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  1. an3drew

    Otc Sleep Aid

    i think it's important to add that metafolin/folapro and b-12 are somewhat antagonistic, they need each other, more folapro needs balancing up with b-12 and vice versa ! folapro/metafolin improves sleep and b-12 makes for mmore broken sleep in my observation, but we need the other benefical effects of b-12 like immune stimulation generally b-12 tablets need cutting down, way too big for a single dose
  2. an3drew

    Otc Sleep Aid

    one of the simplest things to help with sleep is the metagenics "folapro" which is a bioidentical form of folic acid interestingly the usual form of folic acid in supplements is not a natural form and doesn't metabolise easily i cut the tablet down so take between a half to a quarter in the morning and don't take it all the time, just when i feel a bit wound up i think it reduces homocysteine too much metafolin increases viral susceptibility so there's a balance .................