 50% Mr Dash, 30% Black Pepper, 10% Cayanne Pepper. 10% Onion Powder(not salt) 7. Use whatever spice you made to rub into the chicken(after you dried it) Let it sit for another 20 minutes. 8. Put the oil in the pan, make sure it covers the pan nicely, add the chicken evenly. 9. Heat it up, temp really depends on the frying pan/range top. You don't want it too hot. I do about 40-45% the high setting at first, then after its really going drop down to about 20% for the rest. Note, that if you can cover your frying pan do so for the first half at least. I don't have a nice lid for my frying pan, but I just use another 10'' skillet that fits nicely upside down on my 12''. My 10'' is just a cheapo 10 dollar skillet I bought for a lid. My 12'' is a pretty decent pan but the concept is the same. The steam heat from the chicken cooking really helps keep them juicy and helps cooking speed. Be sure to always keep the heat down though. It should be a nice low sizzle. If you here the oil making a "poping" noise your going to have a tough outside. Sorry that I don't have any measurements, or exact amounts, or anything like that. I just generally cook on the fly, mix in what I feel like at the time.
  14. Many of the Nature Made vitamins are gluten free. They even label them Gluten Free on the label. They do list their Advanced E as gluten free http://www.naturemade.com/productdatabase/...p?productid=165 See the following statement.. http://www.naturemade.com/faq/faq.asp?s=108#495
  15. I have a T-Fal Avante Deep Fryer, it closes up and has an air filter on the top, so the house doesn't get smelly or anything. Deep fryer pan removes easily so you can stick it in the dishwasher or just be able to clean it better. Has a nice wire basket with good handle to lift out. Really love it, they are around 70 dollars though
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