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  1. My family doctor was treating me for IBS but when nothing was working I asked for more tests. He sent me for more bloodwork and referred me to a Gastroenterologist. I went to the Gastro who continued to give me a different medication for IBS. I found out from my family doctor a week later that I tested positive for Celiacs in my bloodwork. He didn't say I MAY have it he said i DID. He was going to refer me to a gastro again but I reminded him he already sent me to the other doctor and I have an appointment in a month. He told me to go on a gluten-free diet but offered no help in doing so. When I saw the gastro a month later he said my antibodies were very high. I told him I was gluten free for almost a month and feeling alot better. He told me to stay on the diet and that he would do a biopsy. Is there any other reason to do a biopsy other than to confirm the diagnosis? It doesn't make sense that he would ask me to go gluten-free and have a biopsy almost 4 months later(the earliest time available) since going gluten-free for that long would likely make my biopsy come back negative. It has me confused.
  2. I eat McDonalds all the time with no reaction. Double Big Mac Combo, No bun, Extra mac sauce extra pickles. Its a risk though because if their other fryer breaks they will cook the chicken and such in the fry grease...hasnt happened to me yet though.
  3. Thanks Hootie, I googled it and you can order it online. I don't know if they ship frozen or not. I don't see that listed. International shipping is almost $30 so it's a no go for me but anyone in the states interested in trying it you can order it here... My link Along with some of their other products. Enjoy
  4. Hershey has a list of their products are gluten free.. My link
  5. Do they also include the extra ingredients like the Probiotics and glutamine? What brands are you refering to? I am having trouble finding a good multi.
  6. Teriw

    Doritos Lovers

    I am from Canada and I was only diagnosed about a month and a half ago. When I first started looking I had trouble finding a single chip I could eat. I was checking mainly lays brands. Lays, Ruffles and Doritos. When I started checking a week or two later I found the same products without wheat listed. CC is still possible but I have been successfully eating Zesty Doritos, All Dressed Ruffles and Lays Ketchup with no problems. All 3 had wheat listed when I first checked. the Doritos now just doesn't say any wheat ingretients. Ketchup are listed Gluten free (or wheat free I forget which) and the All Dressed now say rice flour instead of wheat flour.
  7. May not have to worry about Gluten in the food for the most part but I would worry about your dog food ingredients. Most contain fillers that have almost no nutritional value and the general grocery store brands, ie Iams, Kibbles, Purina, pedigree are the worst for it and contain BHA which is a cancer causing agent that has been banned from human foods. If your dog has bad gas, diahrea or other stomach issues you may want to check your labels for wheat and corn fillers. What you really want is something with more meat and nutrients. Most use corn fillers which just make your dog feel full but they end up eating more in the long run.
  8. I have been taking centrum because their website claims that none of their vitamins do not contain gluten. I felt much better for the first few days. I was finally not accidentally eating the wrong thing and the vitamin stopped me from being tired all the time. Now I am getting pains in my stomach again even though I am eating properly. I am wondering if this is the Centrum. Has anyone contacted them recently about gluten? Maybe their forumla has changed and they do not contain it or maybe their website can claim this because they dont ADD it. This is all so confusing. I thought about Celiact but I can't afford almost $40/mth