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  1. Hello everyone, I am having a difficult time right now. I have been sick most of my life.. needless to say I am on day 13 and my energy is back headaches are gone as well as reflux..I went through the worst withdrawal..I was prescribed\ Oxycontin in the past for my endometriosis pain and coming off of that drug held no candle to the withdrawal I experienced coming off wheat and Gluten. I am not working right now due to the persistent right side ache in my gut. It feels like a fist full of spikes in my side..eating is a challenge and I have been juicing all of my veggies and fruits. I was wondering if I am the only one going through this..I cant afford to loose another job. Will this pass...
  2. I would really like to keep updating you all on my progress since some of you are probably confused,and alot of you are most likely in more pain then you have had originally( especially within the first 3 weeks)I also noticed in the beginning weeks physical symptoms that never bothered me before. Popping joints was one of them. I am now on week 8 and had a doctors appointment today..he said hes never seen me look better..I know there is a long way to go with healing.Prayer..solid diet and supportive friends will make this journey a much easier one. The emotions are also difficult at times. Its ok to cry. Its ok to treat yourself to all the rest and help you require. Many of you have been undiagnosed for many years such as myself and are now just dealing with it. Simplify and do what you can. The ladder is tall and remember make every attempt at the climb count. Love and hugs to my fellow fighters. ps..The initial withdrawal will pass and the pain will subside and what i can compare it to is finally seeing through a dusty window..little by little the dust clears up Xo
  3. Hi everyone..i am now 6 weeks in and everything is really turning around! I posted when I was 2 weeks in with severe burning rib pain,headaches etc.. well that has all lessened to a great degree..some of my muscle strength has returned..I am still quite tired..but that in itself is chalked up to healing. All I can say to all of you 2 to 3 weeks even 4 weeks in there is hope..you are healing. Stick to the plan.I also am taking a high potency probiotic twice daily..Its 50 billion dose twice a day.I have cut coffee soy dairy corn and of course gluten and wheat(thats a given) Good luck to you all..