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  1. Hey everyone, after my last post my eyes have been bothering me so much that I don't come online very much. My original symptoms have changed. It first started off with dry eyes, especially after reading a book. Sometimes it cause a headache. My eyes would also turn read. Now, whenever my eyes look at the computer screen, I get a weird headache and it feels like its coming from behind my eyes and near my ears. After being on the computer too long, veins start popping out on my forehead. Looks kind of scary. My regular doctor sent me to the optometrist and they did an eye exam expecting me to need prescription glasses, but NOPE. My version tested perfect... I was having sensitivity to light until I upped my eye drop dosage...but still have a computer screen problem.... I'm just trying to figure out if this is part of my weak body recovering from gluten (3 months gluten free), if I have some other issue or disease, OR if this is something really simple, like bad lighting while on the computer.......I know that ever since being glutened, my back strains super carpel tunnel syndrome is more under control but still flairs up from time to time.. I am supplementing with a multivitamin , magnesium , probiotics and a few more things. I am thinking of contacting some kind of alternative care practitioner..anyone think its worth it? My new regular doc actually knows about gluten sensitivity and the wide range of symptoms..I had to go through like 7 doctors just to find one that didn't think I'm crazy. But even so, shes always pretty busy and doesn't seem to have the time to really sit down with me and figure things out.
  2. Thanks. That is encouraging. Helped brighten up my day actually.
  3. It's pretty depressing having to deal with all this at the age of 26. Not knowing exactly what is safe to eat and what foods can cause a reaction. Obviously I can never eat gluten, which is fine with me, its not knowing what other foods will cross react or do damage or not knowing what other AI disease will develop in the future that stresses me out. If I could add back eggs and whey protein shakes to my diet once again that would be nice!
  4. I was wondering this same about myself. Last time I consumed some casein, I got small red itchy bumps on my arm for about an hour and then they went away. Does this kind of reaction mean I should stay away from casein forever or is it such a minor reaction that I shouldn't worry about it? In other words, is it doing some kind of damage to my body?
  5. Thanks so much. You guys have helped calm me for now. I have lost hope in ever getting real help from the regular doctor, I basically just use them to request blood work and work leave orders now. When I first had digestive problems they recommended I eat more whole grains! I was naive at the time and trusted their advise.
  6. Thanks for the responses. I am hoping this is all some kind of deficiency that can be corrected. The facial numbness, although mild, has had me worried. I have not been testing for B12 deficiency. I am going to request that to my doctor as soon as possible. I was tested for Vitamin D and my number was 46....Just from reading, a lot of people recommend over 50 or 60ng/ml.. So I'm working on bringing that up a bit too.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm pretty nervous right now. Back in April I found out that gluten was behind most of my health problems ( Leaky gut/IBS, Joint pain, and even mild carpal Tunnel syndrome), and since then I eliminated gluten and dairy and have had great improvements in my digestion and have no more joint pain. Since the last time I ate a ton of gluten (when I found out the hard way) I have had back pain along my spine, and strained my upper back or shoulder muscle. With rest and a gluten free diet, the pain reduced my about 95 %...Almost 100% at one point but then recently came back after having to push and lift heavy at work. I also been struggling with eye discomfort since my last glutening. My eyes became red and hurt, giving me a headache. Since then, the eye discomfort has come and gone. Some days it bothers me and sometimes it doesn't. Recently, my neck pain came back and now I get mild numbness all over my face. Is it possible that I ate gluten for so long that it led me to have another autoimmune disorder? Or could it be that my recovery from gluten is going to take much long than a couple of months before my body goes back to normal? It seems doctors don't take me serious, they say I'm a fit young guy, but they don't understand the wide range of symptoms I feel everyday.
  8. Does anyone know if their are any kid of anti inflammatory drugs that are safe for someone who is gluten sensitive and has leaky gut issues? I have inflammation in my hands and a strained back, but I heard these drugs will undo my progress I have made in healing my gut after being glutened weeks ago.
  9. Since I discovered I have an issue with gluten, I'm doing my best to figure out what is else is safe for me to eat. I do not know if I was born with a gluten sensitivity or if it was "caused" by my awful diet. After reading about the leaky gut theory, it seems that it could be that my excessive amount of milk consumption and high sugar diet led to "leaky gut syndrome" which allowed undigested gluten to enter my bloodstream. I have no way of knowing if this theory is correct. It could be that I had gluten sensitivity my whole life and it didn't show symptoms till the age of 26. I doubt it since it was my extreme diet change towards too much milk and sugar that led to the symptoms, but its perfectly possible. Here's what I really hope to get opinions on. I have heard it said that people with autoimmune disorders should stay away from dairy. Is this right? Or is it usually just casein that is a problem? I'm dying to have my whey protein powder again, but haven't tried it out. I know regular milk causes itchy hives now and I became suddenly lactose intolerant probably due to the leaky gut. Now that I have gluten sensitivity, supposedly that puts me at risk for even worse autoimmune disorders? So now I have to worry about getting MS or Rhumatoid arthritis? Any expert opinions or people with experience with this?
  10. Hey thanks everyone for the responses. It really helped in keeping me calm in one of the worst times of my life. I struggled for months not knowing what was wrong with me. Because of the kind of work I do, I am trying to see a chiropractor just to make sure things are in order. I never thought gluten would cause such a wide range of symptoms, from my stomach, hands, shoulders and now my back!
  11. Yes, all of my supplements are gluten free. I barely cut eggs from my diet about a week into being gluten free after noticing I'd have lower back pain the next morning every time I ate some eggs.
  12. I bought his DVD and sort of feel ripped off. It had okay information but I was completely turned off by how many times he pushes for people to buy the products on his website.Although I think the supplements he recommends helped me...Long before I heard of him I had been taking omega 3 fish oil, L glutamine and probiotics. Not his brand obviously. I was seriously wondering about the labs he speaks up but if the people on this forum feel its a scam then Ill probably pass.
  13. Alright thank you for the all the responses. I been staying out of the fitness section because it depresses me to read about fitness and nutrition when I feel like I can't even move very well. haha. A masseuse would be nice right about now.
  14. I have the same problem. What about whey protein? Is it as common to have a reaction to whey as casein?
  15. Thanks. Six months is a long time. I have a job and only so much sick time left ! But I guess I have no choice but to deal with it. I have an appointment next week with the doctor. Right now I am supplementing with multivitamins and other supplements. I pretty much eat as healthy as I possibly can...Organic foods, totally gluten free.