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  1. sorairobara

    What More Can I Do?

    I do all the cleaning around here for everything. We all have normal allergies I just prefer to keep the place clean instead of popping tons of allergy pills. I don't have confirmed celiacs but a confirmed wheat allergy with celiacs symptoms so im completely gluten free. I don't think they've been using flours at all but could other things be getting into the air by just being left sitting in an open dishwasher? Something obviously caused my insides to turn to yellow mush and was super tired with headaches and sick in the mornings. Finally feeling closer to normal again and trying to keep it that way.
  2. sorairobara

    What More Can I Do?

    I've had roommates for the last two months for the first time since going gluten free and was doing good keeping the kitchen clean and feeling good until the second week of classes. We keep dishes and food separate. My silverware is in a microwave cart away from everything else. I move all dishes they leave in the sinks or counters to the dishwasher which I don't use. I wipe down the counters and scrub the sinks multiple times everyday. I've started doing before each time I get anything out. We have separate dish towels and brushes. I'm having some issues with the roommates and asked them to keep up with the kitchen because it was making me sick. They said they would and that they wipe down the counters everytime but neither are true and dishes haven't been done in over a week now and the dishwasher can't be closed anymore and I'm running out of space to stack all of their stuff. What more could I do to keep things clean? Before school started I did everyones dishes and all the cleaning but I just don't have time and I don't think it'll get through to them to keep up with cleaning the kitchen until I get sick or past my breaking point of patience. I don't want to cause drama with the roommates and just keep their stuff out of the way and my areas as clean as I can expecting/knowing that the roommates won't clean as much as they say they do.
  3. sorairobara

    New To The Forum From Mid-Missouri!

    Hopefully I'll be able to get a hold of the different tests I've had done because I'd love an informed opinion on all of those! I'm gluten free to the point that I know that all my hygiene products are safe and I don't eat anything unless it says it's gluten free or I've spent a good amount of time googling anything I'm not sure about. And thankfully I didn't have a lot of wood stuff, most of the plastic I had then I don't use or it's been thrown away (currently in the process of slowly eliminating all virgin plastic from my life), and I cleaned my toaster but I rarely use it (haven't in months) and I'm getting a brand new on when I move. I'll still find out new things I can't eat but thankfully I find more new things I can eat nowadays! I still suffer from fatty BMs. I'm more weak than I should be and I'm still easily dizzy. My stomach is still unhappy a lot of the time. If I don't eat small frequent amounts things go down hill. I still get some night sweats. umm...trying to think of everything. My period is particularly bad. I don't get cramps or anything like that I just get all of the symptoms from eating gluten when I know I haven't accidentally consumed any. My insides and immune system just fall apart for a few days and then leave me feeling super weak for the rest.
  4. sorairobara


    Typical twenties night life is overrated! It's the people you're with not what you're doing! At least that's how I personally feel, but not being able to participate in going out and eating or drinking with friends is a definite bummer. Especially when people stop asking you out because it's awkward being the only one not eating or drinking, so TV and video games are nice! And forty miles? Damn that's impressive! Exercise for me is walking to and from classes and yoga in the night or morning or night and sometimes that's too much for my body. >.<;
  5. Writing a speech about gluten/wheat/celiacs for class! Anyone know of any good articles/books that summarize up everything and the differences that's from an academic source?

  6. sorairobara

    New To The Forum From Mid-Missouri!

    My wheat allergy is very different from my other allergies. Those bother me in the normal ways, sneezing, congestion, heacaches. With wheat I have none of those symptoms it's all gastrointestinal. The symptoms I suffered from wheat and while I was beginning to cut it out of my diet was weight loss, nausea, headaches, muscle and joint pains, constipation but of (TMI) yellow mush, mental and emotional difficulties, difficult mornings, troubles sleeping, and night sweats all the fun symptoms of being malnourished and unable to keep down most of my food. I started going gluten free right after I my "friend" suggested I looked into it and while I definitely struggled with cross contamination for around six months and still have the occasional cross contamination (usually eating out which is a rare treat now and that drink i mentioned) I haven't intentionally consumed any wheat since January 4, 2011. edit...also I follow a completely gluten free diet despite only confirming wheat. I figure it's a safe to assume I may have problems with gluten specifically and so I avoid rye and barley as well to be safe.
  7. sorairobara


    WELCOME! And the emotional and mental problems are definitely not all in your head! Any sort of malnourishment can be very bad for your mental and emotional well being! I thought I was crazy for a few months when starting to try to go gluten free. My anxiety and depression went through the roof and many times would pop out of nowhere. I'm pretty sure that some of the people at the Hyvee by my house recognize me as the girl always coming in crying...hopefully they never saw me falling down in the isles too, but thats all been doing so much better! Eat healthy and exercise even if its just a little! It makes a world of difference!
  8. i I'm not sure if it was required my freshman year or not but I was in the dorms then. I feel like it may have been lifted more recently because of the lack of campus housing, but please don't trust me on that! My sophomore year I got paid $1,000 and got my $300 back to cancel my dorm contract to make more room in the dorms because so far every year is the largest freshman class Mizzou has seen. So that could be a nice option down the road? Also, if its an off campus apartment owned by Mizzou it's still considered a dorm I believe! Good luck with summer welcome and figuring things out!
  9. sorairobara

    New To The Forum From Mid-Missouri!

    Thank you! So far I've just confirmed a wheat and peanut allergy. Apparently the doctor I was seeing ran some sort of test for celiacs and that a few things were off but it wasn't terrible. I'd been away from all wheat and anything with gluten for about three months then. I'd ask the doctor what tests but he's rather useless and told me to keep eating wheat. I'm already having difficulties with insurance and such with my allergy drops and haven't found anyone who knows their celiacs and allergies so im not bothering with more testing for now because what im doing to get better probably wouldn't change any.
  10. Columbia has a good number of stores to check out! I got to Clovers, Natural Grocers, and Hyvee for most of my food. Also the farmers markets in town are great and a lot of times can be cheaper that buying produce from the store! Is your son doing housing through campus? Personally I wouldn't recommend the dorms for someone who is going to have a difficult time with food you can't have more than a microwave and a rice cooker, but there's a very large number of student apartment complexes that have had a few building bought out by Mizzou so he would still have an RA and some supervision and a kitchen and a fridge and I believe all of those complexes have busses to campus! I got lucky and had already moved out of the dorms by the time I got sick! You can get safe food from the dining halls but it takes a lot longer for someone to properly clean everything and the options are kinda of limited at times and those dining halls can get crazy packed! If you trust your son there's a lot of much cheaper housing all over town and a lot in walking distance of campus! Just be careful if you look in East Campus area there's some not so great apartments with some not so great owners that direction.
  11. Hello all! I've been creeping this forum for a year and a half now and finally decided to sign up yesterday after getting way too sick from drinking Malibu and cranberry juice at the bar the night before last. I'm tiny and not great with alcohol but I had a drink and threw up at least six times before I was able to head home. Yesterday was miserable sore everywhere, woke up sick to my stomach, and coughing and congested (i think I'm allergic to my bedroom), no appetite, headaches. Was hoping this morning would be better but coughing (this clears when I get up and leave my room. Anyone have tips for keeping a super clean room? I just washed all my sheets and run my rainbow vacuum to try to clean the air some) and throwing up stomach acid, and already have a headache. I'm not trusting bars anymore! But yeah...I just wanted to say hi and get my story out there just to get some confirmation that I'm not crazy and that I'm on the right track because as most of you know doctors tend to be rather useless a lot of the time. we go! >.< So I've always been skinny. 5'6" and a 100lbs through most of highschool. My mom fed me healthy food, and I never ate or snacked a lot, but I could put away a ton of breakfast foods or desserts (used to be favorites) if you put them in front of me. I tended to have a weak stomach in the mornings and couldn't shower in the morning because it would make me sick and was always somewhat constipated (going 1 every two days was average) but thought nothing of any of that at the time. I was busy, active, and healthy for the most part. Things changed at the end of 2010. My boyfriend had been trying to help me gain weight but it hadn't really been working. I finished up that fall semester extremely stressed and had taken too much adderall as a study aid those last two weeks and my boyfriend broke up with me the day before I went home to my parents. Things went down hill from there. Most of my friends from high school wouldn't hangout with me or kept bailing on plans so I was hanging out with some not so great people because I was stressed and miserable at home. (They gave me some not so fun drugs like GHB :/) And during all of this I was starting to have a very hard time eating food it just hurt so much so I had to lay down for like an hour after I would eat otherwise I'd throw up and had stopped having any sort of normal BMs. It got over six days. I didn't talk to my parents but they didn't seem to notice anything wrong with eating christmas dinner in ten minutes and then laying down for two hours. The only good thing I got from those terrible friends was a suggestion that I may have celiacs and I started looking into it. I was so weak and miserable and resorting to MDMA (haven't touched anything like this since then. so no worries there!) to be able to go out and function on a normal level. Obviously that wasn't helping anything at all, but at the time I was miserable and couldn't do anything without it hurting, was wanting to kill myself, and really didn't have anyone to go to or anyone who could help me out. My parents treated me going gluten free undiagnosed at the beginning of 2011 like they treated me being vegetarian in high school. I lived off of rice and clementines for a few days. I ate very little and my parents kept getting mad at me for not eating the food they were preparing for me. But I could keep that down, it didn't hurt, I had finally been able to go to the bathroom and I looked noticeably better weight wise. I was without a scale but when I finally got to one and obviously put on a few pounds I was 96lbs. I don't want to know how bad I was before that, but I know I did quite the number on my body. When I got back home from break I was miserable still. People were mad at me for things I did over that break. I had an apartment full of food that I couldn't eat and no idea what to do and my ex had moved out the day before I got back after living there for a month. I was starting classes, living a lone for the first time, had almost no food, and was so sick that I didn't have to energy to stand long enough to cook my own food. I had permanent headaches, couldn't get my weight above 100lbs, terrible back, neck, and knee pain, was so dizzy I couldn't stand up without getting light headed, still couldn't properly BM and it was always yellow and coated in fat. Mornings were terrible. I would start throwing up first thing when I woke up and wouldn't be able to get down anything for a few hours. I was so tired. I wasn't sleeping at night waking up every two hours like clockwork and burning up drenched while freezing at the same time. I was able to get into see student health at my college but the doctor was completely useless other than a blood test conforming I didn't have diabetes, thyroid problems, ran an inconclusive blood test to see if I had celiacs ( had already completely cut gluten out for at least a month. He told me that I should add some back into my diet which I did not listen to and said blood levels of things were a little low but that everything looked okay, but I obviously was really malnourished. All of this went on for a few months. Still feeling miserable and trying to balance school, life, relationships, and everything on my own wondering if going gluten free was the right thing, if somethings else was wrong, and if I was crazy. Did I mention that I was always an anxious and somewhat depressed individual (i could handle it alright though) but it went through the roof when I got sick. Especially when I was feeling worse or when I had some cross contamination (which would set me back a few pounds and made things even worse for a few days) Sorry about that rambling. >.<; Finally in June or July I was able to finally get some conclusive test results. I was allergic to wheat and to peanuts. I had replaced my love of oreos with recesses. I never noticed anything but I don't imagine that was helping . I've slowly been recovering over the last year and a half. It hasn't been easy. I've finally got my weight up to 110-113lbs! The most I've ever weighed! But I've switched my major to nutrition and dietetics so I can learn what nutrients I need more or and what I'm missing and all of that and hopefully be able to help people out who have faced the same things I have. I've been seeing a counselor and my useless doctor prescribed my paxil in less than 15 minutes which I refuse to take. I've also started on allergy drops in the last two months for environmental allergies (I reacted to everything. But grasses DUH!!!!, and dust mites, and cats (given a low dose because I already knew about that one) swelled up to a little smaller than a quarter. With the food test I once again reacted to everything and I reacted to the wheat after not being anywhere close to any (other than cross contamination occasionally) in over a year. I'm still not 100%, but (other than right now from that stupid drink) I've been doing so much better! I still get weak and dizzy super easy and can't get my weight up higher. My stomach always kinda hate me when I eat, but I can get up and going and have productive days without falling and/or breaking out in tears or a panic attack every ten minutes. I'm pretty sure I'm still malnourished to an extent and one days when I can keep down all my food I try to consume a 2000+kcal diet. Which isn't easy when I'm trying to avoid processed foods (I had to live off of them for a few months starting off. My food bill was scary high! Gluten free microwave meals aren't cheap but it was that or not eat at the time) and trying to eat lost of fruits an vegetables, meat, rice, and potatoes oh and I can handle dairy again but I can have a lot of it makes me sick. My dairy consumption is just string cheese and greek yogurt. And I now enjoy hemp, coconut, and almond milks instead! Also, my BMs are still very yellow and fatty despite being much better at eating properly and avoiding gluten. I imagine that I had minor wheat allergies long before things got bad and that 20 years of damage to my small intestine is going to take a while to heal. But I'm studying nutrition to figure all this out! I try to volunteer at local animal shelters when I can! I've started aikido and doing yoga on my own in the mornings! Things to get healthy and active. Now some of the main problems I'm facing is having to eat and fix all my food alone since I can't just go to taco bell and don't want to make people accommodate my allergies and it's extremely hard to get people to come over to mine to eat because they don't want to waste my money and food but I just want some company and people who understand that this is going to take a while to get better and not think that I'm just doing all of this to myself and that I'm using it as an excuse! Which I'm not! I work really hard to make it through the day to eat enough, not get sick, and take care of friends who are struggling too and have no ride but me most of the time to get necessities! So sorry for the extremely long post! I think I added most of my symptoms and what I've been doing to get better. Any good tips for getting healthy and improving nutrient absorption? Any good ways to deal with always being left out when it comes to food? Also, moving this weekend and I'm going to have a roommate does anyone have good tips for making sure we don't make each other sick? She's allergic to tree nuts. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
  12. sorairobara

    Night Sweats

    I had it really bad for a few months after starting to go gluten free! I'm 21 and was 20 at the time so it's obviously not menopause, and while it's not as bad anymore more I still think I'm having some. The AC in my apartment can be really funky sometimes so it may be that but I'll keep my AC below 70 degrees at night and I'm too skinny so I'm almost always cold. I'll falls asleep covered in blankets, wake up drenched freezing and burning up at the same time, and then wake up again usually right before I have to get up once again freezing. I think now it's a combo of my body and my AC hating me at the same time, but I'm moving soon and I'll have a roommate to help me figure out if its me or our house!
  13. Nice! I didn't know about the living social or the military base! I think there's a military base somewhere close(ish) by and if it's ever on the way I'm going to take advantage of my military ID while I still can! Thank you! Also, whoever mentioned Aldis that is a good one! I get lots of chips, lunch meats by the pound, and meat sticks from there and they even have gluten free fruit snacks if you can find them! They come and go at the Aldis I shop at.
  14. sorairobara

    Hey Everyone :)

    HI! I'm new too! I thought that after a year and a half I should start talking to people going through the same thing as I am!
  15. I would be extremely careful about that chinese food! If the cooks or owners don't speak good english I wouldn't trust them! (Not being racist there's just a huge language barrier there and sadly most Americans won't care or understand your problem even if they speak perfect english) There are so many ways that you could get cross contamination even it everything in your meal is "safe" you don't know how well things were cleaned, where food was stored, what sauces and seasonings that should be gluten free but sadly are not because it seems like companies love adding wheat as a filler in things! If you're not very sensitive you may be able to handle the cross contamination (unless you know the restaurant extremely well. Its safe to assume the there will always be a little) but if you're just starting off being gluten free I wouldn't risk it just yet! Getting healthy can be done but you've got a long road a head of you and you don't need any set backs this early in the game! See if you can bring your own food! Make something so delicious that everyone there is jealous of your food!