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Diagnosed with Celiac Disease after age 55 in 2012. Symptoms were persistent in Liver Enzyme Abnormalities and Gall Bladder failure picked up by HIDA Scan. Weight gain was another symptom along with joint pain in right shoulder (frozen shoulder syndrome), overall "bloating" feeling.

  1. Oh, yes a "rye" bread recipe would be great!! I do miss my reuben's!! Tonight I made stuffed bell peppers with onions and garlic sauteed first in the skillet with virgin olive oil and then browned the ground round, added diced tomatoes and steamed rice, spooned into the prepped fresh peppers...
  2. Since I was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease, although overlooked for years...I will relate my experience thus far with my ear problems. When I was 4 years old with a very bad ear infection, they did the same thing to me that was done to you. It hurt so so bad!! My left ear. It healed and...