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  1. I have been gluten free for 1 year 7 months and 19 days. In all this time I have been glutened twice. The second time was last night. I decided to eat pulled pork at a restaurant without asking if it was gluten-free. I woke up at 2 AM and I felt like I had eaten 10 lbs. of pulled pork. Grrrrr. It turns out that the pulled pork is the only meat they serve with gluten. So this is the first time I have ever been bloated. I guess from now on I will probably have digestive issues if I get glutened. I'm not posting to complain but I know there are others out there wondering about this. Thanks for listening.
  2. Hi Lovelrning, I have Silent celiac. I have been gluten-free since 5/21/2012. To this day I have not had a gastro symptom. The few times I have been glutened I experienced pain in my feet and legs which I had frequently before going gluten-free. I know it's crazy! People with neurological problems also will have joint pain, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and a few other symptoms.
  3. I never went through an endoscopy. My celiac panel was through the roof, so when I went to see the gastroenterologist he just ordered the DNA test. So, it is possible that you have had some healing over the past few months that would show a weak positive. I was fine with not having the endoscopy because I know I feel much better.
  4. txgal748

    Concerns With Going Gluten-Free?

    NVSMOM Can you tell us the brand of gluten-free mushroom soup? MOMMY2KRJ, Eating out and going to someone's house for a get together are the toughest, but can be managed.
  5. I have been primal off and on for 1 year. Honestly I think it is the best way to be gluten free. I had lost 15 lbs. but put on 10lbs back. I need to eat less and exercise more.
  6. Hi! I also thought I did not have any symptoms. All my symptoms are/were neurological. Leg pain, knee pain, and chronic dull headache. Any amount of gluten causes damage even if you don't have symptoms. There are 300 known symptoms of celiac disease. There are no levels of severity in Celiac Disease. There are several blogs about celiac that can be helpful. One of them is glutendude.com. Your son may also be interested in Mark's Daily Apple website. Good luck to your son. I hope he continues to take good care of his health especially with the T1 diabetes.
  7. DJS89, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 5/21/2012. I have to say I was on the verge of being seriously ill. All my symptoms were neurological. I could not stand in one spot for very long and I could not do without water for more that 30 minutes. My legs hurt, I kept getting dizzy, and I had a headache everyday although not very painful. I still don't understand the water thing. My PCP had me go se a neurologist that ordered $3,000 worth of blood test. Of course she put her money on hypoglycemia. The results were positive celiac panel and very low B12(184). The Dr. gave me a B12 shot that afternoon and I quit eating gluten that day. The next morning I felt fantastic. No headache, no leg pain, and no dizziness. I now take 1,000mcg of B12 everyday. I had blood work at the beginning of May which showed my B12 at 896 (normal range). I have never had any gastrointestinal problems. The only time I know for sure that I have been glutened my feet hurt for a couple of days. You should look up the symptoms of low B12, they are pretty scary. You should also have your Dr. do a Celiac Panel to see if you have celiac disease. I was fortunate that my celiac disease showed up in my blood work because the GI Dr. I went to decided the only other test I needed was the celiac disease DNA test, which of course showed that I have the celiac disease gene. Keep reading the discussions in this forum there is a lot of helpful information. Good Luck
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    Thanks for the replies. I think it is very funny to have these dreams. Every now and then I run across something that I'm like "OMG I can't have that anymore!" It has been surprising which things have made me the saddest. One of the big ones was sugar cones ;(. I thought it would have been chocolate cake. I know there are gluten-free options, but 1) they are pricey and I am cheap, and 2) good excuse for special treats. Have a Good Weekend!
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    Since being diagnosed I have had a few celiac dreams. In one dream there are some Church's biscuits and I pick one up and decide it won't hurt anything to have one. Half way through chewing the first bite I'm like "What am I doing!" and spit it out. Last night I dreamed got a handful of chex mix and popped it into my mouth. The I'm like "WTH!" and spit it out.
  10. So' we went to a graduation party Saturday for the daughter of some friends. Before going to the party I had a salad just in case. Now, I don't keep my celiac disease a secret but people that don't deal with it everyday do not know how all consuming celiac disease is. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5/09/2012 and then I was diagnosed with celiac disease 5/21/2012. Frankly, the celiac disease is there every moment of every day. My breast cancer tumor was 8mm, estrogen and progesterone positive(Thank God). My treatment was lumpectomy, radiation treatment, and tamoxifen for 5 years. The January mammogram showed no evidence of disease, next mammogram is in June. So, even though I worry about recurrence on occasion I feel like I don't have to worry as much about this than the celiac disease. I do worry about other cancers because of the celiac disease. Anyhow, I was very happy nobody noticed I did not eat any pizza. It was a relief my friend did not have to make a big deal about me not being able to eat pizza and trying to find something I could eat. I greatly enjoyed being able to visit with all of my former neighbors and watch the teenagers play in the water. I just wanted to share this with yawl because you understand better than anyone else. Good Night
  11. Celiac Diva.com is pretty good.
  12. eblue, it is tough. I was diagnosed 1 year ago. There is an app called "Is That Gluten Free?" It is expensive ($8.99), but I use it several times while grocery shopping. Eating out is difficult especially when meats are marinated with soy sauce. I check out restaurants online menus to see if they have gluten-free menus. Some examples are Chili's, Outback, PF Changs, and Pei Wei. I was slow in changing makeup. The first was lipstick. I purchase lipstick from Red Apple Lipstick. I was used to paying less than $10 for lipstick, so it was difficult to pay $18. It is worth it though since Red Apple Lipstick is gluten free and paraben free. You would not believe all of the carcinogens in makeup. Physicians formula has gluten-free powder foundation and eyeshadows, but not all of their products are gluten-free. you should also check out the Celiac Diva. Good Luck
  13. Hi! I need some make-up, so I went to the Bare Minerals website. Under FAQs there is a question which asks if their products contain wheat, barley, rye, or oats. In response they list all of the products that are gluten-free, but they state that it is possible these products are made on shared equipment . Have any of you had problems with Bare Minerals? Thanks,
  14. Argybargy, I would like to say that I thought I had no symptoms. Then I noticed the dull headaches disappeared, then the pain in my feet and legs went away. I have never had digestive problems. I can understand your concern about eating out, I think this is the hardest part. The best thing would be to do what Kareng says, but you will have to ask about gluten-free options at some point. I hate having to ask about gluten-free menu because I feel the staff will think I'm being difficult, but we have to get passed this. This is our health we are dealing with. Good Luck!
  15. Corey, It is my understanding that if the biopsy is not from the right location it will show up as negative. Ask your Mom to ask the Dr. to do a DNA test for celiac, this is much more accurate.