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  1. Lfrost

    How Old Are You?

    36 yrs here, and I had to look up how to change my weight to kg.! 48.6 kg.
  2. My son also has multiple food allergies. We decided to try to reintroduce peanut butter (his peanut allergy is small...
  3. Lfrost

    4 Year Old Won't Eat

    Oh my gosh! How frustrating!
  4. Lfrost

    4 Year Old Won't Eat

    That is one of the things that I am hoping to get through our GI referral. I hope the process does not take too long...
  5. Lfrost

    Food Allergy Trials

    No worries. Sometimes I over google. I googled night terrors + allergies and there seems to be a connection, but...
  6. Lfrost

    Food Allergy Trials

    We are doing the trial through the doctor's advice. We see an allergist on Monday. Also, his peanut allergy is pretty...
  7. Lfrost

    Kids Snacks, Candy, Treats

    Is this only on new bigger bags? I buy the 50 ct. chip bags at Costco and on the ingredients it still says the Nacho...
  8. Lfrost

    4 Year Old Won't Eat

    I have a quick question about poop if anyone is still following this thread. So now that is has been 4 days since...
  9. Lfrost

    Food Allergy Trials

    So my son has many other allergies besides wheat, peanuts being one of them. Prior to going gluten-free he never showed...
  10. Lfrost

    We Got A Gi Referral!

    Ok, so my doctor is still an idiot, but at least we got a referral! Thank goodness I insisted on my husband getting...
  11. Lfrost

    Hot Enough For You?

    Thanks for the laughs Kareng!
  12. Lfrost

    An Update On Us...

    I am really hoping you find some answers soon! Will you be pushing for allergy testing at this appointment?
  13. Lfrost

    Hot Enough For You?

    LOL, Best of both worlds! When I was in high school my friend's mom (they lived in WA) used to have me come up to shop...
  14. Lfrost

    Hot Enough For You?

    I must say, I was actually born in Florida and then my family lived in Alabama. I was way too young to remember any of...
  15. Lfrost

    4 Year Old Won't Eat

    I Just wanted to update everyone. The poops are thickening (no accidents today) and my son ate a great breakfast, asked...