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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Wth?? False positive? Yeah that's nonsense!
  2. 34 Weeks And "mildly Positive"

    No. I tried with my oldest until 2 weeks when he became jaundice. I don't produce enough. But none of them were on "regular" formula. They all required a different version... soy, sensitive, etc. Although, from what I understand if your diet is gluten free, you should be fine breastfeeding without risk to baby.
  3. 34 Weeks And "mildly Positive"

    I haven't been technically diagnosed yet, but my bloodwork came back high and positive...just haven't been to the doc yet to confirm. However, this is my fourth pregnancy, and I have a feeling I was celiac before. All my kids are very healthy, with the exception of my son who is going through the testing for celiac now. I agree it is very very important you don't "cheat" but also understand that there are parents out there doing much worse things than eating gluten here and there and the babies are in great shape!! Don't stress yourself....eat right from this point on...and just stay positive, I'm sure you're baby is fine
  4. Argh! Heartburn...

    well, I am going through the process of being Diagnosed. My tests came back positive, but this pregnancy I have had heartburn from HELL!! It's so bad it feel like I am being stabbed through the chest with a knife. Before I started my Celiac testing, i asked my doc about the heartburn. He said That after you eat DO NOT lay down or recline back for 30 mins after. Also, milk during and after a meal helps. This has definately decreased the pain. I still get it on occasion, but I'm not in tears anymore. My doctor also said malox (sp?) would be ok...but I haven't tried it yet. You are right though...tums are totally worthless!
  5. My son, now 9, had speech delays. When he was 5 he was diagnosed with apraxia and put into speech therapy. He was speaking perfectly by 7. Now he has rushes, is constipation, and has abdomen pain. I believe its celiac, bit we just got our paperwork today for the blood test.
  6. OMG! I am so glad I found this thread! My son just got his paperwork for celiac testing, but he is full of poop and the doc gave him miralax and insisted there was no way to overdose on it. Also said to just continue the dosing. Agh.... Any safer ways to do a cleanout?
  7. Making My Way Through The Tests!

    Thanks!! No he hasn't seen a dermatologist, because through my insurance it's considered a specialist, and we need a referral..which his pedi refuses to give us too! So, today I am calling a different pedi office and making an appt. Hopefully, that will be on a better track to getting this fixed for him!!
  8. Hi. I am new here. I apologize, this may be long. My son (9 years old) has had an "excema like" rash for about 8 months. His pedi diagnosed it as excema, with NO TESTS. Over the last several months he has given him 2 different steroids, with NO RESULTS. I was also told that excema won't ever go away. During this time, i also found out my son has very irregular bowel movements and ab pain. After thinking about his favorite foods (very gluten heavy) it occurred to me he might have celiac. his pedi REFUSED to test him for it, instead he gave him constipation medicine. This lead me to think about myself...thinking if this is hereditary, maybe I have it? I am also 5 months pregnant...but my iron levels fluxuate (when not preganant too) My bowels movements are not regular, I have a hard time with weight, and I never really feel good... So, I asked my OBGYN for the test. He said no problem. These are my results: reticulan IgA Negative gliadin Ab Iga *64 gliadin ab igG *29 Range <20 neg >20 postive TtG Ab IgA *29 range <5 Neg 5-9 Equivocal >9 Pos This says positive to me!! At least after what i've read. Does this read positive to those who have experience with this?? and if so, should this be enough to demand my son be tested?