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  1. Hi, Kamma, My last MRI was on Nov 23,2013 showing that the tumor had totally been resected...the biopsies (5) in...
  2. Hi, Kamma, I thought I would send some notes from my neuro surgeon that approaches the protocol of my own new MRI.....
  3. Hello, I have not been here for quite awhile basically because of my health issues. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease...
  4. Hi, All, I have not been on this system for some time...basically it is due to such unusual changes, I still find...
  5. Oh, yes a "rye" bread recipe would be great!! I do miss my reuben's!! Tonight I made stuffed bell peppers with onions...
  6. If you are gluten-free already, these tests will probably not be conclusive since they look for the Gliadin reaction...
  7. GladGirl

    Frozen Shoulder

    OH, Yes!! This is one symptom that led my brother and I to celiac disease!! We both started developing increased levels...
  8. GladGirl

    Gluten Free Bisquick

    I love it!! The Pancakes are superb! My hubby who is not gluten-free, but a diabetic has actually enjoyed the gluten...
  9. GladGirl

    New Study On Quinoa

    Thank you for sharing, very interesting study done!
  10. GladGirl

    Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Although this thread is a little old, I was glad it was here! I just came back from my new Dr's office and found out...
  11. Hi, All! Well,new to this as you may well remember. My gluten-free diet has made me feel so much better! However...
  12. GladGirl


    It is so unfortunate when we patients are not "trusted" to be believed by our Medical support system. Our Dr's need...
  13. Well, here we go! New Dr. recommended by my Insurance's Nurseline is Dr. Janice Nord, MD, Internal Medicine. She is...
  14. I found this very interesting article on a link on Celiac Disease and thought I would share it. In this piece, there...
  15. Hi, Christian Mom, Well, I just got off the phone with the MA who works with my new selected Dr. She is an internal...