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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Found A Great Pasta!

    Schar makes GREAT gluten free pasta. Before being dxed I was a pasta fiend and I have found that schar is the only brand that is even close. If you are just looking for noodle dishes and you like thai food, try whipping up some pad thai. It's a very different thing but still satisfies my noodle craving
  2. I'm 26 and work at a gas station, so quick and affordable meals are a commodity in my book. I eat at mcdonald's sometimes as often as twice a week, and have had much better luck avoiding gluten (and getting something I enjoy) there than any other fast food place. Wendy's is cool and all, but the last time I checked their fries were not safe. Also Mcdonald's at least in my area gives much better service. You might have to be annoying, and if they are really busy I wouldn't risk it but they are usually very accomodating. just my 2 cents.
  3. Unsupportive Spouse

    I don't have anyone in my life like that any longer, and never one with such an important role but I still understand. It's hard enough to do any of the things you are trying to accomplish much less doing ALL of it with an unsupportive mate. Maybe he could convinced of the seriousness of the diet if he was fully informed on the complications that could arise if you don't follow it? I am of the opinion that if he doesn't like what you are eating that he should take more responsibility for finding new safe options. I wish you the best of luck in your struggles.
  4. Unsafe List

    Wow great ideas all over the place... I was aware of the need for gluten free kitchenware and for the most part I have those but I could definitely use more. I love the idea of those toaster bags. You all rock, I ask for a hand and get the whole arm!
  5. Hello

    Thank you all for your kind words and good advice. Summoning the willpower to follow the diet isn't difficult for me anymore but I do need to be more diligent when it comes to cross contamination. I believe my recent breakup could be attributed to problems from celiac so I can relate to RuskitD's divorce. Though my ex never said so, I believe our breakup was mainly due to the fact that I was pretty boring. I haven't had the desire to do much more than watch tv or play video games when I get home from work and when we did something socially, we went camping or went on picnics a few times but when it came to typical twenty something nightlife I was a stick in the mud. For me, the emotional problems tend to be more damaging to myself than they are to my loved ones. I have a hard time admitting I have any emotional problems in the first place because I have worked really hard to be the best emotional problem solver possible. I'm the type that always listens to other people's problems but never very good at communicating my emotional needs. I'm all for peace love and compromise, but at my core I still have that sense of (male?) pride that makes me want to cover up all of my weaknesses. So when the crap hits the fan I have to fight myself not to turn inward. @sorairobara I actually have been riding my bike approx. forty miles per week for around three years and can definitely agree that it has helped me immensely.
  6. Unsafe List

    Great, thanks Irishheart,kareng! I have it down pretty well but I wanted something I could hang up on the fridge for my less informed roommates(who are trying their darndest despite their ignorance).
  7. I think it's about time I get an updated list of unsafe ingredients and was wondering if anyone here might have one they would be willing to share? I am trying to teach my roommates how to cook for me, so I thought I might hang up a list. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks For Being Here

    Concerning what you said about doctors, my experience was exactly the same."Good news! you have celiac disease now you can just avoid gluten, here is a list of ingredients you can't have... here's the bill" Unfortunately, I didn't really start googling until later Sorry to hear about your depression/irratability/fatigue. I have been gluten free for just over two years now and I seem to get glutened just enough to keep those particular symptoms around. I hope you get the relief you are looking for.
  9. Continuation

    Not mean at all, technically it wasn't because I didn't believe but more so that I didn't believe in miraculous healing for myself. Thank you for your concern and I hope that you had a nice visit with your parents.
  10. New To The Forum From Mid-Missouri!

    welcome, that is quite a story. One thing I'm confused over is whether or not you have celiac disease? I noticed you said you had a wheat allergy and to many with celiac this is a bit of a no no. Regardless it sounds like you are on the right track, it's hard to make such a drastic change in one's diet. As far as tips for avoiding you and your roommate contaminating each other, that's a bit of a hard question as a lot of situations can be pretty different. For example, are you going to try to keep the whole place gluten/nut free? If not I would definitely recommend you have your own dishes, toaster, etc. Don't be afraid to beat a topic into the ground, MAKE SURE you are on the same page. Tree nuts, to my knowledge is a pretty easy allergy to manage comparitively but I would still try and take the time to understand your roommates needs in this regard and I am sure they will be more than happy to accommodate your needs. I hope I was of some help, though I am sure there are others on here who know much more than I.
  11. Newb From Sd

    It was extremely challenging, everyday she made a beeline for the shower. I'm sure I was glutened more than once from it, but she took every precaution she could. Sometimes she was even more careful than I was. I would keep the cookbooks, you could always substitute! I know it's not the SAME but I have had a few times where it actually improved a recipe.
  12. Continuation

    Dani- I really like your attitude, I think it is a mature and realistic approach to another one of the problems we celiacs are lucky enough to get to deal with. Growing up my dad wasn't in the picture but my mom was always very approachable. My grandparents played a pretty large role in my early development though and sometimes their logic could be a little trying. As pastors, they favored their faith over logic and once suggested that I was allowing the disease to have control over me by not believing in god to heal me. I didn't agree, but I still love them. I still wouldn't trust them to make me gluten free food however. Sometimes we gotta take what we can get.
  13. Restaurants In Cleveland?

    Awesome, thanks Stephanie! I'll be sure to check into both of those places. This is exactly what I was looking for. Does anyone else have ideas or suggestions? When I get around to calling them I'll be sure to report my findings.
  14. Restaurants In Cleveland?

    I know of a few restaurants that I like and was wondering if maybe anyone knew of any others. The places I have tried with good results are the following Noodlecat: This restaurant's staff was extremely knowledgeable about what might contain gluten and worked with me to create a substition that I would be happy with. Most of their food is or can be made gluten free. It is located downtown Johnny Mangoes: Items that are gluten free or vegetarian are clearly marked on the menu and there are a lot of options, that are delicious. I really enjoyed their pad thai. It is located in Ohio City. Tommy's Gluten free Pizza and Chicken: I have seen people referring to a different one in the cleveland area but the one in Lakewood has a few different items available and delivers. (pretty far away I might add) I'd love to try some more restaurants if anyone has anything they would like to recommend.
  15. Newb From Sd

    Hello Elleystar! I am pretty new around here but I'd like to welcome you nonetheless. That's really cool that you work at a health food store, I'm jealous. I can definitely understand the difficulties of staying gluten free in a household that consumes gluten. I live with two roommates, both of which eat gluten. Before them I lived with my ex girlfriend who actually worked at a bakery. Patience is easily spread thin in that environment until you find your own methods of keeping everything safe. I hope your efforts are going more smoothly than mine did.