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    Hiking, Camping, Woodworking, Contemplating BioDiesel, Eating Chocolate Chip Cookies, Raising my kids (trying not to screw them up!), Power Tools - it doesn't matter what it does, as long as it is noisy and has the potential to make dust!
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  1. ... You can pick up gluten-free Brownies and Chocolate Chip cookies at the Main Street Bakery.


    It really is the Magic Kingdom!

    Does anybody know if Frontier Fries (in Frontierland) or Petrifries (in Disneys Animal Kingdom) are still around? They were the quick service shacks that served ONLY McD's fries and soft drinks - no McMystery Meat Nuggets to foul up the oil...Sadly I fear they are no more...can anyone confirm this? :huh:

  2. Hi all. My family and I are heading for WDW on Sunday. Since WDW is where dreams come true I am getting in the spirit and dreamin gof a burger on a gluten-free bun and some seriously deep-fried french fries. For those of you have been to WDW, where did you have success in locating this most decadent of entrees? I have heard tales of places that only sell uncontaminated McD's fries (gulp)...but I have also heard tales that this ended w/ the WDW McD's break up...:(

    Anybody else have any favorite suggestions for "quick service" meals in any of the 4 parks?



  3. Ugh--I remember that well :( Tis truly heinous. Maybe a wee bit of chocolate?


    Great to see you! :) I'm so sorry about your sister--I have a very similar thing going on in my family. I wrote about it here a while ago (so hard to go back and find anything in this thread), but the gist of it is that my sister has been in and out of the hospital for depression 3 times this past year. It seemed to become debilitating (she lost weight, stopped eating, and was found to be anemic) as she had to deal with her husband being diagnosed with a serious illness.

    I have gotten nowhere in trying to have her get tested for Celiac--even though I carry the DQ2 gene and since I'm diagnosed, she has a much higher chance of having it.

    I did some research into the links between Celiac and depression and found that there most certainly is a connection. I think it's definately worth a try for your sister--I know Susie will have a lot to weigh in on with this subject. Please, urge her to get tested.

    An aside--my sister was put on antidepressants as well, but they don't seem to be helping as much as expected. (She also sees a therapist). My take on it is that she may not be absorbing the meds, and that's why she hasn't seen much improvement in over a year.

    In my brief search this morning I came across quite a bit of research pointing towards the celiac disease/depression connection. I agree that she should be tested, but she is currently unemployed and without insurance...(did I mention she is depressed?) She only went to the Dr. because my mother (a nurse) got the doc to see her for free. He put her on Prozac, which worries me...isn't there a connection between prozac and suicidal tendencies? :huh: That's just what I would look for in an anti-depressant...

    She is in such a fragile state of mind that I don't want to overwhelm her with the possibility that she may need to go gluten-free to get better...going gluten-free may be just one step along a very long path to getting well. There are other issues, that i won't get into here, that are compounding her gloom.

    I appreciate all of the well wishes and support from everybody. Hopefully the meds will help her get back on her feet and allow her to start getting well.


  4. I've missed you all as well. My how time flies...I can't begin to catch up on the silli-bidness that I've missed, but I'm glad to see you've kept the lights on.

    I actually logged on today for "official business" :o

    To make a long story short, the last two minths (and counting) have been an absolute roller coaster for me and my family...My younger sister has slipped into a deep depression and we are all very worried for her. She finally agreed to go see a Dr. and he promptly put her on anti-depressants. Hopefully this will help. I had an epiphany last night, which leads me to my "official business" here today... I was laying in bed think about the situation and the light bulb went on that perhaps she is suffering from Celiac's...My older sister was Dx'd before I was, my mom is asymptomatic but carries the gene (not THE "Gene" Bev) :P ...so it kind of makes sense that she may suffer as well... I'm not off base here, right?I was trying to see if there is research that showed celiac disease manifesting with depression as a symptom. She has none of the GI symptoms...

    I just want to help her get better...it's frightening -the change in her demeanor and her withdrawl from the world at large.

    Sorry to cast a cloud over the siliness. Off to take care of business.

  5. Oh, man....I just got done skimming through 12 pages of lunacy. I'm kicking myself for not sticking around...and missing the "Toaster Poster" :huh:

    Alas there is work to be done. <_<

    I managed to find the recipe for the Quinoa Stuffing. The flow charts and Power Point presentations were lost in the flood, so if you are a "visual learner" you're on your own. :P

    I originally sent this to Susan (hence the references to dingos and wine in hand...feel free to substitiute a mammal and spirit of your choosing) :P ...she thought it a bit complicated (shrugs)

    Quinoa Stuffing with Smoked Surry Sausage

    Step 1: Get from store, or have on hand

  6. How do you stuff a quinoa????? :huh:

    Do you REALLY want to know? I tried explainingit to SusieQ (Q does not stand for Queen of all things Quinoa), and if my memory serves me, the various flow charts and power point presentations outlining the 145 simple steps (several of which involve consuming alcohol) resulted in befuddlement and poo-pooing (not to be confused with poo-ooping :o ) So I ask you again, do you REALLY WANT TO KNOW?? :huh::o

  7. I saw it too!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought I had entered a parallel celiac.com universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott DOES need to warn our enfeebled glutenbrains of such a thing!!!!!!!!!

    That freaked me out too! I was catching up...somwhere around p. 438 evrything went Celiac Green for a brief monent. I thought perhaps I had won something. :huh:


    Sorry for the absence...I was off campaigning with Chuck. You would all do well to make a contribution to Mr. Huckabee's election fund....or else :o

    It is TIME for you to post your HEINOUS day-long horribly difficult quinoa stuffing recipe. You know, the one where you have to walk the dingos and drink wine in between each step??????????? the one that made MY head explode!!!???????? :lol:

    Not gonna do it. It's green bean casserole for you this year! :o:P

    Just cut to the chase, drink the wine and walk the dingos.

    Oh biother, now that I'm caught up I must go and do some work. HARUMPF! :angry:

  8. We will be there Friday night, so if you know any gluten free places, let me know, maybe we can all have dinner. It will be fun :)...BTW how is the weather?

    Oh buggers, I am going "over the river and thru the woods to grandma's house" (her 90th b-day on Friday :(

    There are no gluten free places in Cooperstown, but I've eaten successfully the the "Hoffman Lane Bistro" (see link above). It's a neat place, w/live entertainment most weekends. There is a health food store in town (Cooperstown Natural Foods) if you need snacks. The lady that runs it is VERY nice. Her son is autistic, and on gluten-free diet, so she is very knowledgable and well stocked.

    The weather? :huh: I had about 1/2" of snow on my deck this morning :o Cold. this week looks like lows in 20's highs in 40's.

    If you are going to be in Rochester for a meal you must check out the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que. I haven't been there since going gluten-free so I can't vouch for that aspect - but OMG they have the BEST RIBS :rolleyes: and a funky honky-tonk atmosphere :o There is almost always a wait to get in - it's THAT GOOD. :)

    Enjoy your stay :)

  9. Well at the current moment the newlyweds are working, we just got to the hospital, I came up to my office and he went down on the dock. Tonight, we leave for our honeymoon. We will stay with my family tonight and leave for New York tomorrow.

    We are staying on the Lake, in Canadaigua and then spending the Friday in Rochester. We will return to PA on Saturday evening.

    We have a few things on the menu, Cooperstown, and the dinner at the Tastings Restaurant. I want to go to the Seneca Zoo. So it will be a very fun time. We have never been to the Finger Lakes so this is all new to us.

    It was snowing up there yesterday. So hopefull the weather will remain nice.

    OMG-OMG-OMG! :o

    You're going to be in my backyard! :)

    The Finger Lakes are awesome - many great NY wineries (and Wegmans EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK! :rolleyes: ) and other great attractions (the Wizard of Clay - just outside Canandaigua - wifey's favorite spot). You're not truly coming to Cooperstown, the same Cooperstown that's 1/2 hr from my abode? :o This is the best time to vist C-town - no tourists (well, 'cepting you and yours) lots of parking...Must check out The Farmer's Museum, Fenimore House, Baseball HOF (Barry Bonds' *Ball not there yet :angry: ), I've had good luck eating at "The Bistro". PM me if I can help with info on either end of your trip. I've lived in both places. Oh, how exciting to have the newly weds in my backyard!

  10. and that Patti, I tell ya, she is just such a squirrelly, irresponsible sort, isn't she? I don't even think she's unpacking......most likely has even MORE of a candy hangover than Janet, and Sarah's chocolate-vomiting kids.....in fact THIS VERY MOMENT I am sure Patti is strung out in a candy coma, wrappers everywhere, in a TORPOR from too much sugar and junk.

    Who thinks she shows up tomorrow looking like Chuck and reeking of Butterfingers and sodden Yeti? :o

    I did not see the zombie man today. I feel SO EMPTY.

    You feel empty?! What of us that are living this excitement vicariously :(

    (did you check the dumpsters? :unsure: )

    and Bev. sheeet yes, we SHOULD be scared!! That is CHAD not Richard...we are SO ONTO HIM!!! and BTW Lauren did say, if I remember correctly, taht CHAD was a very bad kisser......perhaps "Richard's" reason for entering the programME?

    I can't vouch for my kissing abilities, but if Lauren said "Chad" was lacking I don't suppose he feels badly about those pictures circulating on the WWW... :ph34r:

    Maybe, just maybe if Lauren hadn't stolen Chad's kidney (just one of her victims) Chad wouldn't have had to uproot his whole life and hire a cheap plastic surgeon to make him look like Joey Fatone!

  11. Other embarrassing songs on the Ipod:

    "Hot in Herre" by - Nelly? (why IS it spelled/pronounced like that? is it his metal teef?)

    "wannabe" - Spice Girls

    "I want it That Way" - Backstreet Boys (reminds me of my niece, summer when she was 16 and lived with me)

    "Rapper's Delight" - The Sugarhill Gang

    "Hollaback Girl"

    "gettin jiggy with it"

    "Bust a Move" - who knows

    I don't think it was the popcorn... :ph34r:

  12. OMG - I just realized who Richard looks like (and I don't mean the chicken (?) photo........

    it's my friend Lauren's ex-boyfriend Chad in Monterey!!!!!!!!! :o

    Which begs the next question............

    OMG - Richard/Chad - are you not ALSO in the witness protection program, hiding out in some small town in NY? And if that be the case - do you THINK you should be posting PHOTOS of yourself for all the world to see?! :blink:

    I just knew you'd figure it out sooner or later :unsure:

    I guess another move is in my near future. Off to roam with the yeti...

    'tis almost time for the Zombie's walk around the 'hood - - significantly cooler today, I will know he is certifiably mad if he's still shirtless...............


    my FAVORITE part of the day!

    Do you have any brains in the fridge? Zombies LOVE brains :o Hot dogs will do if you don't have any brains on hand.

    I think it may be time for you to strike up a conversation with Mr. Shufflufigus. Who knows, perhaps he's some wealthy old man in the early stages of dementia...it's never too late to meet Mr. Right... :huh: