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  1. I wrote this down a while ago - celiac deficiencies : Vitamin D, B 12, B9, A, E, K , Iron , zinc, and magnesium.

    While healing I made sure to get these but now I just take a multi about every other day . Occaisionally take magnesium. I eat about 80% vegetarian. Lots of raw for max enzymes and vitamin/mineral content.

    When needed I take valerian and chamomile tea for anxiety. I take melatonin when needed for insomnia.

  2. Ravenwoodglass , you , and I have a lot in common. Im in my 50s too. Job security is an issue at our age. I had to quit my good paying job (nurse) in 2010 due to brain fog , fatigue, etc. two years ago I worked as a housekeeper 2 days a week . It was all I could handle. I did that for a year. Not working now due to selling house and moving plans.

    The bright side is we are getting closer to 62 and could retire on soc sec. I have a very small 401 k type account. But I still want to work part time.

    Anyway, stop getting glutened. You deserve to feel good.

  3. Sounds like what I went through. To me nutrition was extremely important because of the malnutrition due to undiagnosed celiac. I used vitamins , lots of salads, fruit. It took years to get my strength back. I too had years of fatigue .

    Towards the end of that fatigue I started to take Lexapro, an antidepressant. Depression will give you fatigue. I take the lowest dose possible . Its a 10 mg tablet. I cut that into quarters and take it only when I feel that sinking feeling. And then only every other day. 

    Why do I take such a low dose ? Because it works for me. I am extremely sensitive to medication. You know if your sensitive if you can take a half an aspirin and it will relieve your headache or minor aches and pains. And all meds have side effects. Us celiacs don't need any more effects.

    I hope you get some healing before hitting the crisis point.

  4. One good thing you got going is that you are 18 and know you need to avoid gluten. The bad - you have violent reactions. Can you tell us what you had for dinner that you talk about ?

    I am 53 and went undiagnosed for 40+ years . I did not have violent reactions but had dermatitis herpatiformis and other symptoms that were just annoying and not a cause for hospitalization. Such as, blurry vision, poor hearing, fatigue, achy joints, weight gain, brain fog, etc.

    Strict gluten free since 2010 and Im getting better. Feeling so much better that I am getting a little careless. I had a large starbucks java chip frappacino last night and now I learn it has gluten in it. I had some nausea, diahrea, a little fatigued, a little unfocused. I came here to find out what others do when they get glutened.

  5. UPDATE - I am down 20 lbs since posting this thread. So that makes 50 lbs total. I don't remember the exact date when I was at my heaviest , most likely pre 2010. The weight loss is very slow but steady and I am no longer starving. I feel so much better that I have reduced my supplements ( vitamins). I don't feel 100% yet but I no longer feel desperate. A lot less brain fog, fatigue, achy joints.

    Thank you celiac.com for this forum. It has helped and encouraged me in healing. It is a record of progress.

    Good luck to the newly diagnosed. The healing can take  a very long time.


  6. This is a very important post. I'm undiagnosed 40+ yrs and I'm 2 yrs strict gluten free and am still not feeling "normal" although improved alot. Had a lot of depression and still some fatigue. My most scariest problem is brain fog ( I believe brain damage ) . Yes some of it could be age , I am 50. Memory, difficulty learning new things, A couple of driving mistakes ( this hasnt happened in a while , thank god) and low confidence.

  7. Had undiagnosed celiac and DH for 40+ years . 5'8" 205 lbs female . I just want to lose 10 lbs. Nothing works, I eat 1500 cal/day of nutritious gluten free food and variety .I'm always hungry 2hrs after eating.

    Past- Atkins for 4 months lost only 4 lbs while the rest of the family lost a lb a day. Weight watchers for 5 months lost only 5 lbs while everyone else loses 2-3 lbs a week. Past- power walked for 1 and a half hours a day for 6 days a week for years just to maintain and this stopped working.

    I'm approaching 50 and my joints are worn down and my feet are killing me . I can only walk for a half hour before I have to rest my feet.

    I have no insurance and am unemployed due to brain fog. Was a nurse but cant take the responsibility .

    Anyone have similar situation. Ideas. DESPERATE.