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  1. Dugudugu

    Sleep Apnea

    I am a sleep apnea specialist. Sleep apnea is related to obesitas, diabetic, congestive heartfailure, anatomy of jaw/thoat, being male, or just runs in the family, but a relation with celiac disease seems VERY unlikely to me. But I am never to old to learn something new. Who will know. Though it seems very unlikely to me.
  2. Dugudugu

    Candida test

    I am curious for the aswers as I am exhausted again for over a year and I am thinking I might have candida.
  3. I use most of the time rice oil. It has a high heat index, has a neutral taste, and is sharp priced.
  4. My cats are on Acana, that's gluten free. I had one cat with several skin issues, and she got better with the Acana. So they were already gluten free long before I was diagnosed. Lol. My dogs get regular food containing gluten. Reason: I cannot afford it. So 60/40 here (3 cats 2 dogs) I haven't checked (and actually I don't care) the snacks my pets get, contain gluten as well. I always wash my hands after given these snacks.
  5. It took me 6 months to get noticable improvements of the symptoms. I'd say give it more time.
  6. Dugudugu

    Gluten Free Since 2010 And Still Suffering.

    I was also tested for lactose intolerance and the test came back negative, just like the gluten, soy but also cats and dog allergies. If I eat a slice of cheese or sleep with a cat beside my pillow, I'll know immidiately. So for me the test has no value and I recomment to go lactose-free afteral for some time and give it a try. Currently I am having the same issues as you have. My docter has send me in for a colonscopy as he wants to make sure the problem is not there. I still have to find the courage to make the appointment....
  7. Imho all the hassle that comes with eaten a piece of food containing gluten, the recovering and the sickness, it's not worth it.
  8. I use canned coconut milk quite often for cooking, it's lactose/gluten/soy free. Don't be in doubt of the word 'milk' in 'coconut milk'. If I were you, I'd rather not use the coffy milk creamer.
  9. My cats eat Acana. Especially the Pacifa smells go great, I have to get myself together not take a bite from it.
  10. I am looking forwards to the replies of the others, as I have exactly the same issues. I started to cut out dairy one month ago.
  11. I have a friend, while being pregnant, she was able to eat all, bread, regular pasta, dairy. I am still amazed...
  12. It took me half a year to get rid of being tired. You have to give it some time.
  13. It took me half a year to feel better....