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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. well just act normal and dont let it hold you back. thats what i do, oh i just broke my pinky finger the other day i tried to switch ollie this tabletop thing and i fell and hyperextended my finger all the way to my hand. at first i didnt feel it so me and my freind dakoda were laughing because it was stuck like strait up. then i tried to bend it back and it hurt . then i went out and skated.i 360 fliped off this like 4 foot ledge over a dumster it was awsome but it broke my deck and i was mad.
  3. I've used almond milk and coconut milk for making puddings. I am gluten free/dairy free/soy-protein free... Anyhow, I was wondering what kinds of cereal you used to eat, because there are gluten free choices out there that you might be able to have so you don't have to eat the rice pudding everyday. If you let us know what you used to like, maybe we can all suggest good gluten-free cereals for you.
  4. well i think if its sounds good to skate to its good and there is alot of stuff under that genre
  5. i dont really care that much anymore but that used to piss me off to but now i piss them off by pulling off tricks that they cant dream of doing
  6. more like a trey flip

  7. Yeah i would probibly do any board sport depending on where i live. I getting pretty mad because im breaking so many decks. But i just got this prototype deck that is sopposed to not break. yeah i thought this was teens section but any one can come if they are not a sk8er ha8er.
  8. Teku

    Teen Guys?

    When ever i go to freinds parties its not really a proplem i just eat what i can eat. Most of the time i just skate at there house grind ledges ollie over stuff see if anyone will lay down so i can kickflip over them.(no one ever lets me)
  9. hi im stephanie. im a total skater punk and whoa is that a kickflip???

  10. Hanging out with freinds is a big one for me.
  11. Teku

    Teen Guys?

    I dotn know any celiac people exept my moms freinds but i dont really get along with them that good.