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  1. The body has many physiological responses, reflexes and defense mechanisms which are not always understood or even recognized. Physiological conditioned responses of the body are widely accepted due to Ivan Pavlov and his famous experiment of eliciting the secretion of the salivary glands in dogs...
  2. Chopper...Please don't be upset or take offense. I think the use of the terms psychosomatic and psychological were perhaps not the best to use. And I think what they are really trying to say is that gluten has not actually entered your body. However considering the definition I found of psychosomatic...
  3. I have used several of the Simply Organic spices by Frontier and without any problems. I prefer to use them over other brands. They have them at my ShopRite grocery store here...they are expensive but when I go I check which ones may be on sale as I plan to replace what spices I use with this brand...
  4. I can't stand watermelon either. And I relate to eating honeydew and cantalope and having such pains you want to die or be taken to the emergency room. I remember as a child having cantalope very infrequently and loving it so I really don't know why in later years I came to have such a problem with...