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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. 36 yrs here, and I had to look up how to change my weight to kg.! 48.6 kg.
  2. My son also has multiple food allergies. We decided to try to reintroduce peanut butter (his peanut allergy is small). We were thrilled that he did not present a rash this time, however, at night he had a night terror the first night we gave him peanut butter. He acted just like you described: crying, flailing, hitting, and inconsolable. The next night he woke up crying and had an accident. So, yes we have experienced something similar. I googled night terrors and food allergies and there seems to be a correlation between the two.
  3. That is one of the things that I am hoping to get through our GI referral. I hope the process does not take too long. Our doctor 'handles it from their end', so I don't have a number for a GI. We are supposed to wait for a call from the GI doctor. How long do you think we should wait before I start hounding the doctor? Thank you for answering all of my questions! I didn't think pencil thin stools were a result of the Miralax, but I have never given him that much before. I do know that he still has a hard time even passing the 'pencil stools'. I have had to make a game of it with him of getting him to try to 'toot' on the pot (which causes him to pass the stool, too) and we make a big deal of belly laughing when he can make a noise. It is quite strange the things we find ourselves doing to make our kids feel better, you know?! LOL
  4. No worries. Sometimes I over google. I googled night terrors + allergies and there seems to be a connection, but I don't know if anyone else has experienced that before. I don't want to cause more night terrors and it was pretty coincidental. I was feeling pretty good with no rash showing up and it didn't seem to trigger his usual 'stuffiness' either. I guess I might try another peanut butter snack today and keep my fingers crossed for no reaction! Thanks.
  5. We are doing the trial through the doctor's advice. We see an allergist on Monday. Also, his peanut allergy is pretty low. He scored .31 kU/L which is just under low. It falls under 'Clinical Relevance Undetermined' (0.10-0.34).
  6. Is this only on new bigger bags? I buy the 50 ct. chip bags at Costco and on the ingredients it still says the Nacho flavored Doritos (red bag) contains wheat. I haven't checked the bigger bags recently.
  7. I have a quick question about poop if anyone is still following this thread. So now that is has been 4 days since we fed Colton all of the Miralax, his poops are soft, but more solid (no longer liquid the last couple of days). My question is, his poop is still pencil thin. Is this because of the Miralax, or is this suggestive of continued blockage? His doctor did feel his stomach and said it was soft and he could feel a 'normal amount of stool' in there (which was interesting because Colton's poop was all liquid up until that point), but if you have followed my posts then you know how highly I think of our doctor (sarcasm intended).
  8. So my son has many other allergies besides wheat, peanuts being one of them. Prior to going gluten-free he never showed rashes or anything, he was just stuffy and always constipated. We still struggle with the constipation. Now that he is eating again, we have decided to trial peanuts again. While keeping a food diary, something caused him to break out in a rash. I assumed it was his peanut butter sandwich, but he also ate grapes and other things that day. His peanut allergy is pretty low, so his doctor had said maybe we should trial peanut butter again and see if that was it. Yesterday we gave him a peanut butter sandwich on gluten free bread. No rash! However, last night he had a night terror and he hasn't had one in quite some time. Does anyone know if this could have been triggered by the peanut butter? Should we trial it again today and see if it happens again? The night terror did not last long, about 10 minutes, but I hate that nothing comforts him when he has them. He thrashes around crying and swings and kicks at anyone trying to help him.
  9. Ok, so my doctor is still an idiot, but at least we got a referral! Thank goodness I insisted on my husband getting off work early and coming with us to my son's appointment. So we got in there and talked about my son's improvement since cutting his allergies out, but our concern is with the constipation still recurring. My doctor thinks the improvement on the diet and the constipation is all behavioral?! I showed him pictures of my son's outbreaks in rashes after eating certain foods, and the doctor said 'that would be suggestive of allergies', but in the next breath went back to it all being behavioral and Colton will grow out of it, blah, blah, blah... Everything I showed or argued was put on a deaf ear. Then my husband speaks up and says he thinks it is something more, something GI related. The doctor asks if we would like a referral for a pediatric GI at OHSU. Um, hello! I am standing right here and have been asking for a referral for months!!! In the next breath the doctor did have to add that he doubts a GI will find anything wrong, but if it will put our minds to rest then fine. Anyhow, at least we have a referral now. Unfortunately, our doctor's office takes care of the referral process, so I can't switch doctors at least until we have the GI office call and get us in! As soon as we hear from them, bye bye doctor!
  10. I am really hoping you find some answers soon! Will you be pushing for allergy testing at this appointment?
  11. LOL, Best of both worlds! When I was in high school my friend's mom (they lived in WA) used to have me come up to shop at Vancouver Mall with them for school clothes so I could show my Oregon ID and not pay sales taxes.
  12. I must say, I was actually born in Florida and then my family lived in Alabama. I was way too young to remember any of it. We have lived in Oregon since I was 5 and it makes it very difficult to visit other places without feeling way too hot! I love that there is not much humidity, because I cannot stand to 'glisten' (since girls don't sweat). I think the Willamette Valley is one of the only places where you will use your car heater in the early morning, the AC in the afternoon and the heater again at night! I also heard that Oregon is one of the places that sells the most sunglasses since we always misplace them during the fall/winter/spring months when we don't use them everyday! It doesn't take too long to grow webbed feet!
  13. I Just wanted to update everyone. The poops are thickening (no accidents today) and my son ate a great breakfast, asked for a snack between breakfast and lunch, and is currently devouring his lunch. His bum is also no longer sore. He says his tummy does not hurt and he is doing great. Who would have thought he could make such a turn around after a day of the runs! I just wanted to say thank you again for all of the support, concern, and advice. I cannot stress enough how great it is to have people out there who not only care, but listen and just get it!