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  1. Good luck with Boston :-) I understand how it's hard to let go.. everyone would love to know what's what and be sure about it.

  2. gotcha! My doc doesnt even think I am intolerant at all, even though I proved that I was feeling so good when gluten-free for 3+weeks. She thinks its something else. After going through blood work and an endoscopy (1000 bucks out of pocket), I am going to the Celiac Center in Boston. Almost not sure its worth it but I have a hard time letting things go.

  3. Nope. My doc thinks I might be gluten intolerant but can't prove it without the tests, and I decided not to do them yet. I'm answering you here because I don't want the discussion to change in the photo thread :-)

  4. Dani! ihave that all over my fingers right now! They are pale at the moment but 2 days ago.they were red and blistery. are you diagnosed?
  5. I really dont know what it was. I dont know if it was/is DH. This was way before I suspected gluten to be a problem, so I never made the connection. 2 of my 3 kids have pretty severe eczema. We have been to regular drs, dermatologists and allergists. When the flare ups get really bad, the allergist...
  6. Oh My! Squirm, that look so painful! A few months ago I got a terrible rash on the same places..on my neck, behind my ears, and all over my chest. It looked EXACTLY like that. The itching wouldnt stop. I was waking up in the middle of the night scratching, waking up with blood all over my chest...
  7. We are having Make your Own pizza night. The kids made a regular crust pizza and I made a mozzerella, feta and tomato on gluten-free Pizza crust. Cant wait to try it! 15 more mins!