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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. Does This Look Like Dh?

    Hi, everyone. I received my cyrex results back today: below are the relevant results. Array 3 Wheat Germ Agglutinate IgG: out of range 1.60 (reference range .4- 1.3) Alpha gliadin 17-mer IgG: out of range 1.74 (reference .1- 1.5) Omega Gliadin 17-mer IgG: equivocal 1.13 (reference .3- 1.2) Omega gliadin 17-mer IgA: equivocal .98 (reference .1- 1.2) Gliadin- transglutaminase complex IgG: equivocal 1.14 (reference .3- 1.4) Array 4 cross reactions: I know what this one is. Coffee, corn, rice all out of range. Egg and sesame are equivocal. c reactive protein: 2.7 out of range (reference is .8 point eight) Thank. Does this point to celiac disease? I'm still waiting for array 2 intestinal permeability.
  2. Does This Look Like Dh?

    Oh, really? I didn't realize I had to be on a gluten diet for the DH biopsy. Yeah, he didn't seem to know what DH looks like. I did mention he could save me an endoscopy if he did a DH biopsy. (so, yes, I mentioned the word celiac several times). I don't understand my bloodwork because I did the cyrex testing under the direction of my neighbor and he had an organ transplant two weeks later, so I can't get in touch with him to find out what he thinks. (nor do I want to at this point since he has a lot on his mind. He is doing very very well and will hopefully be home in another 2 months. He also went to the functional medicine doctor, so I am hoping that doctor will understand these test results when I go in two weeks).
  3. Does This Look Like Dh?

    Thanks, everyone. The derm today said my face and neck is acne and my palm is a form of eczema and my arm is also a form of eczema. This derm is one I had gone to years ago and could get in soon since I am an established patient. The derm I want to go to didn't have a new patient appointment until a few weeks from now, so I am going to keep my appt with her so that I can get established with her. This derm's nurse said she thought my face and neck was lupus, (though my ANA was negative) but the derm didn't even utter the word Lupus. He said he didn't think any of it was DH because it wasn't on places DH normally is. So... creams and antibiotic topicals and a newer form of Minocyclene (for the acne) and another appt. with him in 8 weeks. He also said I may have gotten Retin-a on my neck, which would cause it to be photosensitive. IDK. My celiac bloodwork seems to indicate somewhere between wheat intolerance and celiac, and I am doing better on a wheat free diet, so who knows... Has anyone gotten a DH diagnosis on the first try? I've always been diagnosed with eczema since I was a kid, so maybe it is eczema. Wanted to follow up....
  4. Does This Look Like Dh?

    Thanks. I have a derm appt. On Wednesday.
  5. Does This Look Like Dh?

    This is the one on my palm... I apologize in advance because it is gross. This is the itchiest of them all. and it cycles. I'd pour acid on it if I thought it would stop the itching... (not going to do that but I assume you all know what I mean).
  6. Does it tell you on the slip that any of your results are out of range? Are the ranges the same for all of the tests?
  7. Does This Look Like Dh?

    The itchiness and cycling sounds like what I have on my palm.
  8. Maybe you should get an ANA (anti nuclear antibodies) test to rule out Lupus?
  9. Does This Look Like Dh?

    Yeah, that is what I was thinking: he may want to do other tests that would require a certain level of reaction on inflammation. And see a derm soon to get the rashes treated ASAP!
  10. Hey, Tom. I don't know what will happen at the appointment-- the doctor is a cardiologist who also practices functional medicine and treats celiacs. (I'm in a bad location for these kinds of diseases...will have to go to the "big city"). The functional med doctor is only an hour away and he treated someone I know, so I figured what the heck. Yeah, I'm going to stay gluten-free. I've been through the first two days of it and seem to be feeling slightly better today-- actually managed to get a little very light housework done today and ran a few errands. I'd hate to lose even this little bit of gain I have had. A doc I know ordered these tests for me, but he has no real knowledge of celiac disease and isn't treating me. So that is how it came about that I had the test done but don't understand the results. I don't know how I feel about endoscopy yet. Right now I am focusing on diet and waiting to see how I feel as time goes on.
  11. Emu Oil- Work For Anyone Else?

    Whatever I have on my neck, I have some Barleans organic coconut oil and slathered some on my neck last night and whatever it is looks so much better today.
  12. Also, I'm rocking 3 different rashes/skin conditions right now. I have a functional medicine appointment in 3 weeks and wonder if I should still eat gluten. I had eliminated it yesterday, but now am wondering if I ought to eat it for 3 more weeks (though I feel so so so bad when eating it). thanks.
  13. I had this neck rash about 3 years ago (came up after we were at the beach) and took forever to go away (like months) and then it popped up a few weeks ago. I did an ANA test for a lupus screen, and it came back negative. I took Cyrex labs tests, and I posted the results on the testing board (I dont know how to interpret them). The chin stuff is supposedly acne, but it itches SO SO BAD! I'm not sure it is acne. I've been on Retin-A for my face for about 4 months now and my face is finally starting to clear except from this chin stuff. The neck stuff bothers me. They get filled with fluid and then pop and get funky edges and then seem to settle down in the red discus shape and then flatten out. I also have something on my left palm... seems to look like palmoplanter psorasis. I have an appointment with a functional medicine doctor in 3 weeks. I appreciate any advice.
  14. Ct Scan

    Did you by chance mean to say you have blood in your stool?
  15. He apparently is an "advisor" to cyrex labs. BTW, cyrex labs came very highly recommended to me by my neighbor, who is an M.D. Who used them for himself.