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  1. Wow, thanks for the quick responses! @kareng-brilliant. I may have to stop by Target, then. I was looking on the boxes to see if any of them said it, but I had my shades on (they were NOT coming off) and was a bit cross-eyed, so I couldn't read well. @bartfull-I almost picked some up. I didn't see it on the gluten-free list, though, and I've previously been able to link severe headaches with gluten, so I didn't want to take a chance. It seemed to make sense when I was standing there that powdered medicine would be more likely to have gluten in it. @Adalaide-good plan. I don't typically keep acetaminophen in the house because it doesn't usually work for me, but I may just start keeping it around. Thanks, everyone!
  2. Excedrine Migraine has been my go-to medicine for really bad headaches. It's the only thing that will really knock them out, and I know it's gluten free. However, thanks to this fabulous recall of Excedrine products, I can't find it anywhere. I was in pretty desperate need of it this morning so I went to the drug store. I checked, but I didn't see any other migraine relievers on the list. Does anyone know for sure if there is another brand of migraine relief that's gluten-free? Thanks!
  3. Same for me. I was only out for a second. I'll never forget the pain, though. If I felt it again, it would most certainly be cause for concern. When it's a new symptom, I'd imagine that would be even more so.
  4. I'm a little late jumping on this bandwagon, but I use PRIIA and Origins. PRIIA has to be ordered online, and not everything at Origins is gluten-free, but the saleslady was really helpful. (They're at Macy's.) I also have one of Red Apple Lipstick's products and love it. For nail polish, all I have tried so far is Zoya. They don't have a large color range in my local Whole Foods, so I may need to order that online, as well. Quick question: I'm thinking about starting a blog about living/going gluten free. It would be basically a compilation of all of my research into gluten-free foods, products, restaurants, etc. Would this interest anyone, and/or be helpful? Thanks!
  5. I found some more gluten-free ones! Scotch Naturals, Sparituals, Zoya, Gabriel Cosmetics, Keeki, Acquarella, and some OPI are also gluten-free. On a related note, would anyone be interested in a blog about gluten-free living? I'm thinking of starting one where I post recipes, review products I've tried, and otherwise try to streamline the crazy search for everything gluten-free.
  6. I can't comment on all of their products; I only have one, which I won in a contest. It's the summer Boys 'n' Berries color. It's smooth and easy to apply, has a very light scent/taste to it, and it looks like a gloss when it's on. It wears sort of like a cross between a lip stick and a gloss. The color is sparkly, but nothing too outlandish, and not too bright. It's a perfect replacement for my favorite non-gluten-free lipstick. Personally, I can't wait to try more of their products!
  7. What you're describing is actually how I found out that I had Celiac. I knew I never really felt all that well, and had some stomach issues, but aside from acid reflux, they couldn't find anything wrong with me until I passed out in the middle of a crowded shop. The ringing in the ears is, I think, a pain response. I didn't get the sweating and shaking until after I came to, but that's definitely vasovagal pain response to a T. Not to say you shouldn't go see a doctor (you definitely should, in case it's something bad), but it could also be that you're reacting to gluten.
  8. Does anyone know about which nail polishes are gluten free? I spoke with a rep from the parent company for SpaRituals, who assured me all their products are gluten free. Gabriel's and Zora's nail polishes are also said to be gluten-free. I never heard back from the other companies to which I set inquiries, except Sally Hansen. They sent me a cya answer along with a list of ingredients that have gluten, though they didn't tell me which products contained those ingredients. So. Anyone else know? Thanks!
  9. It surprises me that you haven't seen barley malt in BBQ sauce. I don't check sauces themselves (I only use Sticky Fingers, which I had used from before being diagnosed, and is gluten-free), but on a small snack pack of Lays Barbecue chips, malted barley was listed as an ingredient.
  10. This looks like a very helpful site. Thanks for the link!