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  1. I would like to say also, that if one has been sick a very long time, it can take more than 6-12 months.  The situation can be complicated with other food intolerances or results of the illness.  I had been sick for 30+ years and still felt I am transitioning after 3 years.  I don't want to discourage anyone making them think it will take that long, but only explain that sometimes it does.

  2. ravenwoodglass, on 16 Jun 2015 - 04:05 AM, said:

    Nice to hear you are feeling better and able to get out and enjoy some gardening. Good to hear the allergy treatments are helping. 

    There is something about working in the garden that can be so theraputic. I wish I had more time to do so but work is physically demanding and leaves me too tired at the end of the day to do much other than eat and get ready for bed. Will keep my fingers crossed that the silos won't be an issue for you this year. 

    I hope Ravenwoodglass that you will gain strength and energy!

  3. Greetings,


    I sure hope you are well.  I miss bunches of you and are wondering if you are still on.  As for me, I discovered that my problems included super-sensitive allergies, so believing that I could never really tell if my reactions were due to celiac or the allergies, decided I may as well go talk to someone about allergies.  So, If you could please, check in here and tell me how you are doing


    Oh, incase you are wondering, I have been looking and feeling better.  I am a little afraid of having reactions to nearby silos again this year, but am taking one day at a time. If I do have trouble, I am going to take notice right away and head to the doctor to have my thyroid checked.  I think it goes down, but haven't been tested except when I am feeling good.  I am back to working in the garden and mostly with a smile on my face.  This year I plan to be able to eat the produce due to allergy treatments working.


    Bartful I hope you will be feeling well again soon

    Designerstubble, May you have peace,

    Mamaw Thanks for caring


    Many others of you I wonder about:.


    I wish everyone the best in healing.



  4. Intense fatigue was an inseparable "buddy" for me for 30+ years.  I don't have it anymore.  The situation was very complicated, I have been peeling layer after layer of my onion of ill health off of me.  To help I used diet, supplements,  exercise, and prayer.  Now you know what is wrong and you can start to peel the layers off to.  I hope someday to hear your success story!



  5. A food intolerance test helped me. Please don't let it discourage you if others don't believe in them.   I had brain fog (though evidently not so heavy as yours) for 30 years.  Let's just say that brain fog and I are NO LONGER FRIENDS.  I came up allergic to nearly everything.  My solution was to change to unusual foods that I had never eaten.  I also did Grain Free.  I Am better!



  6. It is a strange thing in natural treatments,(such as gluten free diet) so things seem a little worse, the better one gets.  This is all what I think having suffered from celiac 30+ years undiagnosed.  I think what really happens is that the body begins to recover and then we realize when things slip off.  Also, it seems to me the body gets better at letting us know when we make a mistake.  I recently saw this discussed in the book "Say Goodbye to Illness" by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, so I guess I am not the only one that feels that way.  So, if that is true symptoms can be a sign of healing.  Yet, after a year I certainly would be looking for other safe treatments, diets, and other intolerances.  Another look at the basics with even more attention than ever could be helpful.  Whatever you do, don't give up.  I am feeling better and you can find some ways to help.  It can be pretty complicated when one has been sick a very long time.  I have a long list of things which helped me such as supplements, exercises, diets (both inclusions and exclusions) and allergy treatments.



  7. MagentaDarkAngel,  Beloved if you are out there, and other interested parties:


    I had swelling included behind the knees and actually including nearly everything from head to do.  That resolved when I removed all foods that I was allergic to and replaced it with new foods.  My meats include bison, elk, duck, yak, and lamb.  My vegetables include spinach, swiss chard,turnips, jicama tot soi bok choy, turnips, and kale.  If you haven't yet tried it I also would encourage you to try fennel.


    I am very natural minded and would encourage you that you would find help to use medicines that are not as apt to cause damage as prednisone is.  I would seek to find out what your allergies are and avoid them.  I would try to get your allergies to go away.


    Best wishes for your healing,



  8. I began my trek about 3 years ago in much the same way as you.  It is so overwhelming emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  My family did not understand, thought I made things up, or maybe I wanted to be super-health-lady.  time went by and they watched what happened to me.  Whereas my body had displayed mostly inward symptoms, as I recovered my family  began to notice outward symptoms.  I had rashes and sometimes (since it varied) they could notice I was swollen up.  One leg was often much larger around then the other.  My young ones noticed my face turned bright red if I ate the wrong thing.  .  I recall thinking that sometimes I had to let my family think ill of me; I just kept trying to do what was right in caring for them as best I could and for my own health.  Things aren't perfect, but things are so much better.  Sometimes, my family outthinks me in caring for me.  If things are not good now, please hang in there.  I hope you can get some down time as the body really works hard to recover.

  9. Specific Carbohydrate diet is S.C. D.  You can google it and find more information.  It is a diet for helping to heal the gut after celiac disease.  A book about it is called, Breaking the Vicious Cycle.  I found the food satisfying and delicious.  I have no problem eliminating soy.  Eat meat, vegetables, nuts (if tolerated) and I hope it will help you get better, but if it isn't the whole answer, don't give up.


    I also suggest they check for parasites (stool test).  I know from personal experience these can damage the small intestine.


    Have you tried Digestive enzymes.  When the small intestine damage, the villi can't do their job of telling the pancreas to fire.  This was told to me of my functional medicine nurse.  The digestive enzymes can help to break down your food until the villi heal enough to do their job.


    I would also suggest looking for other allergies that may be giving your trouble.


    I don't want to over-whelm you by making you think that you need to do everything at once, but only to give you a starting list of things to consider and do when you are ready.



  10. Onward, you can heal from here in all respects.  Now you have hope of something better.  I had 30+ years of symptoms undiagnosed and am healing.  There is hope for you and your family.  If the doctor isn't 100% cooperative now, just let it go and let her watch all that happens with you.  She should never have to suffer the same degree as you did, because she will be forewarned.  I hope for her she will get definitive answers and healing.