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over 50, undiagnosed  over 40 years, made progress healing but still have issues 


  1. went to dentist for cleaning and check ups every 6 months for over 30 yrs. One crown. Lots of fillings . The problem that I am having is gum recession. I dont have periodontal disease or gigivitis. I attribute the recession to celiac. I also have some transparency . I am in my 50's so enamal thinning...
  2. Yes , In my pre and early (self ) dianosis stages I would get severe joint pain randomly without cause. I remember deep hip pain so bad I could hardly walk. The pain felt like it was broad across the whole area , ache like, a good 8,9 on a scale of 1 to 10. I dont get the joint pain as bad as I used...
  3. Yes ! before self diagnosis I had full on magnesium defieceny symptoms. Palpitations, insomia, Increased heart rate, I couldnt eat. Found out about deficiency online. Took some magnesium and my heartrate went from 114 to 70 within a half an hour. Of course something like this is serious and...
  4. I'm 50 + been gluten free 5 years. I havent figured out when my celiac started. I am sure it was in my twenties or earlier. All throughout life I have had bouts of depression. before 40 ish it would be about 3 days for about 4 times a year. Now it is mostly constant. I have even started taking a...
  5. Yes insanity ! Thats the life with this celiac. And dont eat vegetarian fake meat. They use gluten as a main ingredient. Who knew ? Speaking of brain fog, yep , still got it after 5 years gluten free.
  6. I'm 40+ yrs undiagnosed and have experienced hearing problems along with bad brain fog. I'm strict gluten free about 2 yrs and have slowly been getting better. No hearing problems now.