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  1. SensitiveMe

    Goya Canned Beans

    I am guessing instead of FWIW she meant to say, so far. I sometimes make mistakes in speaking and when questioned have...
  2. SensitiveMe

    Corn Sensitivity

    In answer to the question, I was not told the level of the IGE but only that it was very very high and I was referred...
  3. SensitiveMe

    Pizza Sauce From Scratch

    I know you are sensitive to corn to which I also am. If you could find it you might use a brand called Pomi for a fast...
  4. SensitiveMe

    Goya Canned Beans

    I would think that Goya canned beans would be made with Goya dried beans. I can tell you that the Goya dried beans packages...
  5. SensitiveMe

    Lactose Intolerance

    Perhaps you could try making your own using Lactaid Milk which is 100 % lactose free and is what I do in order to have...
  6. SensitiveMe

    Corn Sensitivity

    I seem to not to be able to get away with anything as far as corn is concerned. A bloodwork test on me a couple of years...
  7. SensitiveMe

    Got Glutened. Hoping For Some Insight.

    I use potato vodka when vodka is called for and in recipes such as vodka alla penne or making my own vanilla extract...
  8. I would like to add that bread machines are not as forgiving as making your own bread from scratch. Be very careful with...
  9. I only use a bread machine for my bread and have done so for a few years now. I think the pricey brand you may be referring...
  10. I could not tolerate Rice Chex but came to know that it is because of corn. Initially, I did not have knowledge of all...
  11. Andi...I am also allergic to many medications and I have had many problems with blood pressure medications and the worst...
  12. SensitiveMe

    Swelling In Right Side Of Abdomen

    I urge you to immediately have your gall bladder checked especially since it showed inflammation in the past. And that...
  13. I use a rice called A Taste of Thai Jasmine Rice. I also cannot tolerate oats as well as corn and soy. It has never given...
  14. King Arthur flour sells a product called Cake Enhancer which I use and think is somewhat similar to Expandex. They also...
  15. Jorona...I would recommend a cookbook called gluten-free Makeovers by Beth Hillson. Of all my many glutenfree cookbooks...