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  1. I am sorry everyone, but I need an answer to my question and so I am bumping this back up.

    We have over 29,000 members. Someone must be using a gluten free mousse. I don't need a gluten free jell, but a mousse. I have emailed Giovanni, like a member mentioned and I have not heard back. I called Ultra and they don't know. I have called Avon and no answer there.

    I am hoping someone is using something that is gluten free that can be bought at Walgreen's or can be ordered online. Maybe someone else knows the name of a gluten free hairspray that is good.

    I would change my hair style, but that is no longer an option. My hair is super fine and I have lost over half of my hair, because of the diagnosis of celiac being so delayed for years. If I wear my gray hair short and spiky, then I can hide how little of my hair is left.

    So, I really hope someone knows of a mousse and maybe hairspray.

    Thanks a bunch.

  2. I wear my hair short and the top is spiked. I have to put mousse in my hair and the mousse I have been using has gluten in it. I just found out today, which certainly explains the itching I have been having on my scalp. Because I thought that might be the problem, I did not use any while I had shingles on my head and face for several months. When that healed, I went back to the mousse. Does anyone know of any that is a good product and does not have gluten in it. I really get tired of wearing baseball caps and would prefer to itch LOL. It is called vanity!

  3. Since I have been gluten free, I am much calmer, so I would handle it a little differently.

    I would put a nice smile (not a laughing one) on my face, shaking my head at the same time, Then say "sometimes Tim (or whatever his name is), you say the darnest things. But, I love you anyway". Then walk away and still with a nice smile on your face. He will give up and probably be proud of the maturity you have shown, in handling a very dificult time.

    Good Luck.

  4. last year a member here, posted that there was one in McHenry. The reason I noticed is that we used to live near Mchenry, before we retired to AZ. You might try looking on this website under McHenry. I am not good at that or I would search for you. Good Luck. You can also look for a Whole Foods as they many times know the Celiac groups in the area.

  5. Until someone responds with the answer, you might want to do what I do, when I am eating at friends' home and they are grilling. They always put mine on foil before placing on the grill and use separate tongs for turning.

    I do know that in our last home that we had a built-in grill and I did get sick when my husband grilled on it. But, that could also be because we did not use it often and so some gluten was probably still sticking to it. I really don't know. But, when we built this townhome, we bought a new grill and no one is allowed to put anything with gluten on it. They don't get to toast the hamburger buns LOL. If they are that despirate for toasted hamb. buns, they can put them in my husbands toaster. They also know that the buns stay in the kitchen and don't come to the table as I have been cross contaminated by people being careless about passing the buns around. They have to make their sandwiches on the counter and then bring the plate to the table.

    Boy, was I a rude hostess - hee, hee.

  6. When I first was diagnosed (5 years ago), I would get sick within 10 minutes of eating gluten. Which made it easy to figure out where I slipped up as I was just learning. But, after I was gluten free for a long time, the symptoms took longer to show. Like sometimes an hour. Now if I get accidentaly gluten, I get severe (and I mean severe) heartburn. Then the day after, the neurological problems kick in. I stagger around like I am drunk, hit the walls, because I can't judge the distance and wind up with a black and blue body. I have even fractured my arm during one of these episodes. I have had them last from a week to 3 months. So, for me, the recovery time depends on how much gluten I have accidently ingested. The neuro problem that lasted 3 months, was from one pill that was suppose to be gluten free.

    I am so sorry that you got glutened Patty. May you feel a lot better real soon.

  7. I had a blistery watery and horrible itchy rash on my fingers since I was a teenager. Once I went gluten free, I have never had the rash again, unless I got accidently glutened. If you see a dermatologist while you have the rash, he can take biopsies and then you would have your diagnosis of Celiac. You can only have DH if you are a Celiac. Just make sure that they do the biopsies on the areas beside the rash and not directly on the blister themselves. I went to dermatologists for years, but they only tested the blisters and not the surrounding areas.

    I really think you need a definate answer as it is too easy to go back on gluten, when you begin to doubt your self diagnosis.

    Good luck and it is really great not to itch like that anymore.

  8. I am so sorry your Father does not listen to you. I have a daughter that won't be tested as she says she eats healthy. And I believe that she has Celiac. It has to be a worry for you.

    The only thing I can tell you is that I am 67 years old and I am going to leave this World in hopefully, a very short time. I was undiagnosed for too many years and the damage that the disease did to my body is unbelivable. I don't know how old your Father is, but if he does not want the possiblility of ending up like me, then he needs to go totally gluten free. My new heart problems have caused me not to have any real quality of life. If he only wants to end up reading books, because you are just too sick to do anything else anymore, then he can keep eating gluten. I understand as I would give anything to go to PF Changs and eat every gluten appetiser they have, but the neurological reactions I would have, would not be worth it. But, my mouth waters thinking of those edibles LOL.

    I have lost an additional 25 pounds since my Celiac diagnosis and the doctors don't know why. I am so skinny, that it probably looks to people that I have to be a drug user. And I eat like a 250 pound man. I just had another Chemical Radiation Stress test this morning. I have no idea why as my Cardio agrees that I am too weak to probably survive the surgery. Hopefully it will help him to decide if I need an additional meds to make me more comfortable. At this point, comfort and very little pain would be nice.

    Your Father needs to realize that the damage to his organs is being done as he consumes gluten. Malabsorption (the loss of vitamins and nutrients) does not happen overnight. It is a lengthy process and after some of your major organs are damaged, going gluten free does not always give those organs a chance for a full recovery.

    I wish you luck and hopefully your Father will realize that he needs to do this, so that he can enjoy his grandchildren. I have a great granddaughter who is 6 months old and I am too sick to be able to spend much time with her. I was hoping that I would be able to read to her as I did my granddaughter. But, I only have the strenth to see her every so often and then for about an hour with her Mother doing the lifting, etc. This is not what I invisioned with my life.

    Hugs to you and your Father.

  9. I go to Picazzo's Gourmet pizza, here in Arizona. There are several in this state and they are opening one up in Oregon. One side of the kitchen is gluten free and the other is regular. They use different colored dishes and ovens for the the gluten free items. I do react to gluten and I have eaten at Picazzo's many, many times over the last two years and have never gotten glutened. They have an unbelivable gluten free menu. So, if you are getting a Picazzo's near you, then you are one lucky person.

  10. It is airborne and that is why all the construction jobs are required to water the soil when they dig. The spoors can also become airborne after a rain. Antibiotics are necessary and PLENTY of rest. Your BIL should not over extend himself during the recovery. It can cause lots of damage if allowed to run unchecked and without the proper treatment. Animals also get Valley Fever.

  11. Hi ohiodad. I am 65 years old and was diagnosed 3 1/2 years ago. I can understand how you and your wife feel about overload. But, since I was about two weeks away from no recovery (my doctor's words), my husband and I welcomed the diagnosis. My first months of meals were a disaster, but we ate them anyway. Then I stopped panicing and found I could cook as usual, but with a few minor ingred. changes. I cleaned out my pantry and frig of all gluten containing items and the ones my husband uses for his sandwiches or snacks, have an X on them. He has is own condiments and his bread is kept in the freezer. I bake gluten free, but mostly not from scratch as I just don't have the energy for that. I cook gluten free for my dinner guests and mostly they love everything I make and cannot tell the difference. My gluten free brownies go to every outdoor barbecue that we get invited to and they are the first thing scarffed up. Even the little kids know they are gluten-free and they love them. They never last for the desert part of the meal.

    This is certainly all doable. We also go out to dinner with friends. The only difference is that I give them a choice of restaurants that I know have a gluten-free menu.

    The only thing is that, in case someone has not mentioned it, you should have your own toaster. When I read that a few months after going gluten-free, I thought that was overkill. It is not and it needs to be done. My husband now uses the expensive 4 slice toaster and I use a $15 one from Walmart. He also only uses one section of the counter for his sandwich making and I know to clean that area real well and carefully.

    I wish you well and just stay positive. You are young and good health is around the corner for you. That is the most important thing to remember.

  12. Thats why our bill was so high. My mind was totally out of it as far as the bill was concerned. Then I added a $20 tip, forgetting that they always put the tip in there when it is 6 or more. I thought of the tip when I was going to sleep. So, you owe Lisa. Send her what you think is fair. I will send you a personal email with her address. She overpaid as I forgot to give her change from her $50.

    No folks, I am not cheap or a cheater - just brain dead most of the time.

  13. It was great to meet Lisa and Tom in person. Now when I talk to Lisa on the phone, I can put a face to the voice. After everybody had to run off to games and sightseeing, Tom and I visited over coffee at the Coffee Bean.

    No, I did not forget to mention Chris (Broncobux) and his beautiful girlfriend Tiffany. But, I already saw them last weekend - hee, hee.

    We shared different kinds of pizza. I had never tried the cheeseburger pizza and now I will have to make it one of my special choices as it was so good.

  14. I never was angry that I had Celiac. Just thankful. When my GP finally thought of this disease, I was already mostly bedridden and dehydrated. He said later I was probably only 2 weeks away from no recovery. I have not even been angry that no one else saw this for the past 30 years of being sick. And because of the malabsorption that I had for so long, I now have so many other things wrong that have greatly impacted my life. But, I consider anger a wasted emotion that I cannot spend what energy I have on.

    I wish you the best and for the many members they have also gone through what you are going through. You will get past this point and count your blessings that they found it in time. A long healthy life is ahead of you.


  15. OK. I googled the other one. And I think that is a better choice for everyone. Chris will be closer to get to the game and I won't get lost. It is closer to Phoenix for Tom. It is also easy for you Lisa, as Scottsdale Rd. is the main road in Scottsdale. Your hotel will direct you.

    The exact address is 8787 N. Scottsdale Road and the phone number is 480.596.8800. Just in case anyone gets lost.

    See everyone on Sunday at 11:00.

  16. It is good to see your post Judy. I am seeing Chris this weekend. I am going up to LV for three nights by myself. With my energy level, I will probably sleep alot, but that is OK. I just need some time by myself and my hubby agrees. The last two months have not been good in the health dept. and I don't know what the future holds. I am looking forward to this time. And Chris and I will meet for dinner or lunch, depending on his schedule. I so enjoy listening to him.

  17. I am sorry Lisa, but I have to disagree about the Vitamin D. As you know I live in Arizona and my D levels a year and a half ago, just barely hit the chart. Even with taking mega doses several times a week for a couple of months, I barely got in the normal range. I now have to take 1000 units a day and I am still barely in the range I am suppose to be at. But, I also don't know if the lack of D would cause a miscarriage. At my age, I am more concerned about waking up in the morning - hee, hee.

  18. Can't wait to see you at lunch in Scottsdale. The gluten free pizza menu is awesome.

    You will love Sedona. We went up there after I was diagnosed. Stayed two nights and ate some awesome gluten free foods. One was in a small strip mall on the right side as you head for the downtown area. I don't remember the name, but they fed me my first gourmet meal and it was so good and safe. The other was in the downtown area and is a very popular restuarant. Expensive but safe. I did not know about Picazzo's at that time.

    Sorry this is not just a sightseeing trip for you and hope your brother gets some good news after his Mayo visit. Wait until you see the Mayo as it is like being on a College campus.

  19. I would INSIST that they do a blood test now and schedule an endoscopy. That is your right. They are probably continuing to feed him gluten which is making him more ill. You need to be an advocate for your father and insist and not nicely if that is necessary. Remember you can have a false negative blood test and the endoscopy can only confirm Celiac, it cannot rule it out. If the tests come back negative, then start bringing your father food from home that is gluten free and see if he improves. Your brother can help you with that as he is gluten free. Good luck and prayers are coming your way.