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  1. Adding to an old thread, I know, but wanted to share my favorites: instant mashed potatoes are my absolute favorite backpacking food. I even eat them for breakfast. I am partial to rehydrating meals that you make in a freezer bag - they don't require anything but hot water (and maybe a coozie to...
  2. I use the Vega Sport during weightlifting and crossfit-style workouts, because it dissolves well in water (I use more water than called for). I use PlantFusion after in a smoothie; I only ever buy the unflavored version of that because I mix it with fruit, but the flavors may be a good option. PlantFusion...
  3. I'm going to echo Nikki2777 on this - I have been trying to find out why I have elevated liver enzymes, and in the process of researching it found that itchy skin is often associated with liver problems. Please go see a doctor and explain, and request liver enzyme "liver function" tests.
  4. Kim, I feel your pain. My GYN explained to me that all women have looser stools if not D before and during their period because of the hormone fluctuation - for me, this also includes gas and bloating, no matter what I eat. Unfortunately, with a Mirena (for likely endo), my cycles are not regular...
  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac about two weeks ago and have been gluten-free since then (as far as I know, anyway!). I used to get a lot of bladder infections in high school and college, but after "cleaning up" my diet (more veg, more water - less soda and alcohol) and consistently urinating after intercourse...