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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Anyone in the mood for meatloaf? I made a meatloaf with lots of diced (cooked) mushrooms. onions, carrot and celery. I cooked extra veggies and puréed them into a sauce with coconut oil and milk. Use LOTS of mushrooms and it is delicious! It was so nice to experience gravy again! The meatloaf was good too, but the sauce really made it.
  2. Last May I had my celiac blood test panel and stopped eating gluten. Well, stopped intentionally eating gluten. I spent the summer getting sick and learning all about hidden gluten, until figuring out that CORN was just as big a problem. Well, really, corn is a bigger problem. It is hidden in more places and without labels. For example, I just recently learned that corn is in iodized salt. Maybe this source is the cause of my always aching stomach. But it does seem like I am still finding other sources of discomfort. Like most recently, mushrooms. And skins of almonds. For some reason I thought that after a year symptoms would have improved. Or at least all the intolerances (or allergies?) would have been uncovered. Sure my, um, lifestyle change has me eating healthier but sometimes I wish I didn't have to eat. It is just such a bother! Sorry, I am in a downer right now. I tried eating some Zankou Chicken after hearing assurances that it was gluten, soy and corn free and now I feel nauseous. Blah.
  3. I recently made a delicious meatloaf with a gravy made of puréed vegetables and coconut milk. There were lots of mushrooms in the dish. I got so sick! After a day I had a little more just to make sure this was the dish that got me. Yes. So that extra meatloaf I made to freeze for later had to go to the garbage. So sad. I have been eating mushrooms without problems until then. My intolerances include gluten, soy, corn, dairy, tomatoes, peppers, and chocolate. Now mushrooms, too! Corn is the hardest to avoid. I just learned about the corn in iodized salt, which might explain the constant sick stomach. And I am wondering if there is a corn connection with the mushrooms or if it really is mushrooms. Anyone here know if there is corn-mushroom connection?
  4. Yes, i just bought some coconut flour! Made some banana bread with it! I am leery of almond flour right now. When I eat a lot of it (say, a serving of a baked good once daily for a few days) I get sick. But I've been using Trader Joes almond meal which is not blanched and has the skins. If I bought one of the expensive, blanched, skinless, finely ground flours, would that make a difference?
  5. I am intolerant to gluten, dairy, soy, corn, tomatoes, peppers, and now I think mushrooms. Sigh. Eating out IS the hardest part. I can eat sushi if served just rice, fish, and lemon slices. I have to stay away from the reconstituted wasabi (maybe corn?) but the ginger is OK. There is a steamed fish dish at a local Thai restaurant I can eat. At Maria's Italian Kitchen (chain) they have a low carb, gluten free meno that works for me, generally chicken and veggies cooked in olive oil with garlic. But not sure if they are in Chicago or not. There is a restaurant in Lake View that is ENTIRELY gluten free. It is called Senza and I ate there with some friends (gluten lovers) and we ll thoroughly enjoyed our meals. When I called to make a res I notified them if my intolerances. Our server kindly let me know what items I could order and avoid The List. It was great. Any restaurant that uses brand sauces is out, like Cheesecake Factory. You want to find more chef cooked food.
  6. I'm with Bartfull on this one, unfortunately. Corn is EVERYWHERE! I personally react to even a little bit. It is in vitamins, in anything that is processed in any way. It is in baking powder. Spice mixes. Avoiding gluten is easy compared with avoiding corn. You will just have to experiment to see how sensitive you happen to be.
  7. Hi friends, sorry I've been away for awhile. I was eating lots of Paleo recipes but the almond meal is upsetting my stomach. Blah. I can eat a little bit but too much and I am sick. I bought some Teff flour in the hopes that I can tolerate it, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. Any experiences / recipes to share? I'm working on a chicken croquettes recipe as a way to both liven up chicken leftovers and for a finger food option to bring to parties. Basically, food process cooked chicken and roast veggies, then make a meatball. Sigh. I'm tiring of these food restrictions, which lead to a lifestyle restriction. It has been a year.
  8. I'm Done

    Yeah, I get discouraged sometimes too. Especially when just as I think I have it figured out and then I feel sick again. Blah. Since removing gluten 8 months ago I have also had to remove corn, soy, tomatoes, and chocolate. Dairy was already gone. It sounds like we are eating similarly, with meat and vegetables and a bit if starch thrown in. Quinoa sometimes, potatoes sometimes, and rice a few times a week. Cauliflower, parsnips, and other veggies are often starches for me. And all we want is to feel good again. It's hard. I keep hoping that after a year or so I might be able to add something back to my diet. But I still get sick from the very occasional attempt to eat at a restaurant. And that is so discouraging! It is a daily effort to keep myself fed, healthy, and without cross contamination from my family. But, it is worth it! Another consoling thought is the hope that medical advances will some day lead to easier dx and treatment for people like us.
  9. Mushroom, good advice. I need to work on having a few go to appetizers. Tamalberry, I am still in my first year of eating gluten-free etc. So it was my first Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, etc. dealing with a new menu. I'm still working on expanding my repertoire of recipes. The paleo recipes are usually good but i dont like to eat too many nuts as that bothers my intestines. There is a mourning of sort that comes with change, too.
  10. It seems all the usual appetizers are on my AVOID list. (No gluten, corn, soy, dairy, tomatoes, peppers, ...) So while I smelled all these delicious breads, chips, etc., I ate roast cauliflower with some bacon. Yay me. Sure it was good and I am glad that 1) I had SOMETHING to eat, and 2) that it was healthy. But I sure do miss eating what everyone else is eating. Maybe I need to meet some other gluten-free etc. people in real life. How do you handle party situations?
  11. Yes. Thank you. I need to do this. In fact I will probably start a thread right now!
  12. Hey THANKS for the recipe! I'll have to try it. Egg is fine, fortunately. I made the paleo cookies many days after the toll house were made. I ate a total of four cookies the first day and succumbed to the fetal position the next morning. About a week later I tried one cookie to see what would happen. Sick again, not as bad. I even tried one more time just to be sure. It is weird, though, because the ingredients should all be OK for me. Maybe the almond flour was too old? I just don't know anymore.
  13. In a moment of strength I decided to go ahead and make Toll House cookies with my kids, that I was not going to let stupid gluten intolerance interfere with family activities. And, of course, it happened. That moment when a tiny bit of batter splashed on the back of my hand and I instinctively ate it! ARGH! I had been so careful until that moment! Fortunately I did not get as sick as I was getting before. (But I do NOT see that as a sign that I can eat gluten. More like I got lucky in a round of Russian Roulette.) Next batch of cookies was paleo. For some unknown reason they made me sick. I really don't know what happened, but the next morning I was curled up in pain and miserable. The kids didn't like them, nor my husband, so they got tossed. Sad. Do you have a go-to vegan gluten-free (corn and soy free) recipe that you could share?
  14. YES! I'm totally OK with never again eating at McDs, or Taco Bell, etc. but I would love to be able to eat SOMEWHERE! (And avoid gluten, corn, soy, dairy, tomatoes, peppers, chocolate...)
  15. Love it! Just let the pout out and move on, eh? Great answer. Sometimes I come here with the intention to vent and suddenly all I have to whine about seems like ... Well, like it is selfish or something.