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    Accidentally Ate Gluten

    I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. I have had the occaisional accident. I think everyone reacts differently. I find I don't feel much right away. Maybe a few hours later I will feel really tired and foggy, maybe have an upset stomache, and then it goes away within an hour. But prolonged exposure (I ate gluten 3 days in a row to see what would happen) causes me to be full out symptomatic. I ate it the first day, nothing. Had it the second, felt kinda gross. By the third day, I was heading into migraine city within an hour of consumption. For me, I wouldn't get fully sick after an accidental bite or two. I may not feel so hot but I will be functional. Everyone is different though, My sis in law is down for the count, in bed after a bite or two.
  2. I have been gluten free for almost 2 years. A while ago, I decided to have a regular gluten filled muffin. I was fine. I was fine all night. I was fine the next day. Sweet. So 2 days later, I had another muffin. Again i was fine. 2 days later, I had another one. I WAS NOT FINE. OMG WAS I SICK! I had been hoping that somehow I was cured, or that I had grown out of having Celiac Disease. but that third time eating gluten, I was sick. My symptoms don't last long. Many people get violently ill. I don't, but I know my body and I knew I wasn't well. Luckily, I am able to take some tylonal, a hot shower and sleep it off. But even that minor thing is hard for me and my family when I have stuff to do. I can't always be going to bed because I wanted to eat gluten. So I just stay away. My biopsy came back negative, so I don't know if I actually have celiac disease or intolerance but my Dr was willing to make the celiac disease diagnosis, so I treat myself like I have it.
  3. I get mad at myself for having celiac disease. It's not my fault, but I just get so mad that I have to be so difficult! So I totally get the emotional aspect you are feeling. I have been Gluten Free for almost 2 years, with a handful of incidents where I either wasnt careful, or threw caution to the wind and ate something Gluten filled, stupid, stupid. Even after almost 2 years, this morning I held a donut in my hand and was actually bargaining with myself. I was saying, I'm not working until 43o tonight. I can eat this and then take a nap and be fine! why not? In the end, I didn't do it. Sure, my immediate reaction to eating gluten doesn't last long, a couple hours at most and I can sleep it off and feel fine when I wake up, but what damage am I causing internally? Sure, I was diagnosed with celiac disease formally, but even my Dr thinks it may be intolerance and not so much full blown celiac disease, but it could or could not really be celiac disease. All my tests were negative, all blood work, biopsy, etc. But my symptoms disappeared when I stopped eating Gluten so she just went ahead and made the diagnosis. Do I really want to bargain with myself though? No, its not worth it. The point Im trying to make is that I don't think the emotional aspect ever really goes away. Im not as emotional as I was, but I do have my days. What I do to get over it is find something delicious to eat or keep my mind occupied. I have noticed an increasing intolerance to dairy products. I have a lot of the same symptoms as I did when I was eating gluten, but I get them right after eating ice cream, or too much cheese/cream. I have problems when I eat too much corn products and even too much sugar. So what you ate may not have been the chocolate chips, you could be developing an entirely new set of food problems.
  4. KMMO320

    Bloating - Help? :(

    I am a little under a year and a half gluten free now. Only recently have I discovered horrible bloating, gas and pain after eating large amounts of dairy. I seem to be ok with a yogurt here and there, a little cheese and half and half in my coffee. But if I eat a bowl of ice cream, or gluten-free Mac and Cheese, gluten-free pizza....I get very bloated. last night, I had ice cream and I was so bloated, gassy and sick to my stomach that I just went right to bed. Every so often I try to eat it, with the same results. I guess I should just give up. I was actually ok going Gluten Free, it was very non-eventful and I don't have cravings. But cutting Dairy hurts.
  5. My dr suggested I "test" it out now that it has been a year since my dx. I did this weekend and immediately regretted it. One bite was all that did it and is all I need to know that I am most def Celiac. I was dx'd Celiac even though all my tests and biopsy came back negative. I should have just smiled and nodded and not eaten what I did. My symptoms, thankfully, usually just last a few hours and then leave me a little drained. Some people are sick for days
  6. KMMO320

    Why Am I So Sad?

    same for me! My stomach only bothers me if I am glutened more than one day, in a row. Otherwise, it is all head stuff. I know within 10-15 mins if I have ingested gluten because I get sort of a woosy feeling and then a sort of nagging headache, then finally I start stuttering and feel all out of it.
  7. Sometimes, I get too comfortable and am not as vigilant as I should be. A few days ago, the restaurant I work at got a different type of potato chips and I grabbed a bag, just totally not thinking anything. an hour later, I had a screaming headache and when I got home, I took a nap. Later that night at my daughter's cheer practice, I whipped out a second bag that I brought home and started eating. Bored, I read the bag. Where it says Allergen information, it only started soy..nothing about wheat or gluten like a lot of products will say. so I read the actual ingredients, and there it was...Malt (Barley extract). I spit the chips out and threw them away. I was sick all that night and all the next day and night. Which brings me to today. I am still a little groggy feeling but much, much better. Almost a year gluten-free and I am still making rookie mistakes. I have to stop being too comfortable with what I "think" to be gluten-free. Just a reminder to all the still newly diagnosed like myself, always be vigilant!
  8. I was diagnosed in Oct but I was in some denial for a while. In fact, several months ago, I even posted here how once in a while I would still consume gluten, in the hopes that I would have "gotten over" it, or maybe thinking the dr was wrong and I would be fine. I am happy to say that kind of thinking is gone and I have been 100% gluten free (aside from accidents) for some time now. I am diligent and I make sure to ask questions where ever I go. I am not worried about hurting people's feelings when I kindly decline to eat food they have made or brought to parties. I don't worry about participating in eating a group lunch at work. My friends, family and coworkers understand when and why I decline. Sure, some people still don't get it, some people even still think it is in my head, or that I am over reacting, but I really don't care. They can think what they want, they are not the ones who get sick. In the beginning, yes, I got sick when I ate gluten but I was so used to it before I was diagnosed that I did it any way. I used to brag about how I wasn't THAT sensitive that a little CC would bother me. It is so different now. I can tell within 30 mins if I had some fries that was cooked in the same oil as say, chicken fingers. Once, I buttered a gluten-free bagel with the butter in the fridge that I CLEARLY labeled as MOM's BUTTER..DO NOT USE! and I was sick an hour later. I found out my husband had used that butter for toast, re-dipping his knife. He really didn't think it would affect me. I ate gluten-free shrimp scampi at a restaurant and was VERY VERY sick the next day. I called and found out that they cook the gluten-free pasta in the same water as regular pasta! Some places and people simply do not know. I just came off of a week long migraine after eating at a cookout at my sister's house. It was the worst migraine ever. Even when I am careful, sometimes things happen but I am realizing that this is for the rest of my life and I accept it.
  9. KMMO320


    Before I was diagnosed, I went to the dr complaining that I felt like I wasn't living. I felt like I was standing outside my body, watching myself perform actions and sometimes I couldn't recall doing them. I havent had that feeling at all since being gluten-free, I have been gluten-free since October.
  10. I have been there. Recently, I got take out and the place sounded so busy when I called to order, I didn't ask questions, I just got what I wanted thinking it should be safe. I knew within 15 mins of eating that there was something wrong. It had to be the seasonings. I hadn't been that sick in a really long time and it was 3 full days before I felt better. Before that, I had willingly eaten gluten and I felt bad but not like this. Now I know that there is just no turning back. I need to be vigilant because it is clear that I am very sensitive. I have reactions to food cooked in shared deep fryers, I have reactions when gluteny foods touch my food. I never thought I would be someone who was sensitive, but even my husband, who wasn't supportive at first, has become better at telling waitstaff about my gluten issues than I am. I have learned through making bad choices, but I am done with that because I cant afford to miss work, or kids activities because I am in bed, sick, due to me being lazy.
  11. KMMO320

    Gluten Free Disney?

    I cannot stress enough...DISNEY IS THE BEST BEST BEST PLACE TO GO WHILE gluten-free!!!! Every single restaurant I went to, the chef personal;y came to talk to me and personally delivered my food! They walked me through the buffets too! For quick service, the manager will come over and tell you what you can have...they are great. But be warned, for quick service (counter service) your food will take a little longer, but its worth it!! The food court Chefs at the place I stayed were great too! They made me gluten-free chicken fingers, waffles, pizza, etc! Just always always always ask to talk to the chef. ALWAYS!
  12. I know I am late here, but most of the times my symptoms are the same, usually head stuff. Dizziness, nausea with no vomiting, Diarrhea, migraines, but sometimes it IS vomiting. I never used to get symptoms bad, but the longer I am gluten-free, the worse it is. I got glutened bad from Texas Roadhouse because I didn't ask them anything. I just ordered a steak and backed potato, assuming it was safe. Within 2 hours, I was vomiting and bloated and my stomach was in PAIN. only thing to do was go to sleep. It was awful. Migraine and vomiting for 2 days
  13. It took me about a week. I was having daily migraines and gastro distress. Within a few days it slowed down, by a week I was able to go shopping without having to make a run (literally) to the bathroom. Then again, they caught mine fairly early. there are some people who have had severe damage before they were diagnosed and it may have taken them longer to feel better.
  14. I can't offer advice really, I think I haven't worried too heavily about CC yet. Maybe I am waiting to see if I get sick to see how dilligent I need to be? I don't know. We share a toaster oven. I usually just wipe the rack off with a wet paper towel and then dry it before putting my bread or whatever on it, or I use a tray that only I use if I want to bake something in it. I do have my own colander for my pasta and veggies or whatever. I have my own cutting board. I have a shelf in a cabinet that is only for my things, up at the top of the cabinet so I am sure my kids wouldn't accidentally put anything up there. We don't have a dishwasher and I don't let my kids wash the dishes because they are still young and when they try, I end up having to re-wash everything anyway. I always have tons of paper towels on hand, and clean kitchen towels to wipe down counters, and wipe off pots and pans. My sis in law has celiac disease too and she is really really dilligent, to the point she won't even make her kids a sandwich on regular bread or ever touch gluten. I will. I will make the kids pilsbury dinner rolls, I will bread their chicken with breadcrumbs, I will make them toast, sandwiches, etc. I simply wash my hands well afterwards. No big deal. There is only ONE thing I will not do...and that is touch flour. I don't know what it is. I will bake cakes with boxed cake mix..but I won't touch all purpose flour. It scares me for some reason, I don't even like having it in the house lol. But dh likes it for when he batters chicken wings he makes in his deep fryer. That is kept in a cabinet where there is nothing I eat in there at all, and I refuse to make him anything with it. But he knows that.
  15. KMMO320

    Really? Is There New Info?

    The more I read and learn about the benefits of anyone keeping clear of gluten, the more sure I am that as someone with Celiac Disease, I need to keep far from it. I work with children with Autism and all the kids in my class are gluten and dairy free. It just screams to me that something is WRONG with our food, when it benefits us, people with autism, diabetics and so on, to stay clear of it.