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    Reading, listening to soft music and trying to get better.
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  1. Lisa

    Rest in Peace mouse! We will always miss you Metta. xxxooo Lisa & Friends.

  2. On the Clan Thompson site they have now posted that this frosting is NOW gluten-free again. I hope I read that right, but who knows with the way I have been feeling.
  3. Patti, I had those blister on and off my whole life. After going gluten-free, I have only had one eruption and that was after I once delibertly digested a gluten filled meal a year after my diagnosis. My Dad had them so bad that they once bandaged his hands for 3 months. They told him he had DH...
  4. I was diagnosed with DH by just viewing the blisters. I did not have the biopsy. Mine were like yours. I had many small blisters that itched like crazy and when they popped oozed a clear or sometimes a pale yellow liquid. You can have a biopsy while you are broken out, but they need to take the...
  5. Hey Molly, you are at it again. You need to take the Barry Bonds thing out below the new avitar. Like the legs. I know they are not real tatoo's - bored were you LOL? I also buy seasoning blends from The Gluten Free Pantry. I really like them for the appropriate cooking.
  6. I really hate to scare anyone, but you can read the bottom below my signature. Just remember that I am 64 years old and was diagnosed very late in life. I guess that is why I want the younger people with newly diagnosed Celiac to realize this is not a game, but a life long diet change.
  7. Today is a good day. Some of my energy has returned and I have been able to clear some things off of my desk. I have gotten about a week behind on things, due to the severe exhaustion I have been having. Then I took a bath in my deep whirlpool tub. It felt so great and I really needed the jets...
  8. I cannot believe how dumb I can be at times. I noticed AGAIN that the next to last posting was not published and so I click on the mouse and publish it. Now my last blog is further down the line. I think I did this once before. I hate when I do something like this without thinking it through...
  9. Yesterday was kind of a cruddy day. I did some errands in the morning and on the way home I noticed that I could not see the signs very well. And when I closed my left eye, my right eye vision was all blurred. I got home and my husband said to call the eye doctor. They wanted me in within 30...
  10. mouse


    [quote name='Mosaics' date='Sep 8 2005, 08:04 PM']I'm so sorry you're having a bad time.  Would you consider taking anti-depressants to get you through this period...maybe just until your system can recover somewhat or the dr.'s find out what's causing your fatigue? Where...
  11. mouse

    Drum Roll Please...

    That is a beautiful patio. You are a very gifted and talented woman. Thank you for sharing it with us as I have been checking daily and hoping to see the finished work. Armetta
  12. mouse

    New Business And New Glasses

    As far as the progressive lenses - just point your noise at what you want to look at. You will get used to them faster that way. I wear trifocal progressives and that made it an easier adjustment. Good Luck. Armetta
  13. For all that life has dealt you, you have turned out to be a very strong, intelligent person. I am looking forward to reading your next blog. Congratulations on your personal strength. Armetta
  14. mouse


    I also said how good they were. Which should have alerted me to read the label, just to be safe. If you remember the name of the cookie you use for cheesecake crust, please let me know.