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  1. raea2002

    Question About 10 Month Old

    So I went on a gluten free diet with my son about 2 weeks ago. I also have a 10 month old whom Im nursing. I didn't...
  2. raea2002

    Sensory Processing Disorder And Gluten?

    Brileighlevi, My son's sensory issues aren't completely awful, but they are wearing me down. What made me really realize...
  3. raea2002

    Sensory Processing Disorder And Gluten?

    He had a blockage, and it took a long time but we finally got it cleared up. I can manage his constipation FINALLY with...
  4. question, I know that this has been posted a while back but I am wanting some updated information if any is available...
  5. Forgot to mention his ezcema has flaired up again and he goes through periods of these behaviors daily. He has good...
  6. My son has been severely constipated for about 6 months now. Nothing seems to be helping. We have done miralax, lactalose...
  7. My son's regular lab work all came back normal except for his esoniohils were elevated. Dr felt that it was due to his...
  8. when I first went gluten free I bought a book that is a shoppers guide for the store. It lists food that is safe, it...
  9. raea2002

    Could I Have Gluten Intolerance?

    Sounds to me like you already know the answer. lol. I am in sort of the same situation(well, not the pregnant part...
  10. raea2002

    Muffins Burning

    I bake all the time! ESPECIALLY MUFFINS! My muffings used to burn on the bottom but, if you have a dark pan you need...
  11. Oh yum! I got all the ingredients and made this today. You were right! I used sweet white rice instead of brown rice...
  12. Can u also grind up those tapioca pellet things too for flour?
  13. What is Almond Meal? Where can you find it?
  14. raea2002

    Fell Off, Now To Get Back On!

    Thanks everyone! Its been about 4 days now, I'm feeling LOTS better. My attitude has improved, and my head is much...
  15. I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance earlier this year and had been doing really well. Until the past month. I fell...