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  1. I hardly think that getting drunk can be equated to accidental glutening. No one chooses to be glutened. A lot of this has to do with lifestyle, and again no one can judge someone else from the point of view of their own lifestyle. People who live in the country miles away from the nearest town are less likely to be run over by a bus than someone living in the city. It's the same with celiac disease. Some people can stay home, cook each meal from scratch, and be 100% in charge of their lives. Other people have spouses and kids who aren't as careful with gluten around the house and jobs that require frequent lunch meetings. Every person has challenges, but each person has different challenges. It isn't about making excuses, not being responsible, lacking intelligence, or being a wuss.
  2. I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in a few weeks. She doesn't know much about celiac, so every time I see her I bring a few little factoids that I've picked up (mainly from this site) and some articles from Medline. At first I thought she would be offended by this, but she actually appreciates it. The fact that she's willing to learn and listen to me makes her a better doc than any of the previous ones. Before cutting out gluten I had intense sinus pain and TMJ. She sent me for CAT scans, which can back negative. I also had my wisdom teeth removed in case that would help, and it didn't. She's a bit dubious about the sinus pain/TMJ link to celiac, but aside from explaining to her that other people have the same symptoms, I'm not sure exactly why. Does anyone know the technical reason why celiac causes these kinds of facial pain? Thanks!
  3. Tahini sauce and tzatziki sauce are great on sandwiches, and I second using hummus. Lots of these sauces can also add protein, which a lot of us celiacs are deficient in.
  4. Love it! I have a follow up with my doc in a few weeks. I'm almost at the one-year mark and am interested to see what she says. She said she noticed a difference at my last appointment a few months ago, but I feel even better now. I had no idea I could ever feel this good again.
  5. kittty

    New Here

    Missy - have you already eliminated gluten from your diet? It's possible that you could have false-negatives on your tests if you aren't eating gluten, and the doctor may advise you to start eating gluten again before having any tests done. But wait and talk to the doctor first - my doc advised me not to go back on gluten because it made me so sick, and looked at other evidence to diagnose celiac. Since potato made you react, have you looked into the possibility of a reaction to nightshades? Nightshade sensitivity has a lot of the same symptoms of celiac, and the two can exist together.
  6. Bartful - I'm sure there is some good advice in Gemini's posts, but I'm having a hard time seeing beyond the "suck it up" and "stop whining" comments. Comments like that are not necessary - ever - and they set the stage for everything else she says. In an in-person celiac support group she probably would have been asked to leave after saying those unkind things. From Gemini's posts it seems that every celiac who eats out is making a bad decision, unless they go to trusted restaurants. But when you get glutened at a trusted restaurant, was that really a bad decision? No one chooses to be glutened, and sometimes we have no control over it at all. Just yesterday my husband dipped some pita bread into a jar of hummus we were sharing instead of putting some on his plate first. Luckily I caught it and stopped eating the hummus, but it didn't register for him until after I said something. We can't control what the people around us do, and that isn't our bad decision making. It's just life.
  7. Gemini, you make assumptions about other people, and then follow them up with rude comments. How is it compassionate to call people "whiners"? How is that constructive or helping people in any way? For your information, the last two times I was glutened were at restaurants that advertise as being gluten-free and places where I had eaten safely many many times before. There is NO way to predict that this will happen. You apparently have a lifestyle that allows you to prepare food at home three meals a day every single day, but not all of us have that luxury. That's what I mean about lacking common sense - not everyone can live the same way. You CANNOT base every single person on this forum from your own perspective. People need help and guidance to adjust their life to this disease. The LAST thing anyone needs is to be shot down and called names when coming here for support.
  8. gluten-free diets can make you fat, even if you're counting calories? What kind of sense does that make? More propaganda please!
  9. It's not only a diet change, though. It's an entire lifestyle change, and that means practice, education, and making mistakes. Gemini is criticizing people for making mistakes, while admitting making them him(her?)self. It's hypocritical. Most of our doctors don't have a clue about celiac, and so people should not be slammed for asking basic questions. I always thought of this forum as a place of support and a place to share experiences - not a place where I'm told to suck it up and stop whining. Honestly, if Gemini has this lifestyle down, and doesn't need any help or support, and has no compassion for fellow celiacs, why is he/she even here?
  10. kittty

    I Dread Eating Out, Please Help

    Also, just because you had one good experience at a restaurant, doesn't mean every experience there will be the same. Never let your guard down, even in seemingly safe restaurants that you trust. I'd been going to this great pizza place.They have delicious and inexpensive gluten-free pizzas, and I never had a reaction...until last week. One more place to scratch off the list
  11. I've tried the Betty Crocker mixes, and wasn't impressed. I don't know about anyone else, but in my area they are more expensive than the all-natural gluten-free cake mixes I buy at health food stores. I can't understand why they're so costly.
  12. Safeway did do a recall of ground beef a few months back because of E. Coli found in their meat. A mild E. Coli infection can mimic a glutening.
  13. Gemini - I tried to write a long and detailed response to your post, but it's not worth it. I've come to the conclusion that you have zero compassion or common sense, and that probably won't change no matter what anyone says.
  14. kittty

    Oh The Things We Do When We Drink....

    Probably not, since being black-out drunk = losing all control. The best option is to avoid getting black-out drunk - which is a good option, celiac or not.
  15. Some Indian sauces have gluten in them, especially if the restaurant uses pre-packaged sauce. My workplace has an Indian restaurant, and they buy-in the sauces, but the company that makes the sauce labels the safe ones as gluten-free. It's about 50/50 for their sauces. (Thankfully the end-product is created in a clean environment, so I've never been glutened there.)