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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. White Blood Cell Count

    Thank you so much. I have also been having a lot of MS type symptoms, so there probably is a deficiency issue going on.
  2. I have been very, very strict with my diet. But I went to the doctor last week for bloodwork and they called yesterday to tell me that my white blood cell count had dropped to 2.9 (4.5-11.0). Of course, I am freaking out and scared that I have something much worse. I never tested positive for celiac disease so I can't help but worry that the numerous doctors I've gone to missed something in the beginning and I have wasted 4 months that could have been used on trying to find the real issue because I felt somewhat better. How do I not worry?
  3. Does Anyone Ever Feel Really Good?

    I don't think so. I had joint pain, stomach cramping and aching yesterday, and a massive headache and nausea today. I am really starting to suspect a casein problem. Seems every time I eat yogurt, I get hives.
  4. Your symptoms are exactly like mine and I recently got the IBS diagnosis. I too tested negative for Celiac disease. I am afraid to try to add gluten back into my diet. How have you felt since adding it back?
  5. New Reactions, Afraid To Eat, Can Anyone Relate?

    Hi Sara, I'm Melanie. I don't know what to say that may be of comfort, but I definitely feel your pain. Over the weekend, I was out shopping and I got really hungry, so we stopped at the gas station. I bought Cape Cod chips. I unfortunately only had hand sanitizer and although I knew it would not work and that I needed to actually wash my hands, I ate the chips. The next day, I was so sick. Diarrhea, light colored stools, just general sickness. Luckily, I was scheduled off the next day, but I learned a valuable lesson. Always wash your hands prior to eating. I have been so good about that, but I was really, really hungry and we were nowhere near a restroom. I have been constipated for three days now. My stomach was massively bloated and I have been basically forcing food down my throat. I barely want to get out of bed, but I have to be at work. I have been gluten-free for a little over two months now, and I do feel like my energy is there, but then, as you said, you hit a roadblock and you feel like you have to start all over again. I am not diagnosed, unfortunately. The doctor officially claimed I have "IBS" today, so I will go ahead and take that as my Celiac diagnosis. I don't know whether we'll ever have "normal" days, but we'll have NEW normal days once things get back on track.
  6. I would definitely ask the doctor to test you. There needs to be more awareness about this disease in the African-American community. If you test positive, it may influence someone in your family dealing with the same issues to get tested.
  7. I was told by a gastroenterologist that Celiac disease is rarely seen in African-Americans, and I even tested negative in blood and biopsy, of course. I am severely lactose intolerant, had just about all the symptoms. Since you're African-American, you'll probably just get the IBS diagnosis. Most African-Americans are descend from Caucasian blood. I have three White great-great-great grandmothers, two on my dad's side, and one on my mother's side. It's sad that we live in a world where a diagnosis of a disease is based on your race. My mother has "IBS'. Last time I checked, IBS was not a genetic disease.
  8. Stool Color And Many More Questions

    Well this morning, it was a light brown almost tan color. After weeks of green stools, now this. I ate sunflower seeds, eggs and toast, kettle chips, and some brown rice pasta with mayo, tuna, carrots, relish, and onions yesterday. Perhaps too much fat?
  9. Exposure To Something

    Two weeks ago I took a prenatal vitamin with soy in it for three days and I felt awful. It's possible that it made you feel sick. I assume that soy is soy, no matter what form it comes in.
  10. Stool Color And Many More Questions

    I have been to about 3 doctors who claim nothing is wrong, even though cutting out gluten and soy helped. I have tried to get medical help.
  11. First question: While I am having normal stools, they continue to be a green color. I am taking iron supplements, magnesium, a multivitamin, and Vitamin D. I am hoping this is what is causing it. I assume that because my energy is going up. This time last year, I could barely stand up in the shower. Second question: If I am allergic to two types of tree nuts, would it be safe to say that they all bother me? I love cashews, but I think they are bothering me. I already suspected almonds. Since I am self-diagnosed, I continue to freak out thinking there is more wrong with me that the doctors are not seeing.
  12. I have a question for you guys. I have not ate red meat since 2009. I would like to add it in somehow to give me more dinner options, especially since it seems to be the goldmine when it comes to nutrients. Any suggestions as to how I should do that? I'd love a taco salad right now made out of something other than turkey meat. Thanks!
  13. Two Months In. I Feel Awful

    Thanks, Hornet! I feel better now, knowing that I'm not alone in this. Seems as though all the food I could tolerate before the big sickness hit, I can't tolerate now. My potato love affair is probably over for a while.
  14. Two months in and I have some kind of sinus infection. I started feeling bad about two weeks ago. I suspect I have a fructose intolerance. I was drinking a lot of strawberry mango smoothies for breakfast and I was experiencing diarrhea. TMI. That has stopped since I switched over to strictly blueberry avocado smoothies every couple of days. When I first went gluten-free, my night sweats stopped. They have since started again. Granted, it does get hot in my bedroom and we've been dealing with a heatwave here in Kansas City. What kind of problems did some of you experience in the first couple of months?
  15. My mother was diagnosed with "IBS" almost 10 years ago. As an African-American woman who is not in denial about the possibilities of having Celiac disease, it pains me that I can't get the people in my family with identical issues to get tested. One aunt has agreed to be tested when she goes to the doctor next week. When I talked to my cousin, who a couple of months ago had a tanked Vitamin D level of 6, and is having serious neuropathy issues, hyperthyroidism, and high blood pressure, asked me did I want them to be tested to make me feel better. I was like, no, to make YOU feel better. People are so set in their ways.