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  1. Am I Right To Feel Offended?

    Thank you for all the responses. It helps a lot to get other's perspectives. I guess it wasn't just that she wanted me to go to dinner and not eat that bothered me, but it is a combination of everything she's done since she got here. This happened on Sunday and was still bugging me, so I wanted to get some feedback. She ended up changing her plans anyway, and went to a local AA meeting before picking up chinese and bringing it back for everyone. Ended up working out great for me, but the guys had to eat really late. She planned this trip so all the family could meet the baby, but she has been very self-focused and has blown off the family to do whatever.She is actually jealous that her bro took her hubby fishing, which he does everytime they have come. The poor guy is here dealing with his in-law and wife's old friends, so it's nice to have someone do something for him. But she doesn't like him getting attention. She has to be the center of the universe. So, she was insulted that neither of us took time off work and we aren't feeding her all the attention she wants. We can't afford to take time off. We have given them free reign and opened our house to them, but she said we are making them feel unwelcomed. For instance, one of her beefs has to do with us making salsa when her friends were visiting. The only time we can make it is the weekend, and we always set up in the livingroom to do the chopping. We did wait to do the actual canning until the guests left. But apparently we were rude for cutting produce in the livingroom. Oh well. Anyway, back to the eating out. It is usually not much of an issue. The ACD diet is making it difficult. I have gone out and just hung out while others conversed over food. Those times have been strictly a way for us to see.each other in one place before going our seperate ways. My husband refuses to go eat somewhere I can't go unless it's just him, of course. Thanks again.
  2. So, my sis-in-law is in town with her family. They are staying with us for the week. She wanted to go to this chinese restaurant for dinner one night, and she knows I am on a horribly restrictive diet, especially the gluten-free part. So she asked me to still come with even though I wasn't eating there. I was expected to sit there for 1-2 hours while everyone ate in front of me and took their sweet time BSing. The place would be a cross contamination nightmare. And I would be miserable. I am fairly certain this specific place won't let you bring in your own meal. And, I am on the anti-candida diet which they would not be able to comply with. I don't. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive (I am almost always very laid back about the restrictions around my diet, but this bothers me). My husband thought she was being insensitive by wanting us to go someplace I cannot eat. She could go with anyone else and do one of the safe restaurants with us if she wanted us to eat out together. He told her 2 places I know I can get a decent meal, and that chinese was not an option for me. He is also bothered by this and thinks she was really insensitive. Am I right to be offended by her expecting me to sit at a restaurant and watch everyone else eat? My only option would have been to eat when I got back home, which could be hours later. Eating before wouldn't have worked because it takes a while for me to cook my food and eat, and they would have been impatient and b%$@#ing that I'm holding them up.
  3. Hi, D! After a fairly decent dental run, 30+ years with a couple cavities and an appliance as a kid and then a couple cavities during a six year dental hiatus, I suddenly appeared with 4 cavities which surprised my dentist and the assistants. They have come to know me for having excellent check-ups. These cavities were found around the same time I was officially diagnosed with crohn's. I told them of the diagnosis and they said that explained it and gave me a high fluoride toothpaste and encouraged me to be diligent with my oral care. They did not think the gluten intolerance was as big a factor as the crohn's. The problem of absorbing nutrients in the gut is a big factor in dental issues, be it crohn's or celiac related. Now that I am on a whole foods diet (gluten-free and acd) I am using my energy to digest the nutrients rather than a few nutrients with a bunch of processed junk, as I did when eating before this diet. I hope to not have to have any more dental work, but who knows. Maggie
  4. Twin Cities (Mn) Recommendations?

    Eclara, It is further north than what you were hoping for, but I see Dr. O'Reilly at MN Gastro in Maplewood. I have to admit that I was frustrated early on, but overall it has been a good experience. He was more than willing to work with me and had an open mind. He is the one who suggested we don't just focus on celiac, but look at other possibilities. I usually see others in his office who report to him, and most of them are pretty good. Only one of them did not impress me because she didn't explain things well and constantly had to go talk to the doctor before answering my questions. Best of luck to you, and I hope you are able to find a GI doc that fits your needs. Maggie
  5. Candida

    Hi, skittles. I am new to the anti-candida diet. I was just diagnosed with it last week and started the beginning of the diet a week ago. Looking at the symptoms for it, I think I have a lot of overlap between gluten intolerance and candiasis symptoms. I'm one of those people whose stomach would get bigger throughout the day as I ate or drank anything. I have constantly itchy skin and scalp. This diet is limiting and takes some getting use to. I've already lost 9 lbs on it. On one website I found a cleansing diet and tried to start that, but I was absolutely starving because plant protein is not enough for me. That diet said to start with the allowed veggies, some oils, and herbs and seasonings. There are different diets all over the web. I had to add in animal protein. Eggs have to be antibiotic free (I would think the same would be true for chicken, but I haven't switched to that, yet). Pork is not allowed. I think that is due to the amount of toxins from the pigs overeating, but don't quote me on that. There are a few nuts that are allowed. I can have unsweetened almond milk and herbal teas. The only veggies not allowed are those with a high glycemic index or startch. So, no corn, carrots, potatoes, or certain squash. Then, the hardest ones for me have been no fruit (avocados are ok, and small amounts of lemon and lime are allowed to add flavor), and sweeteners. Only stevia and xylitol are allowed. I am on an antifungal and take a high quality probiotic. I will soon be adding some essential oils to that regimen. My SIL works with them and is putting together some stuff that is specifically meant for getting rid of yeast and cleansing the liver, so it does not get overtaxed. I have been feeling some mild candida die-off symptoms, but nothing too bad. I also have a serious lack of energy and strength right now.
  6. Anaphlyaxis

    I had my first anaphylaxis episode a couple months ago. They can't say for sure what the cause was, but shellfish is the main suspect. My blood test the following day was negative, with a 90% accuracy rate. The allergist said to avoid it no matter what the results were. I was loaded with antihystamine and steroids from the night before. Once i'm off my prescription steroids i will ask for more testing. I had two milder reactions in the fall that were not correlated with food, so i really don't know what to think. I want to know, though. That was one of my go to restaurant options. Based on all the research i've done since then i would say that yours sounds excersize induced or environmental. True anaphylaxis is suppose to take place within 30 minutes of ingestion. But you never know. Push for testing as long as they will accomodate you. I think it's important to know. Make sure people around you know how to use the epipen and at what point to administer a second shot if necessary. Carry both at all times, and if you have the option get an ICE app on your phone for contact information and medical info. Let the same people know it's there. Best of luck to you, and i hope you have an answer soon.
  7. So glad to hear she's okay. How is she doing now? My cat is completely declawed and indoors 99% of the time, if not more. He used to try to escape but never got far. Vehicles are loud enough to send him running to the door begging to get back in the house. I would be a mess if I couldnt find him. Happy to hear the great news for your family.
  8. Update To My Story

    Biopsies from colon/endoscopy and pillcam results. None of my bloodwork is positive for typical crohn's, though. I have no inflammatory markers, and my sedimentation rate or whatever that was is normal. Biopsies and pillcam showed chronic inflammation that the physician could not visibly see through the camera. And images of the small intestine showed multiple apthous ulcers with the majority of them being in the ileum, one of my most painful areas. And all this time I thought that pain was appendectomy scar tissue. My other painful area is pretty much a line going across around the belly button. I have no bloodwork supporting anything. All tests run have come back normal- celiac (they never ran a full panel, too late now), crohn's, metabolic panel, and kidney. The only tests I have ever had out of normal range in my life have been thyroid related, with the exception of borderline low glucose (fasting and non-fasting).
  9. Update To My Story

    It's been a little while since I've posted here. I have been completely exhausted and still going through testing and stuff. Finally have a diagnosis. Sort of. He said this is what I have, but I think he may have just been looking for a quick answer. Crohn's is one of the big digestive problems they treat. For all I know it could be something similar. I just hope my future isn't as full of as many complications and surgeries as most crohn's patients. My husband and I are a little skeptical because I don't fit the description as well as we would expect, and we think the doc may have just looked for a common disease without being sure. That sure makes things easier for him. We are both afraid of what is to come if it is indeed crohn's. The folks over at the crohn's forum have been absolutely amazing! Just like here. Anyway, looking for a new GI doc because I don't feel I'm connecting with him. I asked for nutrient testing and he blew it off. I don't know. Maybe I'm expecting too much to think by now a physician would have wanted to see if I'm absorbing nutrients from my food. Thought that would be one of the first things checked when going through testing for a digestive problem. Also, I had previously posted about an unsupportive spouse. Things have improved alot! He is finally growing up and realizing he can't be like a grown kid anymore. I think his mom's visit a few months ago really helped, too. He now thinks about US instead of HIMSELF when he plans things and looks to the future. As for the gluten free stuff, he is much much better about it now. He still rolls his eyes when I talk about certain cross contamination issues, but understands it for the most part. Otherwise he asks me about what I can and can't eat. He still complains that it's hard to make things for me to eat because I'm so restricted, but then he tells his family that it's actually really easy. What a turd. I try to stick to a whole foods diet, with a lot of room for improvement. We can go out to eat, and he doesn't roll his eyes when I ask for a gluten-free menu. He also lets me pick the restaurant, so I know that I can safely eat. And, a big surprise- he leaves generous tips because of them making sure my food is safe. He has always been a poor tipper. There are still some areas in need of improvement, but it has come a long way. Maybe we will even get to the point soon where we can start a family. I have the itch, horribly. Have had it for a few years. I'm 33 and don't want to wait too long, but if things aren't right with us, then kids have to wait. Simple as that. Hope everyone had a great New Years! I surprisingly made it past midnight. Usually I am asleep by nine on the nights I don't work. Just a tired girl.
  10. http://www.planitproducts.co.uk/toastabags.html So, I found these in the health food section of my grocery store, conveniently placed near the gluten free foods. They are toastabags. I use to get a mild upset stomach when I used the toaster for my gluten-free bread. Now, I have no problems at all. As far as I can tell there is no cross contamination going on. These were advertised on the package as a way to make grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster. Since I only toast plain bread, I don't wash them much. They can be cleaned with soap and water or put in the dishwasher if you wish. They have other products, but I haven't checked them out yet.
  11. Constant "ribcage" Pain

    I second gfreejz. I had an injury a few years ago that caused excruciating pain. It took a month before my I went to the chiropractor and found out I popped my rib out of place. When it bothers me I can't take deep breaths either, and sneezing can get incredibly painful. Be prepared if you do go to the chiropractor, which I recommend. It can take multiple visits to get it back in place and staying there on its own. Each time I have to go it can take 8-12 visits. Mine has popped back out a few times. Sometimes I can feel it when it moves out again. Others, it moves out of place slowly unbeknownst to me until the pain starts. For me, sometimes the pain follows the rib all the way around. Other times it either is like a giant spear is goine through my back and out my chest, or it is only in the front or the back. Anything could be causing your pain. If you can tell that it is on only one side (left or right, but sometimes that can be indistinguishable) then I think a trip to the chiropractor is worth it. Especially since most doctors are so willing to throw medications at you instead of looking for the root cause. I hope you are able to fix it, whatever the cause may be.
  12. I have decided, after some great advice here, to do the elimination diet after the holidays. I will be starting at the end of January, so I have lots of time to learn before then. We are going on vacation for a week in January, and I figured it would be stressful and counteractive to be trying to do the diet at that time. My question for you: Can anyone recommend a good elimination diet book? I like to have sort of a guide to work from. The only book I have found is a 28-plan. That just seems too fast for me. I read somewhere to only add foods every three weeks to allow time for reactions. That makes sense since some of our reactions can take a while to appear. If I don't find a book I will have to just do some good old internet research to gather info. It is just preferable to have sort of a "bible" to go from.
  13. Input On Pathology Report

    Ahh.. good old brain farts. I love those. Mine tend to happen at the most inopportune time. I know exactly what I'm going to say, and the *poof* it's gone right when it should be coming out of my mouth. Meanwhile I feel like people are looking at me thinking I just shouldn't be talking. I do have pictures from my pillcam. I don't know how to post them, though. There doesn't seem to be a lot in the pictures until the ileum. Those two were harder to see because the camera caught up to the "sediment" which is hard to see through. The damage isn't horrible, so I caught it before it got real far. My results never showed anything on H. pylori which is surprising. I would have thought that they automatically tested for it in this situation. I will have to ask about that along with getting nutrient testing. I also have to convince the doc to check copper and ceruloplasmin, since I am feeling a bit concerned about my pancreas as of late. There is a mild pain and discomfort behind my stomach that radiates to my back. There was one night it was so bad that I almost went to the ER on my lunch break, but I figured I was overreacting to my back pain. I have herniated discs that cause a lot of problems, but this pain was just below that. Anyhow, it isn't bad. Just sort of there and noticeable. I'm keeping an eye on it for now. The doc should be happy with me when I go into my appointment with a list of tests I want done and questions I want answered. I don't care though. I have multiple issues at play- trying to get my thyroid hormones back on track, and figure out what foods I am having issues with. First thing after the holidays I will be starting an elimination diet. I need to know. As hard as that will be, it is worth it. It has been a miserable year healthwise for me. One thing after another. And if the thyroid and GI problems weren't enough, I found a breast lump that I now have to monitor for a couple more months. I'm sure it's nothing, except annoying. Just one more thing to throw into the mix. Aaarrgh! Thanks everyone for all the advise. I am taking notes and preparing for the next step.
  14. Thanksgiving Ideas...

    My local gluten free store had a free class last night on how to plan an allergy free thanksgiving. Lots of good tips and recipes. I think I might post them. The lady conducting the class is married to a "meat man", aka butcher. She surprised all of us by telling us that turkeys are not all gluten free. Many are injected with a gluten-containing solution. The gravy packet inside is pretty much always a gluten product, and there is a chance of the pouch ripping, getting a pinhole, or the outside of the pouch being cc'd during processing. Her family avoided turkeys for a couple years because of this. She also informed us that she knew people directly who were instructed to slap gluten free labels on turkeys so they would sell better, even though they were not gluten free. The lady who put on this class gave us this recipe. This is something I'm sure a lot of us miss. She said to make extra's because people will steal them while they are cooling, so if you want enough for your green beans, make a lot. French Fried Onion Ring recipe 2-3 large sweet onions (shallots would be a good choice too) Dairy free milk to soak onions in 1/4 tsp cayenne 2 tsp sea salt pepper 1 1/2 cups fluten free flour mix of choice (Hagmann's gluten-free blend is a lighter blend that is a good option) coconut oil or oil of choic for frying Heat oil in a large frying pan. Oil should be about 1 inch deep. Slice onions into super thin rings, and soak in dairy alternative of choice. Mix flour and spices in a ziploc bag. Dredge the onions in your flour mix. Place in oil. Do small batches. When they float towards the surface, flip over. Drain on paper towels when done. These can be made ahead and then recrisped in the oven if they are soggy. Another option would be to use Holgrain's onion ring batter mix.
  15. Input On Pathology Report

    Lisa and Nicole, Thanks for your suggestions. I have not had any nutrient testing, but I will be requesting these at my next appointment. I have been gluten free since early September, but I have had many mistakes along the way and quite a few cc's. So, I have had a few good strong weeks. I do feel a little better, not as many upset stomachs or severe cramps. I am not familiar with an ANA, and not sure if it would do any good since I already have an AI disease, Hashimoto's. I have had my thyroid out and am completely dependant on meds. My levels were just checked again, but I didn't have them in front of me when posting. They did go back down in the 2's. My endocrinologist used to impress me with his willingness to work based on my symptoms and numbers. Now he seems content with me in the 2's even though I don't feel well at that level. Like you said, Nicole, I felt my best when I was around 1. After adding cytomel, he seemed fine with a higher number. I just switched back to synthroid only, and I am absolutely sure my dose is too low right now. I forgot how miserable this feels, and there is nothing I can do about it except wait for my next test tomorrow and hope the results are enough for him to up my dose. bleh! Since I don't think I ever really gave my story, just some questions here and there, I can give you a quick recap. For the last few years I have felt a little off. It wasn't until a year ago I really had the feeling that there was an underlying issue with my weight and inability to lose it or at least this feeling I had around my midsection. Just one of the feelings that you can't explain or shake off. It just nags away. This year I went to a nutritionist for some guidance. All I really wanted was to feel better. Weight loss would be a bonus. With her help I realized I had a problem with gluten. I went to my doctor to ask for celiac testing, and she ran one celiac test and a metabolic panel. My test was negative, but when I asked her if there were more tests we could do or what else we could look at and explained my worsened symptoms during the heavy gluten loading she had me do, she diagnosed me with celiac based on my symptoms and sent me on my way. No info. No advice. Just kind of gave me the feeling that she diagnosed me because she thought I want to have it. So, after feeling unsatisfied I finally sought a second opinion from a GI doc. He would run a round of tests, find no answers, have me come in, and order more tests. They have not ruled anything out, nor have they given any diagnosis. All I have found for sure is that I have ulcers and inflammation in my small intestine. On the one hand, that sucks that there is damage. On the other, I'm releaved to have proof that I'm not being a hypochondriac. Now, I just feel lost. They are treating without saying that they are treating the right thing. All I want is to get better and feel good. It has been so long that I don't remember what it feels like anymore.