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  1. NOTE: This is the start of going from point A to point B, the ingestion of gluten to damage of the mucosa, in Celiac Disease. Not saying that any of this is correct, but is my current and I'm sure changing understanding of the process. Any comments/corrections/additions would be greatly appreciated...
  2. One thing that has recently got my attention is that I found out about two pathogens that seem to look a lot like gliadin. Those two being the fungi Candida albicans and the virus adenovirus 12. What interests me most is not that I think that they are a cause of Celiac Disease, though who knows...
  3. mle_ii

    And So It Begins

    Thought I'd start a blog to see if I can keep track of all my random bablings about Celiac, Gluten Sensitivity, Immune System, Food Sensitivities and Lymphocytic Colitis. I'll start by saying what I know about what I have. I was diagnosed with LC (Lymphocytic Colitis) back in December of...
  4. I would try it without the half & half just to be sure.