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  1. Yes, definitely tell them. In intake forms, they will usually ask about allergies, and you can just list it there. Then, when the dentist reviews it and brings it up, you can mention that you need to check all products before they are used on you, etc. Easy!

    Good luck!

  2. One step that you can take is ask the ped. to test him for the genes associated with Celiac - HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8. Over 95-98% of those with Celiac has one/both of the genes, so if he tests negative, then you know his risk for Celiac is dramatically lower than someone with the gene. Of course, having the gene does not mean he has Celiac, as 30-40% of the population has the gene. But, would be a good bit of information to you to have.

  3. great.

    Funny how I believe you, an anonymous being I have never seen, when it comes to questioning medical results.

    <insert rant on health care system and medical education shortcomings>

    Years ago (wow, years ago!) - my favorite quote, from a doctor I highly respect, when I asked him why doctors didn't do <insert multiple test names here> correctly: "They are lazy and don't want to take the time to do it right."

    I have yet to figure out the point of doing something if you don't do it right.

    Then, docs in general, please don't question me when I grill you as to 1) if you PLAN to do the test correctly and what the standards are and 2) if you actually DID the test correctly.

    <end of rant>

    Janet - will respond to PM. Enjoy your day "off"!

  4. You may want to check out local Celiac support groups for information, referrals, and knowledgable members that may be able to point you in the right direction.

    Here are some of the national groups, with Texas pulled up:

    Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG): http://www.gluten.net/branches.php#Texas

    Celiac Disease Foundation: http://www.celiac.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=79&Itemid=105

    CSA: http://www.csaceliacs.org/chapters2.php?stateid=44

  5. Not a hotline, but here are some options:


    General info:

    Here is some info the help - use them all and food shopping is less confusing.

    Unsafe ingredients: http://www.celiac.co...ents/Page1.html

    Safe ingredients: http://www.celiac.co...ents/Page1.html

    A list of companies that has a clear gluten policy. If you don't see "wheat, rye, barley, barley malt, oats" on the labels, its not there, or hidden in "flavors, starches, etc." http://www.glutenfre...lists/index.htm and http://glutenfreeins...ct_updates.html This makes shopping MUCH easier.

    FDA foods are required to list wheat - it cannot be hidden.


    Triumph Dining Grocery Guide: http://www.triumphdining.com/products/gluten-free-recipe-ingredients


    Clan Thompson's Celiac lists http://www.clanthompson.com/index.php3


    Iphone app: http://www.midlifecrisisapps.com/Midlife_Crisis_Apps/Is_That_Gluten_Free.html