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  1. Because sometimes you need poison to get rid of pests in your house. Nothing else works for this along with my other condition (salicylate) where i can't be smelling oils, strong smells etc until I get my health all figure out. Sometimes it's a necessary evil unfortunately. Lysol we're using because we've had contact with norovirus and soap and water is sometimes simply not enough to kill viruses like that. As I said before I'm done with this thread. I was concerned about gluten accidentally getting on shoes and being tracked onto our living room carpet etc and being picked up somehow. Yes poison is a big concern but it's something we may just have to do or be overrun by ants okay? Call me paranoid I don't care. I think anything that can be tracked in like that that can be prevented should be. I have every right to think that way and I'm sick and tired of being told to stop asking. I have a right to ask if something is likely to be gluten free or not. I wanted to know if super sensitives ever had issues etc. Because as I said before...a lot of people say gluten free. Over all i trust lysol on that but I wanted to know peoples thoughts because as I've learned and I"m sure you have...sometimes people react differently. Anyhow. Threads done i just wanted to point that out. I'm gone.
  2. Yes you're right. This is where the conversation is going. Because people walk into the bathroom and trek gluten around possibly. I know plenty of people who talk about this type of cross contamination. I have had a hard time health wise so naturally I'm going to ask. Don't want to see it then don't answer me I have every right to worry about gluten being spread around my place. Don't worry you don't need to be done. Because I am. All the best.
  3. Does what they spray have any gluten to worry about though?
  4. And we're currently in the cold...snow on the ground.
  5. This is the weird thing about these guys....they don't seem to have any rhyme or reason to what they are looking for. First they went for the garbage can. We took that out of there. Then the storage unit that stands on the floor. Wiped it off and took everything off of it. Then they went to the toilet. They just wander aimlessly.
  6. OH yes and we bought ant traps...they go into them but they are not taking the bait.
  7. This has been going on for over a week now and I kindly ask that you read this whole message. I do not want "natural" remedies. We've tried plenty before they never work. Dish soap is fine temporarily but we have to keep putting it around the bathroom and it's messy and won't keep them out forever. We need a perimeter spray that's gluten free. We use to use home bug spray and now i'm scared to death about gluten and salicylates (another reason I don't want to use all natural...essential oils etc could make me ill i think I don't want a stench.) What the heck are we suppose to use? Someone else asked this question and they never got an answer that i saw so I'm asking again...someone here must know. Sometimes you just need bug spray because nothing else works but i don't want anything that's going to make me ill from chemicals either *sigh*
  8. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Unfortunately the first half of my journey gluten free i never stuck to whole foods..i was eating amy's until september etc....so...it's been hard figuring out what my issues are suddenly.
  9. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Currently being tested for casein...hoping that will come back fine so dairy can be had eventually. I have limited calcium and i really don't want to have to take supplements. I do have one i bought but haven't taken it. Most leafy greens are high in sals...thing is i was having broccoli (high in sals) and chewing gum (almost everyday and also high) a lot during that time and this pain would only hit me once a month. Weirdest thing. Not sure what caused it. But another thing I cut out was rice chex so i dunno if that could have been a culprit too/instead? SO right now..i'm eating boiled potatoes...lean ground beef...black beans....going to re-introduce cabbage next and then hopefully garlic...brussel sprouts....etc We'll see where it takes me as all those are low. Eventually i will work up to moderate sals...if i'm ok with that i'll try broccoli again. This will take a while but if i can get to broccoli again...eat it for a month and not get pains then i'll be at a loss for what was causing the pain unless something in rice chex didn't agree? I also have not re-introduced garbanzo beans yet but black beans don't bother me.
  10. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    I've tried telling my husband that but it just seems like luck is not on our side..in every part of life right now. To tell you the truth i've been gluten free since may...but about once a month was still getting stomach pain. Upper middle stomach. The past month and a half I have not had this happen since eating low salicylates. I'm hoping if they have been part of my health issues that it's only temporary because some of the horror stories i've heard from people on THAT forum I really didn't need. That being said a lot of bad stuff has gone down the last..oh i dunno 4 months or so. The past 2 health-wise. My husband has no faith in luck/higher power because we basically feel like fate's punching bag at the moment so he's driving himself crazy with this.
  11. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    That did happen once somewhere else....a hotel gave us a room that hadn't been cleaned yet but we complained and got a new room. Not that time though and not the holiday inn. I was just told by my husband I should add this.....chances are we know many of the things we ask about are not a problem but this disclaimer has to be made. Perhaps some of you have experienced this at different times in your life and maybe not. I don't talk to many people about it except my mother and my husbands parents because most would have a hard time believing it. Our sheer bad luck in various things the past few months...has been unbelievable. To the point we feel like Bruce in Bruce Almighty when he gets angry with god. Eventually SO much happens bad in a short period...sicknesses and various other things out of our control...that you really do begin to feel like someone upstairs is bullying you. For real. We are, the past couple months, the most depressed we've been in ages now. So if we seem a little overly worried...I just want to say it's with good reason. A meteor hit russia yesterday....can we say we can go outside and reasonably say we won't be hit by one? Of course. Here's the thing..gluten and problems that you may have coinciding with it are much more likely...and luck....we have practically zero right now. So for our own sanity we ask about things. My husband has become more OCD than i've ever been washing his hands....they are very dried out and red. He just got back from the grocery store. He picked up jugs of water...the conveyer belt almost always has white specks all over it that he worries are flour. So then he comes home and feels the need to wash off the bottoms of the jugs so as to not cross contaminate anything. He never USE to be like this but he's worried sick now because our luck has been horrible.
  12. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Thank you this is all i'm saying....I wanted to know why it was considered to not be a worry. I am asking this stuff because I use to get something at the holiday inn that i thought might potentially have been gluten. I think it's different to have a valid question than being told you're a worrier by everyone. I'm an analytical person and it's my nature to ask questions about such things. LIke wise my husband is having a much much harder time with this than I am and wanted me to ask about it. He's also asked me to ask about cleaning out the car. And now he's trying to find out just how big gluten molecules are because he wants to get a new vacuum with a hepa filter but he needs to know the size of it to know what to get to ensure it filters gluten. But no one on here (we did a search and can't seem to find it) seems to know the SIZE of the gluten molecule. I've seen the weight and that is all. It's precautionary when it comes to the vacuum but he wants to know and can't find this anywhere he's looked. He is way more paranoid than me about this stuff. However, inquiring minds want to know. So I ask.
  13. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    Lisa- if there is gluten from laundry detergent....just as people worry about at home...and they touch it with their hands and put their hands to their mouth...even if accidentally during the night...could they not be glutened? I have no idea why it would have to be bacteria or fungus etc in your opinion....we're told to not use gluteny products all the time. I just think this is a valid worry. I'm not overly worried but curious what people think and why.
  14. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    What about sheets and it being on ur hands?
  15. 123glldd

    Staying In Hotels

    These tummy aches weren't related to food gluten that's why i was wondering if something i was inhaling something in the hotel room or cross contaminated sheets from detergent?