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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Does Your Dh Do This?

    Okay so maybe it could be acne amongst my dh. The only thing is they appear when I get glutened along with the my face and elbows and itch like crazy
  2. Okay so my dh is really bad on my chest. Finally my face and elbow have cleared up But I was wondering if this is normal. When my dh flares up they get white pus and clear fluid. When they dry which takes forever btw! They leave a really dark circle but Incan squeeze them and it's almost like a clear blackhead comes out? I know this is disgusting but I just gotta know
  3. So today all I had to eat was a yogurt, some glutennfree chips, and two pieces of asparagus. My work uses smart balance on their veggies and I had two asparagus. I always eat the yogurt and chips without a problem. Half an hour after eating the veggies I broke out in a rash on my arm and got a severe stomach ache. Could it be the butter?
  4. Hi, I'm 25 and and am finally gluten free all the way. My last cycle was a week delayed and lasted like 14 days which never happens. I am usually always on the same day every month so I don't know if it's because of celiac or what. Maybe a celiac pro could answer this?
  5. Gluten,candy,cigarettes!

    you guys are all so amazing! I don't know what I would do without having this place to vent. Today so far is going much better! The itchies have settled down and I'm watching a movie with my little one. Thanks for the hugs here's a hug back to all of you!
  6. Info: 1. My family is a mix of me, my son, my boyfriend, his daughter, Jared the cat, and really happy fish the fish.....names kids come up for animals All gluten eaters thus far. 2. I work 40 hrs a week as a cook at the hospital 3. It's 3 o clock in the morning 4. I got glutened yesterday from a dang Reese's! So I work a lot at very strenuous job and get to watch people eating all kinds of food I can't eat everyday. I'm over that pretty much. After having a very stressful week with the kids yesterday was my day off and I only had one kid with me so I thought hey I'll have a Reese's and relax today. Heck no! Got glutened and was sick all day! Now I'm up at three o clock in the morning with my dh itching like crazy and can't sleep!!! Outside smoking a cigarette as I write this and thinking about my mom always telling me how bad they are for me.....I know they're bad the whole world knows they're bad! But right now I feel like I can't quit cause I've given up everything for my children and now delicious foods! Sometimes I feel like I want to throw y body I the trash! This disease is so dang hard sometimes!!!! As I'm reading this I feel sort of ashamed.. Don't get me wrong I LOVE LOVE being a mom and love my family very much just need to get it out to people who understand so well Hopefully u don't all think I'm a terrible person
  7. I've only been completely gluten free for a few months now so maybe it was too much for y stomach to handle. Although I do fine with ice cream and stuff but maybe because buyers only has normal ingredients. I'm gonna have to be careful
  8. Today I had a Reese's and I had heard they were gluten free. About an hour after I had extreme d and got really tired. Now I've had a belly ache all day Has anyone else had this from Reese's?
  9. Thanks for the replies! You're definitely right on the tapering off. I'll talk to my dr. I hope it goes away with new diet!
  10. I have been taking an anti anxiety pill for about a year and a half. It is citalopram. I've heard that celiacs causes anxiety. I was wondering if I should talk to my doctor about stopping it but since my bloodwork ca,e back neg. and I'm self diagnosed I didn't know if he'll believe I should come off it
  11. Hi! Oh no! That's terrible that it messes u up. Maybe it's the brand u dink. Is it the kind that comes in gass bottle with all the bright colored lablels? I forget the name! Sorry. Maybe u could try that kind and they have different flavors. Cranberry is my favorite. I guess u could try making ur own. I've never done it. Kind of scared of a bad science experment. Haha
  12. Hi all! So I'm from California and organic foods and such are very abundant here. I was wondering if anyone drinks kombucha for the probiotics? I know for many it is an acquired taste but I really enjoy it. Could it help my stomach to heal? Just curious thanks
  13. haha yes that definitely sounds like my dad
  14. Okay so I'm pretty sure he won't ever get tested. But..could it be possible that he does have a fungus because celiac can also have Candida's? Just trying to get all my options even though there is really only the truth
  15. Thank You !

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your posts and advice This site is such a blessing and I think I would be constantly glutened and lost without it! You are all so knowledgeable about our disease and it really helps out a lot! There are days where I just have to lay on the floor in self pity and my boyfriend although supportive just has to laugh. Thank you for all of your support!!!